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Name: Download DreamFlow
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Ivi » gone!
Version: 07-Jul-2011
TMX id: 4173927
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 76,376
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
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0:42.78   chrisor.+ 0:00.0076,376
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0:42.81   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0376,055
0:42.89   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:00.1175,198
0:42.92   eckmeck+ 0:00.1474,876
0:42.96   Rasque+ 0:00.1874,448
0:42.96   qb»Flow+ 0:00.1874,448
0:42.96   Ivi » gone!+ 0:00.1874,448
0:42.96   apX. Alex+ 0:00.1874,448
0:42.97   Mattnac.+ 0:00.1974,341
0:42.97   Knalli+ 0:00.1974,341
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Author Comments

”Yay, a new ivi track <3” or “blah, again an ivica’s boring fullspeed” are two options for what are you thinking at the moment…I hope it’s more the first one but however today I want to present…

D r e a m F l o w


Welcome to the page of my new map. It’s, as always, fullspeed. After I saw many guys online had complained about difficulty of my latest tracks I decided to make an easy track, but same I thought for “Afreaka” but it still was hard online. So I made a first fully respawnable track, how I promised to some guys, and I hope it’ll bring smile on the face to guys on ppo (:.

As I see TMX is not very active atm (from the botw’s point of view), but I can’t wait to publish this little map and it doesn't deserve so much attention I guess, since it is far away from the quality of 2 my latest tracks. Anyway, I was working more than it looks, to make everything works fine and smooth and hope the result is not very bad.

I guess you won't find the word like the track name here in the dictionary but I found it pretty cool for the name of this map and I like it…

For sure there is some scenery work, with the 6000 cc and morning mood I hope it’s making cool atmosphere, but I'm not completely satisfied since respawn ways ruined my plans to make it better, but still I think it’s not bad.

MT work is very simple this time, just gps, 5 respawn ghosts and 7 seconds long intro (Pat's style ? xD), so nothing big overall and 30 minutes of work, all in all, I think.


Style : Fullspeed
Mood : Morning
Coppers : 6OOO
Length : ± 43 sec.
Difficulty : beginner imo


Great lookin’ screen, uh? Of course it is, because I contacted one of the best screenmakers imo,   dan!el and he didn’t disappoint me at all, thx so much for this beauty, here is the big one. Here is a deserved LightStream showcase:

Lightstream by   dan!el

Also please try this awesome and underrated track :
WBM - Round #1 - Speed Mr.Zogger by   ZoggeR

Nothing to say anymore so now, I ,as always, hope you’ll try this map out and like it…And now, if you show me what you got or tell me your opinion about it I’ll appreciate it for sure so have fun guys and good luck at hunting !

grtz ivi
- o7. o7. 2o11. -

User Comments
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  Ivi » gone! 11-Jul-2011
No problem Flow, I know not everyone can like this start cause I made that part very precisely calculated.
  qb»Flow 11-Jul-2011
nothing against that but in this case it's not that well calculated I think cuz in the very front of this drop you have to stear (if you drive very close) and this makes your car go down with the front wheels you know ... and crash. just my opinion. just wanted to tell you that sometimes it's better to do it a lil bit less unprecisly. for sure it feels awesome if you get it but if you don't get it that often it sucks and you will not reach your aim (to make the drivers have fun, I think)
  ZoggeR 11-Jul-2011
as I told you Ivi, u have to drive the start weirdly else it won't work
  qb»Flow 11-Jul-2011
nice had a -0.10 on my time and a very nice antivir popup
  Ivi » gone! 11-Jul-2011
bad luck..
  amon(banned for 30 days) 12-Jul-2011
ivica you are a girl? or a boy?
  qb»Flow 12-Jul-2011
I boy I think o.0 wtf
  kaynBock 12-Jul-2011
i gotta agree that the start sucks
  Ivi » gone! 12-Jul-2011
  Kang 13-Jul-2011
This comment page is getting pathetic

Ivica is a mutant race that was designed without either gender, it's AI brain has one function, building tracks above the level of human creation
  Ivi » gone! 13-Jul-2011
Wtf Kang Well, I am just human and I think it's a pretty standard fullspeeder.
And also thanks for your words in 17th comment here, wow, such a honor to read this and especially if it's based on driving only 2 (?) of my tracks

And I am boy, amon, as I told you already.
  Kang 13-Jul-2011
I just ran a .39 where I needed a .20 or better on Night Breeze. I don't know how down sd's on command so well. I really want to see that track hit 100k, but it may be some time for me, or impossible. Not sure. Can anyone else try?
  Ivi » gone! 13-Jul-2011
Well there were already much replays uploaded and this LB is staying for some time and I don't think it is going to increase anymore.
  Kang 14-Jul-2011
LOL, I can keep trying, i really want it to hit 100k, that would be cool.
  amon(banned for 30 days) 14-Jul-2011
  Kang 17-Jul-2011
5 replays within a .01 of each other I would have figured this track wouldn't be so close.

