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Name: Download »Exotic Island.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   C4 Freak
Version: 06-Mar-2011
TMX id: 3797024
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:42.69   AR »Transporter+ 0:00.10-
0:42.76   Bolle+ 0:00.17-
0:42.79   FiSHM4C+ 0:00.20-
0:42.85   Ravenwest+ 0:00.26-
0:42.87   [SF]Peter+ 0:00.28-
0:42.87   apX. Phoenix+ 0:00.28-
0:42.88   Precario.esu+ 0:00.29-
0:42.91   Mattnac.+ 0:00.32-
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Author Comments

»Exotic Island.


this is my newest creation (:
I tried to make a really exotic track. The scenery is mostly heavy and I think, it fits the name. It contains many jumps and drops, 2 wallrides and only one loop. I guess, ~ 4 speedslides are possible, so it's hard to get a very nice time. My author time is 0:43:17, but the most of you should be able, to beat my time :> The mt work is completely done by me. I tried to make a very nice intro, and it takes a very long time, till I liked it. The only problem are the cams, but I dunno how to make it better. However, I hope you enjoy. I took some ideas from Pats track HSP»Beachside. You can find it at the showcase below. Now the trackstats:

• Trackstats

o Style: Fullspeed
o Coppers: ~49OO D:
o Length: ~43
o Jumps: 11
o Loops: O1
o Walls: O2
o Speed: fast
o Difficult: medium
o Scenery: heavy
o Mt: ops, intro
o Screen: by de.point b~

• Bt's:

o   comedY_xT.
o   DxMarillion'
o   ZoggeR
o   eSU.shox
o   Knalli
o   Pat
o   Tha-Gun / (in)active
o   v.neck
o   Didi|R4a
o   Mastermind
o   Guik'Z

• Showcase:

For Pat's awesome track<3

HSP - Beachside by   Pat

Winner of my screencompo:
Reality° by   de.point / off

2nd place of my sc:
"»Ivatius by   Never"
3rd place of my sc:
"[FS] Dutch by   .Sniper"

Please upload replays.
That's all. Enjoy (:


User Comments
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  C4 Freak 06-Mar-2011
Thanks for awards

GSA|Dule' (:


Domii Marillion
Shadow Hunter.


Smety´ <3



  The Chosen One 06-Mar-2011
god that screenie is amazing! Trying out track now
  Tha-Gun / (in)active 06-Mar-2011
If the contrast in the intro would be higher, it would look more exotic, I guess^^
  C4 Freak 06-Mar-2011
It has already a higher contrast than normal
  pascow.esu 07-Mar-2011
1st finish better time later
  C4 Freak 07-Mar-2011
Gogogo Pascow, 42.xx^^
Btw: 90k possible
  Ivi » gone! 07-Mar-2011
another classic I guess xD hope Down will push it over 90k
  AR »Down. 07-Mar-2011
Better replay soon
  C4 Freak 07-Mar-2011
Wow thanks
  EviL. 08-Mar-2011
sry, but this start is bullshit
u have to drive a long way to get the 1st jump, stupid

replay: 3rd finish, low .8x should be in
  AR »Down. 08-Mar-2011
There´s the low .8x^^
That was my 3rd finish, so i think low .7x should be possible too
  EviL. 09-Mar-2011
arghh, hate u
im not sure if i'll beat that, this start sucks
  Ravenwest 11-Mar-2011
yea start is really not perfect
  AR »Down. 18-Mar-2011
New pb, gogo xD
  .Wiinty 02-Aug-2011
Classic o.O
  AR »Transporter 13-Apr-2012
time could be -0,10 better, but then you´r too fast for the the middle part at the oblique curve and crash at the post..
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User Awards
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User Award   Neon. 07-Mar-2011
nice track and good scenery
User Award   Natzke 07-Mar-2011
Really fantastic work
Even tho this track have very low heavy scenery, personally I like fact that has very cool atmosphere
Everything works perfect here and beside fact that has lots of transitions, every one of them is perfect calculated and don't interrupt the flow
Marvelous job, keep em coming

User Award   AR »Down. 07-Mar-2011
great track
User Award   Joker:-) 08-Mar-2011
Awesome track
User Award   armi111 08-Mar-2011
wowowow freak!!!

again such a stunning track
so well flowing and this smoothness - your smoothness - is just awesome.. i dont know any other builder who builds so many transitions in one track that are soo smooth.. you also mixed good between drops and just little transitions imo!!

really deserved !!

User Award   v.neck 09-Mar-2011
awesome , didn´t expected smth else from you mate :b <3
User Award   MnM | Revii 10-Mar-2011
User Award   Smety 10-Mar-2011
User Award   Guik'Z 10-Mar-2011
Nice (:
User Award   tobiair 11-Mar-2011
goodlooking & nice the start is a bit annoying but ok
User Award   Ravenwest 11-Mar-2011
really good map guy!!!
User Award   DeFacer 13-Mar-2011
Fascinating FS track

The thing I like the most about this track is the "freedom feeling" whila playing. The scenery is very open and it feels just great! Cool transitions and smoothness is standart among another fs tracks here I'd say.. but I still enjoyed the ride!
Congratz to the botw btw

Here is your deserved

User Award   [SF]Peter 19-May-2011
wonderful map <33333
User Award   AR »Transporter 03-Jun-2011
User Award   FiSHM4C 10-Jul-2011
very nice track !
User Award   .Wiinty 02-Aug-2011
Awesome (:
User Award   apX. Phoenix 11-Jul-2014
Nice track
User Award   waldfee 17-Dec-2015
User Award   boomedits 23-Mar-2016
great one
User Award   apX. Severus 30-Aug-2016
awesome map, really
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