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Name: Download Out of the Past
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pantseri_master94ga
Version: 12-Oct-2010
Released: 12-Oct-2010
TMX id: 3278776
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,364
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:58.13   gswe81+ 0:00.0026,364
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0:58.55   Zombie.PT+ 0:00.4225,221
0:59.05   pantseri_master94ga+ 0:00.9223,860
0:59.50   TiggerVater+ 0:01.3722,636
0:59.70   mic270+ 0:01.5722,091
0:59.90   cranberries+ 0:01.7721,547
1:01.27   jackino+ 0:03.1417,819
1:01.53   Lovva+ 0:03.4017,112
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Author Comments

Out of the Past
This is the 1st duo track from   pantseri &   master94ga!

This took quite a lot of time to finish (July 15th - October 12th 2010), but i must say it was worth it.

The track contains nice overall feeling from our styles to make dirt tracks. Both of us got very technical and transition based building techniques which made this project quite easy.

About the track itself:
This track is quite nice mix of technical and fast paced dirt racing. Plenty of tight and tricky spots where to lose/win time. All kinds of jumps, drops & transitions. Of course there's very nice scenery and mt-work so go on and do some exploring

We appreciate any kind of feedback and if
you really like it leave award and/or replay

Good Luck & Have Fun

Intro -   pantseri
GPS -   pantseri
In-Game   master94ga
Outro -   pantseri
Medal times
Author: 0:59.05 -   master94ga
Big Screen by   makonen.nwt
Environment: stadium
Mood: sunset
Coppers: 3506
Scenery: -   master94ga
Track Parts:
0s / ~15s by   pantseri
~15s / ~30s by   master94ga
30s / ~45s by   pantseri
~45 / ~1min by   master94ga

Technical Art by   makonen.nwt


User Comments
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  pantseri_master94ga 12-Oct-2010
Thanks for the _________________________________________
1. makonen - thx for your really great
2. sun2 - thanks for your great
3. Mixi - thanks for your nice, cool & fresh
4. Chalion - thanks for your nice
5. Easy-Rider - thanks for you very nice
  pantseri 12-Oct-2010
6. pagg - thx for your great and surprising
7. cranberries - thanks for your epic
8. waitforme_2 - thx for your great
9. mic270 - thx for your super
10. jackino - thx for your hilarious
65 DL's ________________________________________________
11. ArcNova `Adrian - thx for your nicenice
12. nair awesome - thx for your awesome
13. Wormi - thx for your superb
14. csc-simen - thanks for your awesome
15. gswe81 - thx for your awesome
16. LaRa - thx for your excellent
  master94ga 12-Oct-2010
------------------------------...Thanks for the ...--------------------------------
1-  makonen.nwt ~ Thanks for the really nice words and first award
2-  sun2 ~ Thanks for the award
3-  Mixi ~ Thanks for the good words and award
4-  Chalion ~ Thanks for the award dude!
5-  Easy-Rider ~ Thanks for the nice words and award
6-  pagg. nwt ~ Thanks for the award
7-  cranberries ~ Wow, and award by cranberries o.O.Its hard to received one. I know that the dirt is underrated but isn't a problem.
I create track for fun, the important thing is to entertain those who test track.Thanks for the award.

8-  waitforme_2 ~ Thanks for the award
9-  mic270 ~ Thanks for the award
10-  jackino ~ Thanks for the award
11-  HOT///Adrinatoren ~ Thanks for the award
12-  nair ~ Thanks for the award dude
13-  wormi ~ Thanks for the superb word and award dude
14-  csc-simen ~ Thanks for the nice word and award
15-  gswe81 ~ Thanks for the award and awesome replay
16-  LaRa ~Thank for the award and nice work
  makonen.nwt 12-Oct-2010
lol guys^^
  wormi 12-Oct-2010
Crazy screenshot
  makonen.nwt 12-Oct-2010
thanks ^^
  Mixi 12-Oct-2010
Makonen ...
you are the screen master for me
Dont know , how to top his screens by learning any tutorials
Master & Pantseri ... awesome work !!!
Keep building !!
What a track .

