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Name: Download Fiery Embers
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   dow|.Dave.
Version: 03-Jun-2011
Released: 03-Jun-2011
TMX id: 4069716
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 53,224
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:38.90   Ravenwest+ 0:00.0053,224
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:38.99   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0952,485
0:38.99   Cocow+ 0:00.0952,485
0:39.01   solo+ 0:00.1152,321
0:39.09   dow|Boomer+ 0:00.1951,664
0:39.12   reaper.+ 0:00.2251,418
0:39.14   dow|.Dave.+ 0:00.2451,254
0:39.17   AR »Transporter+ 0:00.2751,007
0:39.19   pascow.esu+ 0:00.2950,843
0:39.23   Rasque+ 0:00.3350,515
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Author Comments

Hey there. (:

Fiery Embers (03.06.2011)

I'm "back" with a new fullspeeder. Maybe some guys will remember me? I had a bit time during the last weeks and so I continued an old track. The result of some hours in the editor is an intermediate fullspeed-track with some jumps, drops, wallrides and loops. Nothing mindblowin' but much fun to drive and to hunt. I worked really hard on this one.
So I hope you'll like it.

° Coppers: ~ 5200
° Mood: Day
° Style: Fullspeed
° Loops: 3
° Wallrides: 2
° Drops: 5-6
° Jumps: 0
° Re-Use: 1
° GPS: Yes
° Intro/Outro: No
° Transitions: 10-11
° Author Time: 0:39.19
° PB: 0:39.14
° Possible: 0:38.7x?
° Difficutly: Intermediate

* I m p o r t a n t *

Everyone who drives a time under 39:00 gets 500 cc.
( Without using a cut of course )

* I m p o r t a n t *

Here are the results of the screencompetition I made for this track:

1st - Row!e. won 3000cc + B SC
2nd - Hitch won 1250 cc + L SC
3rd - SWRT#jstc 'P.H.C« won 750 cc + L SC

And here is the Big Version of the winnig screenshot. <3
It really looks amazing in big! Check it out. I use it as my desktop background. Thank you Row!e and everyone who took part.
You created amazing screens!

Actual WORLDRECORD by >> AR »Down. with 0:38.99!!!
Congratulation for this great time! You're the fastest driver on this track!


Thank you for reading the authorcomment.
Every comment, feedback, replay or even award is welcome.
I wish you a lot of fun driving the track.

Thanks to my helpful Beta-Driver:
Roomie¬, "Dawe. mr.hubby, Didi|R4a
Mr.ZoggeR, aLeonDegiuamelle


Check out Row!e's new track! It's worth a try.

Pre Run. by   Rowie.

Have a closer look to these great authors, too!

"Hunted Island by   Hitchy"
"Pie.ce #5 by   jstc"

User Comments
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  dow|.Dave. 03-Jun-2011

Thanks for awards:

