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Name: Download Parallel Universe [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   igntuL
Version: 25-Mar-2011
Released: 25-Mar-2011
TMX id: 3624153
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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Author Comments

Welcome to my lastest project, Parallel Universe

Track built for the RCT2 RPG Cup!

This one's main features are:
~ Not a single balance! Only jumps and stunts
~ Brand new MT trick, Hunting mode and Story mode, see below to read about it

Screenshot in higher quality

Story: Returning from a voyage of exploration on Mars you drawn into a Black Hole, but surprisingly you are still alive. You return on Earth but you find it different. After some minutes walk you understand that the black hole teleported you into a Parallel Universe. You have to find it again, and come back home. good luck!



Lenght: Not very long when you know it, but also not short. Aprrox 13:30 for a no fails run, maybe something less with very fast driving... My author time is 13:39.37, a very strong time, you'll have to fight to beat it The first run lenght is short because the track layout is easy and there's not too much pathfinding, so i think you can do it in 30-40 minutes if you are a good driver. 77 CPs, yeah, 77 o_o. They are very small spots indeed, that's also what makes this track easy. about 10 of them are rings anyway. It's made of big rooms and open spaces, fast jumps and drifty parts, the best style to enjoy hunting in my opinion

Difficulty: Quite easy map, now don't be surprized, iggy can build everything he wants! ;0. As i said above the CPs are really near one each other so the map is relatively easy, and the jumps aren't so hard too. I hope I successfully managed to keep the same difficulty all over the map, that's what I aimed to and there are no spots i hate myself maybe you will get some troubles at cp72 but my tip is to practice, it's all about timing

Coppers: 17999, I know it's a lot but with Unlimiter it's hard to keep down the cc-amount...

Blocks: 8462

Blockmix: there's a lot of blockmixing, indeed, what did you expect, since Unlimiter arrived all maps will be like that :0

Mod: This track uses Galaxsea Mod by Moi57, updated by me to fix some textures... Dowload it here

Media Tracker:

Intro: a big intro this time, about 2 minutes long with Cameras, Sounds, Color FX, and the Parallel Universe logo also by me. Here's a video showing it!

In game: 71 MT clips *_* really a lot of MT work on this one, tons of colour FX, sounds FX, InGame Images and pannel-images, also 6 3D models, 3 made by Stromek and 3 by Sol666, thx a lot to them for their splendid work

Outro: my first Outro, It contains credits, a few camera angles and an InGame image

Story Mode and Hunting Mode: This track features a New MT trick, there are 2 Playing modes, Hunting mode and Story mode! (idea by ZiZa...)
The story mode contains 71 Ingame MT clips, so a lot of sounds images and texts that might make hunting harder.. to activate it you just need to take the left way at the bifurcation at the start, but! If you take the right way at the start, all the MT clips will be deactivated automatically, and you will be able to drive the whole track without anything desturbing your visual!

Easter egg: 4 easter eggs, the first one with screens of it of course with the car will win 1000 coppers or a tag

Important: Let the mod and every file (sounds images and car skin) load, then rejoin the server\map because if you dont, some textures won't be shown and the atmosphere will loose beauty

Now i can only wish you Good Luck, mimi and Have Fun!

User Comments
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  igntuL 09-Jul-2012
  kinect 17-Jul-2012
it took me 53 minutes and then I have not lured him this really is a cunt track I hate such tracks and make them the next time shorter and this track is Bad
  igntuL 23-Aug-2012
  Golo 09-Sep-2012
agree with kinect. cunt track.
  igntuL 09-Sep-2012
  Kumpelblase 03-Apr-2013
damn wanted to be 100th but then i saw that I already awarded
  .nixx 04-Apr-2013
  »RtA«wally 04-Apr-2013
  igntuL 04-Apr-2013
  ¬Lubømir 29-Nov-2013
That i finished,so long,but cool,i am impressed,i completed this RPG by seeng a Walktrough of it,always,i have the mod(Mod : GalaxSea Mod)
Is so cool,i'll rate on you 10/10 for the track! .
I have Mini-RPGs with this mod,if you want this mod for other users.Click here! :
TMX so .
I can do more Mini-RPGs with this mod! .
You are a Gg(Good guy) .
I added you as a buddy,i wanna see how colors u did,i am the /ap/ leader.
  Panos 21-Feb-2014
Damn! Sub13!
  trunks_11 11-Apr-2015
cool track
  Loe 25-Nov-2017
para lel uni verse
  DanTDM_20078 27-Dec-2019
Yo soz Im late but how the hell do I play the track with the mod cus the only way to play with the mod is with the editor but it wants me to enter a pass plz help
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User Award   nettogrof 21-Jul-2020
User Award   slidingfish 08-Dec-2020
Super nice easy enough flowing and creative map
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