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Name: Download [PF] Paced Fever
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Raiman/Wantedboii
Version: 03-Dec-2010
Released: 03-Dec-2010
TMX id: 3369586
LB Rating: Uncompetitive Track (uncompetitive)
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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3:07.63   dan!el+ 0:00.00-
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3:07.66   Flyps+ 0:00.03-
3:07.74   rabbes+ 0:00.11-
3:07.75   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.12-
3:07.75   diplo|mp+ 0:00.12-
3:07.75   Geeerardo+ 0:00.12-
3:07.75   "Dawe.+ 0:00.12-
3:07.75   MaC « psycho+ 0:00.12-
3:07.75   Quat+ 0:00.12-
3:07.75   Cyber_Dragon+ 0:00.12-
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Author Comments

Paced Fever
A tribute to » Ptitnono.F®, for us the best PF builder!

Hey, guys!
Welcome to this duo track...
...with over 6000 Downloads!

Here some facts about it...

Track Stats...
Style: Press Forward
Mood: Day
Coppers: 16000
Lenght: 33193m
Building time: ~500-600h on nearly 2 years
Average speed: ~650 km/h
Max.Speed: up to 840 km/h
Smoothness: Nearly unreachable high...
Re-used Blocks: Of course...
Media Tracker: Intro/Special thanks in-game

The whole MT-work is done by Mastermind, big thx for your amazing work.


This Track has made a long way...

At first Raiman started to built the track and uploaded it in the beta area
after the first two stunts. When Ptitnono saw the track he was surprised
about the high quality stunts.
He started to built a duo track with Raiman, but after one week trying
to find a stunt he said: "I'm not able to manage even one good stunt."
So Raiman decided to built it with wantedboii, because we are friends
and he had the needed knowledge, how to built a nice Pf track.
After a few months we thought about Nono and Ph/\ntom fake
and had the great idea to built this track as a tribute for Nono.
The time we needed to build the track was long. So in August 2010
Raiman had a little chat with D!plO where a big miss understanding
happened. d!plO finished the track himself at 2 minutes and uploaded it
in September. We hope you all understand why we were angry, so d!plO
got banned, We're still sorry for this, this was at least against our wills.
But now he's back and everything's good...
So, here it is, the new speedy and crazy Pf: Paced Fever...^^


The screen is made by Dan!eL, thanks for your amazing work...

320 x 240 px

We made a wallpaper from this PF for you

1920 x 1440 px

If you have lags on your ugly Computer
there is also a High Definition Video!!
>1080p< on Youtube

or a low copper version

Download without scenery


Don't forget to the track if you like the show!

Have Fun

Raiman | Wantedboii


[PL] Perfect Launch by   dan!el

BreaK the rulezZ by   Mastermind

User Comments
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  dan!el 09-May-2011
do you need new one?
  wantedboii 10-May-2011
Wow, seems like you want to do a new one^^ but I think Raiman and I are both happy with this masterpiece
Thanks a lot...
  Raiman 17-Jun-2011
Damn, nice award Kimmy! Thank you
  kimbro 19-Jun-2011
You're welcome, amazing track.
  »RtA«wally 01-Jul-2011
undrerated track

This map deserve soo much award than this
  »S u n r i s e 08-Aug-2011
  Zenit 30-Nov-2011
ok iam here to say sth!

award 184:
Quote ...
I didnt this one yet?? anyways
Let's start with the Intro: Best
-Better then Phantom Fake » This one has Cool stunts
-Better then ReRupture » This one has Speed

Im serious about this, not just saying it to make you happy:
Best PF

you cant compare this track with my Rerupture Oo you dont understand what i did with my track: 3MIN FULL OF STUNTS... this is only: look how fast and smooth can i build a track (for sure its not this in all but in general).

dont say my track is bad because there is no speed. I WANT TO SEE YOUR TRACK WITH 30 EXTREM STUNTS!

ok thats all
  Raiman 30-Nov-2011
rerupture sucks dicks
  »Jan'Ho. 01-Dec-2011
If you'd like an explanation, ok for me
Your map has the best stunts for sure, i can't say anything else then that!
But this map has the best combination of speed and stunt, and thats why i find your map the 2nd best pf. (does that sound bad? no, it doesnt)
I understand the main target for your pf was not speed, but stunts.
That doesn't change the fact that speed makes a PF map more spectacular (when you keep the stunts, as i didnt in my last pf)
So understand my opinion please, im sure you know more about this then i do, so dont become angry or somethin'
This map has the best combination of speed and stunts, your map has the best stunts.
A PF map with both a cool troughout speed and cool stunts like this one, is great
REMINDER (as i believe you forgot this): WHAT I WROTE IS MY PERSONAL OPINION.
I'm ok when you say you dont agree with me, but when you become angry at me, i become angry at you, ok?
(p.s. you didnt award this one?)
  Zenit 01-Dec-2011
i understand you

no problem your personal opinion ... but PLS! take a "neutral" look @ this track Only Speed and every Transitio isnt new. (3 "special things" thats because i awarded this map . rest is "boring" (not really boring but you understand what i mean )

if you take a neutral look @ every PF you cant find a "good" pf with a good flow and a balance between stunts and speed...

but anyway this is a good pf ... but boring it take a lot of work
  Raiman 02-Dec-2011
  dan!el 14-Jun-2012
  Flyps 01-Dec-2012
omg fu

nah was just a matter of time ^^
i had my .66 with first try... just pressed sth and lucked extremely.
  Raiman 11-Oct-2013
More than 200 awards. Thank you for all your great feedback. We aren't really active on tmx anymore, but start a new list anyway, even if it isn't necessary..
Thank you!

~Thx for Award~ 5
201. || xxlr8 «
202. || Gorjat.
203. || matze.Qm
204. || simo_900
205. || moe!
206. || Trian
207. || Vivek
208. || mimoracer
209. || Konix.
210. || Silver°
211. || DustBird
212. || Ziro_der_hutt
213. || Sky.esu
  matze.Qm 09-Jan-2014

  Raiman 13-Jan-2014
thanks man, really nice!
  Deville 14-Feb-2014
2010 track is made in 2010.
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User Awards
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User Award   gorjat / writenamehere 27-Nov-2013
and finally 201
User Award   matze.Qm 09-Jan-2014
User Award   simo_900 02-Apr-2014
Better late than never... It's damn awesome, for sure one of the best pfs ever!
User Award   moe - offline! 05-Jun-2014
just wow
User Award   AR »Trian 05-Jun-2014
amazing work of art, some cool stunts combined with great speed
User Award   Vivek 27-Aug-2014
User Award   mimoracer 27-Aug-2014
User Award   Konix 03-Sep-2015
still good
User Award   SpringBoobs 03-Sep-2015
Nice one
User Award   DustBird 25-Oct-2015
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 30-Nov-2017
This is so Perfekt PF Track
The Scenery is God
The Deko is Perfekt
I Have Fun To Play
Your Have A
User Award   Sky.esu 15-Jan-2020
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