1. SapphiroN - Wow.. fast award! And an award from you is always a pleasure mate. Thanks a lot for the nice feedback. About the wallride.. yes maybe the car is a bit to slow there. I'll take care in my next track. TY! (:
2. Boomer - Haha, thank you for the nice words little cousin. <3
3. sup. - Thanks for your nice words. ;D
4. uetzer|R4a - Ahh.. so nice to read these words! Thanks a lot for this big compliment from such a great author like you. =)
5. Dan!eL - That sounds great! Being different in my style was the goal. Thank you very much for trying my new track!
6. WAL-Ace - Thanks for your thumps up and the nice replay!
7. ~*HuGo*~ - Wow.. what a big and awesome award! So many nice words. I feel really honoured and I'm so glad you enjoyed my track. Thanks a lot mate! :')
8. alki92 - Two words which say everything. Thank you.
9. transporter - I'm glad you like it and pretty good record! (;
10. Devo - Thank you really much for this little award. (:
11. Roomie¬ - This honours me a lot mate. Thanks so much for your nice words. I'm glad you like it. *_*
12. Didi|R4a - Short and nice award from a great guy who helped me a lot during the beta-phase. I want to thank you very much for the help mate. =)
13. Wormi - Wow.. thanks a lot for this fantastic award! It's nice to hear you liked it & I'm sorry for the fact there is no respawn-way. Maybe next time. (:
14. solo - Crazy time mate! Wow.. I'm stunned. And thanks for your lovely award. I appreciate that. ;D
15. Reaper.sigN - Haha, okay I'll try it. ;D Thanks for your award and great replay mate! Nice to hear you like it. (:
16. SweSebbe - What a great award! I feel honoured. Thanks a lot mate! =)
17. eXtracT - Aww.. an award from you makes me always smile! ;D Thanks for those nice words. I'm glad you like the new track my friend. (:
18. Row!e. - Sorry for the wallride and thanks so much for this beautiful screen mate! You're a genious. And of course thank you very much for your lovely award. =)
19. - Thank you mate. ;D
20. mQ|nevermind' - Hehe nice to hear something like that from you! Great award. Thank you for the nice words. (;
21. Rasque - Awwww.. thank you so much! *_*
22. KmyKzy" - Sweet award number 22th in only one day. I'm stunned. Thank you! <3
23. AR »Down. - Thanks for the nice greeting and woow.. what a time! You're the first one with a time under 39.00! Congratulation! ;D
24. adrijk - I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways.
25. Clay|R4a - Nice to read these word from such a great author. (:
26. >pascow.'P.H.C« - Thanks for the nice compliment mate.
27. Joost»LT - An award from one of the most creative guys out there. It's always a pleasure! Thank you for this awesome award! It makes me happy to read these nice words from you. Also thanks a lot for the critic. Criticism is the only thing that helps us improving. Thank you my friend! (:
28. Quat - Thank you mate!
29. winter - I'm glad you enjoyed it in these 5 minutes my friend. And big big thanks for adding it to your server. TY! =)
30. ~dynamic. - Wooah, nice award. Thanks a lot mate. ;D
31. pantseri - Aww thanks for testing my new track. Lovely award. (:
  TurbRono 03-Jun-2011
Dear Dave...
...well, you understood me
  dow|.Dave. 03-Jun-2011
  reaper. 03-Jun-2011
why did you built this buggy street at about 27 seconds ?
  dow|.Dave. 03-Jun-2011
If you drive straight forward it's not buggy.
Only if you try to take a speedslide it becomes buggy.
So it's a "speedslide-killer".
I don't want so many speedslides in my track to keep it fair for the keyboard guys.
  reaper. 03-Jun-2011
wow someone who think about the keyboard players
but i understand it
  dow|.Dave. 03-Jun-2011
Yes, probably because I'm one of them.
I'm glad you understand that.
  pascow.esu 03-Jun-2011
funny how everybody thinks that keyboardplayers arent able to speedslide
gonna check asap
  dow|.Dave. 03-Jun-2011
Of course we are able!
But not as good as gamepad-players.
It's harder with keyboard. At least I think so.
Oh and thanks for trying the track.
  ZoggeR 03-Jun-2011
sure its harder but you need some real balls and skill to do it with keyboard
  AR »Down. 03-Jun-2011
Login : smackdown_gll1
  chrisor. 04-Jun-2011
hi, i'm a keyboard player
  dow|.Dave. 04-Jun-2011
I sent you the coppers down. Great time!
  AR »Down. 04-Jun-2011
Thx, but i think low .9x is possible
  dow|.Dave. 04-Jun-2011
Probably. Do you think it's possible to take a speedslide @28 seconds?
  AR »Down. 04-Jun-2011
Yes, i think if u´re rly lucky its possible
  dow|.Dave. 05-Jun-2011
@all: Thank you guys so much for all the replays and awards and feedback! I really haven't expected this much after such a long time. I'm stunned. Thanks a lot.
  dadous | mp 05-Jun-2011
god. I got RickRolled.
  dow|.Dave. 05-Jun-2011
That's life dude.
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User Award   waldfee 07-Sep-2015
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