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Name: Download The Launch 3
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 28-Nov-2010
TMX id: 3454201
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,382
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:47.05   KANTER+ 0:00.2147,080
0:47.18   n!ginex.inactive+ 0:00.3446,274
0:47.37   AR »Down.+ 0:00.5345,097
0:47.37   Mattnac.+ 0:00.5345,097
0:47.41   eSU.shox+ 0:00.5744,849
0:47.60   jFN!!+ 0:00.7643,672
0:47.62   McBain+ 0:00.7843,548
0:47.66   Slashz0r!+ 0:00.8243,300
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Author Comments

Hi all!

Three weeks ago I started making a new track and after some tries on the start I got the idea of making The Launch 3. I made the first two Launches four years ago so this one is a bit different. The old Launches were reeaaallly fast and the options for 800mph+ tracks are limited so I took the speed down a notch to somewhere between 550mph and 750mph. This left me room for more different constructions. So it's not over-the-top high speed but there are parts where you really need to drive a perfect line, like in the first wallride and you need to take the two corkloops top center. It gives a feeling of driving on the edge like in the old Launches but not throughout the whole track.

Ofcourse it has the same characteristics: A row of turbo's at the start (and even 2 more rows after the first wallride and corkloop). And ofcourse there's a spiral and this time it's not 270 but 360 degrees! Oh and there's a re-use at the end.

So I hope you like it and if you don't maybe one day The Launch 4 will be oldskool over-the-top again but who knows.


I uploaded a video of The Launch 3. It includes a short 'making of' and ofcourse the race and replay. Enjoy!
[The Launch 3 Youtube]
[The Launch 3 TM-Tube]

Track info:
-Style: Full Speed
-Author time: 47:84
-Coppers: 4197
-Mood: Day
-Building time: +/- 40 hours in 3 weeks

Thanks betatesters:
And everyone else who joined my test server.

Wallpaper: 1920x1200

Thanks for awards!!
Thx! LostGamer
Thx! jstc
Thx! NoSkillNoLuck
Thx! Protylon
Thx! sylvaer
Thx! Mattnac
Thx! Mastermind Cheerz!
Thx! C4 Freak.
Thx! dark»puddle
Thx! «chaLion»
Thx! »Down. Good to hear this track is good for top drivers too. NT!
Thx! The Groove
Thx! Geeerardo
Thx! NLpwf Ooh an award from pwf and big too. speechless
Thx! W!cked.xT
Thx! Ænima
Thx! SweSebbe Glad you like it cheers.
Thx! NL-Chr!s-
Thx! Januy Dank u dank u.
Thx! Dropo
Thx! Zengo
Thx! .Qwerty Flattering award like always ty.
Thx! Bullracing! NT too!
Thx! Gric!
Thx! DreamY It's my pleasure to bring the tmn feeling back
Thx! >pascow.
Thx! indy_air
Thx! JooR Again I'm happy to give you back the ganja feeling.
Thx! marpua
Thx! NinjAstar 8/10 ty!
Thx! GSA|Rasque
Thx! mandark
Thx! Simyye I will trade this track for your girlfriend.
Thx! timo 941
Thx! ben75
Thx! Concept
Thx! Guik'Zz
Thx! ginex Nize time
Thx! johsch
Thx! Cyber_Dragon
Thx! Freeman
Thx! Hr.Mann
Thx! fabio_m Haha thanks for saying that. Btw what the name of your video?
Thx! wilson
Thx! Dennis the Gamer
Thx! PoLak
Thx! eyebo
Thx! HardDance It's always a special award if someone normally doesn't like the style. Cheers!
Thx! Park Cheers!
Thx! Emineminem
Thx! Jackster'
Thx! Quat
Thx! solo
Thx! nap303~ Thanks so much!
Thx! witooZ.xx
Thx! Schabowy
Thx! Silver°
Thx! Lovva
Thx! Kent Hands down for your great award.

User Comments
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  n!ginex.inactive 06-Dec-2010
oh sry , but i do it the second time in the dedis its skill my friend xD
ok, joke^^
  fab'm PT <3 09-Dec-2010
Quote ...
Thx! fabio_m Haha thanks for saying that. Btw what the name of your video?

answered by PM
  Addy93 28-Jan-2011
Hi ganja rider i like your maps and i build maps like the launch
so can u please test my maps there called Miauz genau i know strange name there still on the cos fullspeed server and are very popular so please drive them and say something i would be happy if you could do that
  Lovva 23-Sep-2015
hmm, yeah, after several tries i have to agree that 46 is hard
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User Awards
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User Award   x Freeman x 05-Dec-2010
Great Oldschool...
User Award   Hr.Mann 06-Dec-2010
maybe there is sth missing, but overall a nice classic speed track
User Award   fab'm PT <3 07-Dec-2010
i'm glad to see ganjarider back on editor to bring us the funniest FS ever
i think the amoun of turbos could be reduced but it doesnt destroy the most important thing in a track that is the fun factor

maybe i'm overreating by saying this but in my honest opinion who had never played a ganjarider track dont deserve to be a trackmania player
every trackmania player MUST play a GR track to see the concept of fun
its all sayed

sorry bad english

btw i love those videos with the making of a track i made one myself months ago too
User Award   off.wilson 08-Dec-2010
cool track as always from you, I like this basic FS style more than those tons of transition tracks...
User Award   Dennis the Gamer 12-Dec-2010
Great Map! Good Work!
User Award   PoLaK o.O 14-Dec-2010
nice map

that's the best map you ever did!!
User Award   FT»eyebo 15-Dec-2010
In usual ganjastyle, it's fast and fun. Flow and crazy loopiness.
User Award   HardDance 18-Dec-2010
Never really liked this style, (wow, what a nice way to start an award) but this one is actually alot of fun. Action from start to end, great loop, walls and loop combinations. Fantastic speed and flow! Thats all i got to say, keep it up GR!
User Award   Park 26-Dec-2010
amazing flow, nice speed, really funny track!
always a pleasure to drive your speed tracks online.
User Award   Emineminem 08-Jan-2011

im a big fan of you
User Award   »Jackster' 07-Feb-2011
holy sh*t

just watched the video on youtube,
now raced it a few times,
Nice Job Man!!!

User Award   Quat 28-Apr-2011
awes me
User Award   solo 24-May-2011
Great track
User Award   nap303~ 18-Jul-2011
It's a wonderful track with cool screenie!!!
great... in-game, GPS, turbo parts, wallrides and loops
incredible... intro, outro, scenery, platform, designs and smooth
awesome... thirll, flow and speed
I think that it's the best track of the The Launch series!!! +++ map
User Award   witooZ.xx 21-Jul-2011
As freaky as before!!
for you
User Award   KANTER 09-Feb-2012
User Award   Schabowy.w 29-Feb-2012
User Award   Silver° 21-Apr-2015
Very nice one
User Award   Lovva 23-Sep-2015
much wow
User Award   Kent 14-Feb-2017
This is my favorite full-speed stadium track of all time. Hands down..
How you managed to keep it flowing that smoothly at such an insane speed is masterful.
Great track from a great builder.
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