  master94ga 12-Oct-2010
Yeah, mako is the best
  nair 13-Oct-2010
It's cool to see my ghost in the gps.
  pantseri 13-Oct-2010
@cranberries - Thanks for your very kind words.
  cranberries 13-Oct-2010
no problemo guys the track is so awesome, and the MT is pure coolness o_O I'm so glad I played it, even though it's a lame time ^^ I can do better
  pantseri 13-Oct-2010
You can see nair's example from GPS how to drive it fast ^^
  nair 14-Oct-2010
  makonen.nwt 19-Oct-2010
just crazy to see only 12 awards here :/
...tmx is so weird sometimes...
  master94ga 20-Oct-2010
Yes, the duos are a little underrated on tmx
But we received some award by wonderful people who count as 10 normal.
  pantseri 10-Nov-2010
Whoooaaa... vnt gus!!!
  master94ga 12-Jan-2012
Thanks dum-dum
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   makonen.nwt 12-Oct-2010
Really great dual-work, made by probably my two favourite Dirt Builders !
A mix of great ideas, nice flow, splendid transitions, perfect scenery, and awesome MT work !
This track has all for becoming a dirt masterpiece !
So for sure, you deserve your 1st !

User Award   sun2 12-Oct-2010
Great work from great builders

User Award   Mixi 12-Oct-2010
Ohh ... my ... GOD !!
What a track

So nice , so cool , so fresh ...
Sry , but I was still thinking 5min , what I can write about this map ..
For this map .. need I new words

Good job guys!

Here is your full deserving

Your Mixi
User Award   Chalion 12-Oct-2010
Nice Pantseri & master94ga. And ofc a sick screen

- Chalion
User Award   Easy-Rider 13-Oct-2010
Really a very nice dual-work!
Great composition as flow, jumps, perfect scenery and awesome MT work !
And the splendid ideas are possibly record-breaking

User Award   pagg. nwt 13-Oct-2010
What a great and surprising partnership. This track is so good and fun to drive !

Good Job guys (one award per autor )

)) |Pagg| ((
User Award   cranberries 13-Oct-2010
EPIC !!!

I don't have enough time to write my many thoughts about this track, but I want you to know that TMX is the one that misses out, this track (and dirt in general) will always be underrated, but I hope this won't make you sad, getting no awards and no recognition for your work should hurt, but you should know that the awards you get, and the fans you win, are 100% true

... keep building forever !

User Award   waitforme_2 16-Oct-2010
Hm another duo track - great -
User Award   mic270 16-Oct-2010
nice track,super finish
User Award   jackino 16-Oct-2010
>>> <<<
User Award   HOT///Adrinatoren 16-Oct-2010
User Award   nair 16-Oct-2010
Awesome Duo Track!


User Award   wormi 22-Oct-2010
Superb work!

Some cool combos and smooth drops & jumps. Maybe that jump before last corner was too hard with slow speed, but with higher speed it also worked well. I really liked that corner between 2nd jump and that dirt "wallride", so fun to drive it with two tires ^^

Awesome MT & scenery too!

User Award   csc-simen 22-Oct-2010
What alse to say than: WOW!

What an awesome track. Nice flow, nice jumps and sweet transitions. Nice Brilliant track!

Edit: Forgot about scenery. Awesome too. All in All one of the best dirt tracks Ive ever raced
User Award   gswe81 05-Nov-2010
Really nice map guys

I didnt have much time to drive it but i surely enjoyed it.
User Award   LaRa 14-Nov-2010
theres not much to say:


excellent work =)
User Award   DuM-DuM 12-Jan-2012
Ooops i forgot this track
User Award   Lovva 20-Sep-2019
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