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Name: Download [RPG] Melancholy (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Golo
Version: 10-Dec-2010
Released: 10-Dec-2010
TMX id: 3498387
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 14,731
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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9:05.40   -DrM-+ 0:00.0014,731
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9:09.63   Reahx+ 0:04.2314,045
9:20.93   Kilburn+ 0:15.5312,214
10:11.57   deus.esu+ 1:06.174,007
10:16.52   >Dawe+ 1:11.123,205
11:15.25   elgster+ 2:09.850
12:13.84   mt17+ 3:08.440
12:31.93   shortz.esu+ 3:26.530
14:39.89   Golo+ 5:34.490
15:23.03   ALF.esu+ 6:17.630
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Author Comments


I made an entry for the MTC novenber/december

Therefor Ive taken Igntuls Tronmod (which I like alot) and made a wonderful RPG track...
It has an melancholic theme.... I just wnatend to create a different athmosphere as in Igntuls track,
So I added a very melancholic and sad music (so plzzzzzzz wait till it has loaded).

The track has new tricks and challenges, of course I tried to keep it a bit innovative...
However, I added a replay at one point and two hints at two other cps so that you wont have to search too long there...
Because the track is often quite tricky, I think you need along time to finish first... maybe around one - 3 hours.
But when youve finished youll notice that you can finish the track pretty fast if you remeber all the right ways.

Btw, the second half of the track was influenced by the TMunliniter youll se that... so all in all more blockmixing than in my previous tracks, but not that extreme.

Difficulty: Yeah, this is where I basicly failed. The track is way too hard for the MTC sorry. I didnt want it to turn out that hard
but on the other hand I really cant judge how hard it might be for a person who neve played an RPG track. For players how are used to RPG it will be quite easy imo... there are no frustrating checkpoints.

Mod: Tron mod by Igntul... download here

tricks: Some new one, but all are interesting I hope...

Coppers: 16 - 17000

Lenght: Like I said first time maybe 1 - 3 hours... at is 14.xx min 12 or 11 minutes are possible.
Story: Story is nonsense... youll see it in the intro if youre interested

I guess I can copy Igntul in one important point:

Important: Let the mod and every file (sounds images and car skin) load, then rejoin the server\map because if you dont, some textures won't be shown and the atmosphere will loose beauty

/!\ If your PC is quite good, please use PC3 quality sharder, so that you will see some colour effect, important for the atmosphere... and don't forget to take with you sunglasses /!

Screeny: Screeny is made by Metal Snake. Huge thanks!!!!
( Click here for big )

But I also want to show the other wallpaers, theyre great as well...
Heres Peteys: big screen
and heres maxs: biiiiig
I hope that all locators work, plz tell me if not

Have Fun!!

User Comments
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  eie 10-Dec-2010
how many easter eggs?
  Golo 10-Dec-2010
no real eastereggs, just many additional ways, sometimes with pics at the end.... well, I dont really know^^

Thank you for awarding
who ever will be the fourth:

  eie 10-Dec-2010
ok: also I think a first-time run is about one and a half hours if you take all the cps in the right order, and doesn't have any breaks. (because I took wrong cp at one point. FUN, that was, and a break, which took me nearly 2:30)

  Wallaby 11-Dec-2010
need to watch your replay , since I was not able to manage the track as it was beta.

Incredible shot
  scizz" 12-Dec-2010
Golo i found a bottle of gold
and u will tell me that there are no eastereggs?

its a great track
i will love you for it.
1. it was very hard to find the way,
2. it is a very nice map to hunt=) u need skill to take some spots fast

velo.sciZZy (pearl88)
  stromek 13-Dec-2010
just few notes...
i realy had fun on your map, fisrt time ride is a big adventure..
may be too much sometimes...cuz some of the cp are too far away from each
and its hard to point the correct way (correct cp)
well i know for RPG players is just sweet cake
but do you think ppl which have never tried RPG are able to finish ?

ps.. once you did pics and path why no EE ?


  Golo 13-Dec-2010
I wanted to do EE but I forgot sry

and no, I also dont think that non-RPG drivers would be able to finish...
thanks for your review
  igntuL 01-Feb-2011
how many "what you don't call easter eggs but they kinda are" are there?^^
  Golo 03-Feb-2011
Woow, thx guys for this kind of late attention, all new awards and especially Igntul, a very great comment thank you...(Ive driven my own track again to understand everyhting you wrote in your award^^) I cant tell you how may pics/easter eggs there are, but there are indeed quite many I would say around fifteen... but I cant say for sure too long ago..
  igntuL 16-Mar-2011
hhm you are talking about music... i cant hear anything i think the locator doesnt work
do you have a link?
  Golo 18-Mar-2011
aaahh, whyyyyy

however, download:
  igntuL 09-Apr-2011
this link is dead too..?^^
  Golo 10-Apr-2011
hmm, that might be the problem^^

works now? :
  igntuL 21-Apr-2011
  BX3 TinTin 16-May-2011
i think you need to be on acid to enjoy this mod
  igntuL 18-May-2011
  Xerox. 27-Feb-2018
GPS: 9:05.40 by DrM.
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User Awards
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User Award   Xerox. 19-Feb-2018
Amazing map, one of your best
User Award   TheWestend 13-Apr-2019
Wow, amazing stuff! Every cp is new and creative. The map is really underrated imo.
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