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Name: Download Night Breeze
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   iv!ca' :O
Version: 22-Apr-2011
Released: 22-Apr-2011
TMX id: 3918246
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:41.54   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.10-
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0:41.62   Harry.esu+ 0:00.18-
0:41.67   Craicy.esu+ 0:00.23-
0:41.73   AR »Down.+ 0:00.29-
0:41.80   AR »2slow4you+ 0:00.36-
0:41.85   [SF]Peter+ 0:00.41-
0:41.92   Sky.esu+ 0:00.48-
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Author Comments

___________________N i g h t _ B r e e z e___________________

First thing:

Hi there, after some time I am here again with new fullspeed project. There is a special way behind this construction, actually it was planned to be duo track, but my partner retired from project and I finished it alone. So that why this track came here, otherwise it would never see the world. And it would be good if you read this before playing the track. But if you are bored of my author comments, then just have fun. xP

Second thing:

We built around 25 sec until the status of duo track died. So I had to change the start and finish which was built by my duo partner. So when I went building alone, sunset mood was my inspiration and i had some more versions of track, but I wanted to choose one with less turns and bit shorter so this one was final. And at the end I changed mood cause of the track name, damned DanieL who suggested me that... ^^

The MT:

The MT package contains standard parts: intro, gps and cams. So, normally I make intros without idea/aim/creativity, but this time I had something on my mind and finally I can say I like it, but as always FX thingies are missing cause I'm not able to work with them. In the ingame you'll find gps signalization, ghost which is running 42.22 and cam-changes. And of course, Empy hates it, so I was afraid to enter in outro's business. (:

The Track:

The track is built in my typical style I guess with my über-flow and cool scenery I hope, tho I heard even some negative comments in beta. The first half has some cool transitions and the second one is more speedy. This 42s road shouldn't be that hard to drive, but there are some tricky parts like big drop and special wall but after some time I hope its well working. The only part I hate is dirt pyramid which looks ugly in my eyes, but thats because my partner started building too high. :b I've put respawn way only on last CP, because, as I said, it shouldn't be that hard to drive. I tried to set a decent AT and should be good challenge to beat it, but guys like Down, Nd etc.. should easy come over it and set some good 41.xx s.


o Style : Fullspeed
o Coppers : 5844
o Length : ~42 sec.
o Mood : night
o MT : read above
o BM : no

Times to beat:



For the screen, I opened screen competition and saw some great screens and I must say, of course, thanks everyone for participating. The actual screen is made by max as he was winner of my compo. You can find more details here.

So here are deserved showcases for the top3 participants:

Remnants of Life. by   .max

  de.point / off
Butterfly Effect by   de.point / off

A Secret´s Disclosure by   bimse

Special showcase <3
Shawty' by   .Dotchy «

And here are also small showcases for other participants:
"Hell Apple by   DrKris"
"BB | LB - Shootin' Stars by   ntx.Nowdy"


The track was uploaded in beta cause of SC but I received some nice feedbacks and I have to thank following people:

o   pascow.esu
o   .Dotchy «
o   eSU.shox
o   guTzzM2005
o   .Fusi0n \ Holiday
o   Didi|R4a

thank you very much guys <3

That's all, now please enjoy the track.

grtz Ivi.

User Comments
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  .Dotchy « 01-Aug-2011
Congratz for classic
  iv!ca' :O 01-Aug-2011
Thx ! (:
  pascow.esu 01-Aug-2011
  .nixx 01-Aug-2011
down is now really close from karjen in is number of classic
  Kang 02-Aug-2011
YAY, nightbreeze went classic. Congrats man, this one was well deserved. 97k lb and wouldn't move.
  iv!ca' :O 09-Mar-2012
1ooo DL's !

Thanks list

› .Dotchy «
› Raffi
› Karotte
› sir B
› WAL-Ace
› eSU|Mattnac.
› sG|Knally
› V.neck
› .DisGo'dB
› NoSkillNoLuck
› Quat
› Peteypablo7
› WAL-Crazy
› C4 Freak.xT
› .Henk«
› Moe.b
› [K]Dino
› ErA
› armi111
› Fly.DxM'
› nevermind'
› Maggy
› Crocq
› 'Flowin'Dino
› mQ|Placket.mb
› .dejaMau5
› >pascow.
› xxTMxx
› arti
› Mr.ZoggeR
› .Fusi0n - np
› eckmeck
› Roomie¬
› NLpwf
› GodofWar|R4a
› AR »Down.
› der-bozz
› makonen
› Zenit
› Empy'
› Pay
› Pajke
› Styler
› Mastermind
› SweSebbe - :)
› Wormi
› Devo
› Didi|R4a special thanks to you, my 600th
› meckarn - i see you know my language thanks
› pantseri
› Dropo.²³
› Guzz»eNerGy*
› Smety
› Forrest
› _Peter
› spn o.0
› Buddha|R4a
› "Dawe.
› broilerz|R4a
› »panKey.
› BlueSky/nati_97
› eXtracT
› Hwalog
› Berty!
› it'Z ReviiLo (:
› quad2k.xT
› miyok
› Kang
› Amaterasu!
› Fire...
› .Wiinty
› dan!el'
› funky'|nevier
› sleepw@lker
  Harry.esu 04-Jun-2014
Lets Dance Shadow
  AR »tk! 04-Jun-2014
hahaha You sneaky little. Yea, let's dance
  AR »Ghost. 07-Jun-2014
Can I join your dance?
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User Awards
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User Award   BlueSky 21-May-2011

Love this track, it's awesome already have that on our server
User Award   eXtracT 26-May-2011
dude haha wtf 97xxx lb thats insane! haha but i see why so many FS lovers like this one, its so addictive, well done mat,e you'll deserve the classic when it comes (:
User Award   Hwalog 29-May-2011
Nice !
User Award   Berty! 20-Jun-2011
Nice Fs
User Award   MnM | Revii 20-Jun-2011
User Award 20-Jun-2011
Well, I didn´t finish it - I watched the gps 3 times^^ - but I think this one deserves one more award. Very nice using of wallrides, loops and transitions. Futhermore this one includes great smoothness. Good job!

User Award   miyok 01-Jul-2011
User Award   Kang 20-Jul-2011
Yay, i finally got a record here. I guess it was possible after all. I believe a little more is possible because i messed the finish up some. This track is fantastic and perfect. I love the way the white stadium pole far off in the background works with the scenery at the beginning. Smooth, fast, and fun. The big drop in this one is insane, gotta love that. This track is only second to afreaka in my book, and thats including the whole sites catalog.

I'm only disappointed i didn't raise the LB none. I don't think that's fair. It seems to be locked.

5 out of 5 for this 5 star track.
User Award   Amaterasu! 25-Jul-2011
User Award   Fi®e 27-Jul-2011
User Award   .Wiinty 28-Jul-2011
User Award   dan!el 10-Dec-2011
User Award   nevier 12-Feb-2012
User Award   sw 21-Jul-2012
your 1200th award o0
User Award   AR »tk! 04-Jun-2014
User Award   AR »Trian 04-Jun-2014
great track and vnt shadow
User Award   Sky.esu 29-Sep-2014
User Award   »severus 06-Nov-2016
User Award   ted_turner 12-Jul-2020
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