Put my replay with downs and watch me almost pass him at the up hill checkpoint and then get demolished this bad That guys insane
  Ivi » gone! 23-Jul-2011

T h a n k s L i s t

› V.neck ~ haha thanks for the quick award mate :*
› »Flo.F® ~ well, really simple one ^^
› Moe.b ~ thx, glad you like it
› sir B ~ hehe, thx my friend for your simple one (:
› pascow.'P.H.C« ~ really thanks mate, i'm glad to hear that
› Wiinty ~ thanks for lovely award
› dan!eL ~ imo it's ok placed, you have to know how to drive that part but thanks again for the screen and award ofc (:
› AR »Down. ~ really nice to hear ^^ here is great replay by you as always
› flackson ~ haha i wanted more scenery but thx for feed anyway <3
› be3847 ~ many thanks but it's not that great :b

› McBong ~ thanks for award, i heard more times about drop ^^
› MaC « psycho ~ thanks, if it's easy why not beginner ? :b
› C4 Freak.xT ~ haha mate, ofc it isn't my best, but glad you have fun
› Txi- ~ uhm, why everyone has problems with start o.O but thx (:
› WAL-Ace ~ thanks for award and replay dude
› makonen ~ ahaha, I lol'd xD
› [K]Dino ~ i tried that and thx for your words
› Dotchy « ~ thx my friend :*
› Mr.ZoggeR|'P.H.C« ~ you see? So stop complaining about start xP
› Pat ~ yeah, I'm sry that it looks like your intro but i had no ideas and was lazy to do something better and longer xD but thanks for great words (:

› Empy' ~ hehe thx for symbolic award
› Kang ~ thanks for kind words and replays, much appreciated
› ReviiLo :o ~ uh, that were some hard words, I'm actually surprised you awarded after those, thx man
› de.point° ~ well, at least for fs drivers it should be easy, no? :b
› Rikos ~ yeah, i want that, thx for award mate
› tinitus // krow ~ I'm glad to hear it's fitting track name
› electro <3 ~ great to see, many thanks
› RaµL 'P.H.C« ~ lol they are just normal respawn ways ^^ ... ty
› Joker ~ omg, you loved respawn ways more than the route ? xD
› Stif' ~ thanks for awarding

› funky'|Speedy ~ +1 to what? haha, but thanks for award
› Sad'(fr) ~ simple but ofc i thank you too ^^
› ø'Fransje ¤ ~ big thx for replay and award
› »CvRk ~ thx for great award
› GodofWar|R4a ~ glad you like it (:
› noobtuber ~ thank you for this nice award
› Rocket.F® ~ ahah, made respawn ways especially for you ^^
› der-bozz ~ thanks a lot *_*

› Raffi ~ lol, don't understand the whole award, what's "jizzed"?
› Forrest ~ thank u mate <3
› »Worm.« ~ ty 4 nice award
› DuM-DuM ~ thanks and screen is by dan!el
› meckarn ~ double thanks ^^
› Calum00 ~ finally, nice to hear and thx, didn't expect that tbh O:
› Wormi ~ another award based more on respawn ^^ but ty
› Knalli ~ thx bro
› eckmeck ~ ah thanks for your standard award, i'm glad I got it
› Mem.o'VaqX. ~ thanks for 50th award, I can die in piece now

› DxMarillion' ~ okay, thx anyway
› Mastermind ~ thx, probably my fault as I see to call it easy track :x
› quad2k.xT ~ thank you mate, pleasure to read your awards ^^
› Joost››LT ~ I'm happy you liked this o:
› Zenit ~ ty :b
› mQ|Placket.mb ~ damn thanks as always ^^
› passion ~ how to thank you when you missed a "c" to make award a sense
  .Wiinty 24-Jul-2011
How much time it took to write this biiiig thanklist? ^^
  Ivi » gone! 24-Jul-2011
hm rly don't know xD for me it was no problem to write this ^^
  |PT| CakeyFA 30-Jan-2019
the very first drop works kinda randomly
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User Awards
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User Award   Raffi 11-Jul-2011
I think I just jizzed my pants

whoop, 3rd page (:
User Award   Ge®|Forrest 12-Jul-2011
Amazing work ivi
fantastic speed and I especially love alle the jumps and drops!
awesome work!

User Award   worm.apx 12-Jul-2011
User Award   DuM-DuM 12-Jul-2011
Very good track, and Nice Screen
User Award   meckarn 12-Jul-2011
Great track, great respawns =)
User Award   Calum_:( 12-Jul-2011
Finally finished it without respawns ^^
great track, great respawns, great flow xD
gratz for top of botw
User Award   wormi 12-Jul-2011
Awesome respawns but dunno about the track...

Nah it's good. I got every part well once but failed the others ^^

User Award   Knalli 13-Jul-2011
nice one
User Award   eckmeck 13-Jul-2011
User Award   Mem.o'VaqX. 14-Jul-2011
User Award   DxMarillion' 15-Jul-2011
great track. but not that easy imo

User Award   Mastermind 16-Jul-2011
well, I was able to finish it without respawns. It was hard, but after a lot of tries I did it.
And that's why you get it. It's a good map, but a bit too hard, you really need patience and practice... That's the only minuspoint. But the rest was nice
User Award 16-Jul-2011
Amazing track here. Hard as always, anyway, I love it as always. Very smooth and full of great ideas and well calculated curves. I´m so happy you made the track respawnable.^^ Very good job mate (:
User Award   Joost»LT 17-Jul-2011
Godly design on this one
The track itself is smooth and combined with the scenery and mood it has an amazing atmosphere
User Award   Zenit 18-Jul-2011
User Award   Placket.ft 19-Jul-2011
Damn great as always
User Award   «PasSion™ 31-Jul-2011
Just Fantasti
User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 30-Jan-2019
Award for making a track where speedslide glitch isn't needed to get into top 10
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