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Name: Download NC7 / STC7 - god-horizon
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ArtiShow
Version: 31-Oct-2010
Released: 31-Oct-2010
TMX id: 3351910
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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0:55.88   Rizou+ 0:00.369,611
0:55.90   ArtiShow+ 0:00.389,589
0:55.94   Kluhtu#RUS+ 0:00.429,546
0:55.95   Shock <3+ 0:00.439,535
0:59.59   Sync:..simon+ 0:04.075,601
0:59.60   legigantesqueelephant03+ 0:04.085,590
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Author Comments

Track selected for the #3 Mappack of the STC7/NC6

Sorry about the mistake in the name.
But like the Dont's track, ET corrected the mistake after :/

Hf ;D

"Hi guys,

I decided to make an other version of the track, I can't change all the track but the worst parts think, so I've uploaded it here : "Horizon.v2 by   ArtiShow"
Just tell me your opinions on it, stay cool and not agressive plz xD

If you really prefer the second one I'll discuss with admin to see if we can change it

Thx. "

Thx for :

-Shock <3
-wX.Waki by
-swoosh ^^
-Rekyem , tu l'auras ta fessée : D

User Comments
Showing 51 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Patrick.Jane 03-Nov-2010
Every mapper wants comments about his track, but comments, no harsh reviews.
  kuduro 03-Nov-2010
hmm but look arti, the MAIN fault isnt your, its by stc/nc admins, its one of big mistakes since i play this, cuz it's a lol track no sense, now u shouldnt do anything, just let it be as it is. mistake is already done. now, try hj with it, fortunatly it wasnt selected for a playoffs and VERY decisive matches cuz the track is simply horrible
  ArtiShow 03-Nov-2010
You don't have a look on what I wrote?

There is a difference between a constructive answer and just shit track for example with coms which explain what is bad, (ex : the end in cam 1)

I can understand

You give your opinions, I don't blame your com, where do you see that? furthermore you were agressive in your first com u_u

After I propose solutions, that's it
  Vini 03-Nov-2010
Sorry arti i tought that fake's coments was yours, and i'm sorry for the agressive coment, was the heat of the moment ;d
  ak. 03-Nov-2010
Map is generally difficult, but actually good. Just not suited at all for competition. Admins fault, not authors.
  ANEZeca 05-Nov-2010
as a blind end...apart from that i no not think is a bad map. Hard for rounds in one week train? yes! but yea, ArtiShow made a awesome job (and did one second version). STC admins have full responsibility i suppose. Need to admit in one week pretty hard to be regular in one map like this

matchs will be fun its for sure
  aenima 05-Nov-2010
I think this track would be rather good if it wouldve been just a "normal" track. Playing this in rounds is a nightmare, it is by no means a competition track.
  roaSone9 06-Nov-2010
Safe turn around yellow thing, .3x possible!
  Clemouf 06-Nov-2010
GG Roro !
Enorme run mec !
  Patrick.Jane 12-Nov-2010
Il est encore vivant Reky ?
  MR 08-Mar-2015
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User Awards
Showing 16 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   god.Totogar 31-Oct-2010
Amazing job Arti
Great Flow
All the map is well calculed

In one word The best RPG map ever
User Award   klovni 01-Nov-2010
WoW! That was one of the hardest tracks I have ever played. Nice move with those mixmapped cp's! Btw I found your secret place (about 7:42.00), that was cool and original addition. Summary : nice wallrides , jumps and tricks ! I'm not getting enough of this map!
ps. It would be even more funnier if there would be more scenario and other extra objects on the way. A well deserved !
User Award   Shock <3 01-Nov-2010
Hard , but nice :-)

User Award   GSA|dynamYte 01-Nov-2010
My favourite track, just phenomenal !
User Award   ANE Michelle 01-Nov-2010
yea award so superb RPG map . 10 min i was finding finish, but i couldn´t find so i open the editor and explored the map, yea finish is here , so played again, went to finish, but no happened , missed cp (omg where? ) after 5 minutes i found it, so again yea i finished the map after 30 minutes of playing . Never played STC map 30 minutes to finish it. , so award . After playing from the start again and again it was more and more funnier, but it is still too hard. Small comment to map and a lot of smiles .

User Award   roaSone9 01-Nov-2010
Finally I'll it. I'd just say, be more rounds friendly in the future
User Award   @JoDooky 02-Nov-2010
To be get this award because we have driven our STC-Group i dont need to train this week:D

Thanks for being a Sadism...the others will hate you for that
User Award   Patrick.Jane 03-Nov-2010
Amazing track, with some good ideas, nice job Arti
User Award   swoosh 03-Nov-2010
HAHAA arti, everbody is whining, i really like this map , dont know why haha xD
User Award   minipeaceTX 03-Nov-2010
craaaazy - i like
User Award 03-Nov-2010
User Award   SpaiLLe ! 03-Nov-2010
Awesome track in all sense Different type of track, a bit hard to learn and really hard to regu in a match but nice flow and when you know the track is nice to drive

Bj artichou
User Award   Revux 04-Nov-2010
I actuallly think the track is really different, but that does not mean that it's bad. I think it's pretty good after driving it a few hours

User Award   ~Rekyem! 05-Nov-2010
Haha ;D Tu trouves pas avoir un peu abusé sur l'hexa ?
D'ailleurs, j'ai toujours pas trouvé comment finir la map ...
Et puis, j'suis d'accord avec tous les méchants commentaires que j'ai lu avant de poster.

Mais bon, j'peux pas résister. Bizoux grand folle
User Award   MinH_PT 06-Nov-2010
i dont understand why many people are saying that this track is horrible....i love it, the flow, the originality, everything.
the best map of the pack.
keep going
User Award   Sparco 30-Dec-2011
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