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Name: Download Empty Spaces.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Noobtuber + Wiinty
Version: 10-Aug-2011
Released: 10-Aug-2011
TMX id: 4286264
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 81,813
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:33.45   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0081,813
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0:33.46   reaper.+ 0:00.0181,666
0:33.46   ----+ 0:00.0181,666
0:33.54   Life. Ayato+ 0:00.0980,492
0:33.56   Smety+ 0:00.1180,198
0:33.60   eckmeck+ 0:00.1579,612
0:33.61   kaynBock+ 0:00.1679,465
0:33.64   Ge®|Forrest+ 0:00.1979,024
0:33.64   sir B+ 0:00.1979,024
0:33.65   iv!ca' :O+ 0:00.2078,878
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Author Comments

Yo people,

We, Noobtuber and Wiinty, are proud to present our new creation (: It's our first duo track between us. We worked hard at this track because we didn't want for the whole work to get in a fail. First, we decided to dedicate it, but it was too short, in our opinion, for a tribute, so this is a normal track.
We started all the work on 24th July and now, we hope in a good result D: About the track it's a short fullspeeder of about ~ 33-34 seconds, good for online hunting and easy finishable. A very nice time won't be easy to made cause of some speedslides, I guess ~4 speedslides are possible, but you can do 2-3 for sure. The track has high speed and some jumps and drops, combinated with a loop, a wallride and a little part of dirt. We used a middle scenery because it fits the whole track and the MT work. Now, let's go to the trackstats...

S t a t s :

Build Split :
~ 0 - 6 seconds ~ Noobtuber
~ 6 - 10 seonds ~ Wiinty
~ 10 - 22 seconds ~ Noobtuber
~ 22 - 34 seconds ~ Wiinty
~ Scenery ~ Wiinty
~ MT work ~ Wiinty
~ Gps ghost and author time ~ Noobtuber

Facts :
~ Style ~ FullSpeed
~ Mood ~ Day
~ Difficulty ~ Intermediate
~ Length ~ 33 - 34 seconds
~ Gps Time ~ 33.64
~ Intro Time ~ 39.50

Also, we needed a nice screen, so we opened a screencompo here, where we saw 2 nice screens, but the most we liked Dule's one, look at it pure awesomeness (:

T h a n k l i s t :
Well, we should thank to many people from many parts.. So here are all the people who helped us:

In BetaArea :
~  Speedy'
~  Gricii <3

In the screencompo :
~  Dule
~  GodofWar

And thanks alot who awards, but we won't make the award list in the middle of author comment xD

S h o w c a s e s :

~ The first showcase goes to   Dule for this wonderfull screen for us <3:

[WR] »Reno. by   Dule

[WR] »Rage. by   Dule

~ The second showcase goes to   GodofWar for a very nice screen, also for a double work o.O (:

(waiting for a showcase)

~ For Noobtuber, try this track please, it deserves more awards I think and it's completely a masterpiece (:
[FS] Remember the Name.- by   noobtuber | less active

~ For me (Wiinty) xD :
»Dark Feelings. by   .Wiinty

So, this is.. Sorry for this long author comment, hope you didn't spend all your time reading it
Now, download it, enjoy, and if you like, give an award, if you don't maybe some feedback if you want because it's always welcomed (:
Have fun!

Grtz (:

User Comments
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  noobtuber | less active 12-Aug-2011
@Wiinty: Reaper is right there are only 2 possible (;
  .Wiinty 12-Aug-2011
Ah ok xDD
  Smety 13-Aug-2011
lil lb push
  .Wiinty 13-Aug-2011
  Kang 14-Aug-2011
wiinty and n00btuber duo, before i try this track (because i'm trying a quintet from right now) i can say im already excited. Why? Well i know wiinty has smoothness down to a "T", almost always his tracks are over calculated, then i know noobtuber makes some of the best sd spots i've ever played. This is going to be interesting.

I'm glad you guys are branching out and trying to make friends and compilations with other people. I may do this in the future as i think it would help any author learn about different styles. I disagree that your styles are similiar, however, i haven't played this track yet so we will see the final verdict soon.

edit: don't have time atm after testing another track, i'll get on this one tommorow.
  .Wiinty 15-Aug-2011
Hmm Kang we worked ~ same me and Noobtuber :DD
Thx for replay, we have a good LB now (:
And I can't post replay because I'm not in top 10 xD ):
  chrisor. 17-Aug-2011
noobtuber, i took some time to drive your map some rounds

but i couldn't get the motivation for real hunting, somehow i think, this is a bit boring, i don't like the slowdown part, it's just not really my taste, without saying that this is a bad map, it's just nothing for me

so sorry, i can't give you an award here, but i'm looking forward to your next tracks, and just write me a pm if the time will come, i'm not afraid of the pms
  Mattnac. 18-Aug-2011
you forgot 1 sd jan
  noobtuber | less active 18-Aug-2011
thx chrisor for your honest feedback (;

next time I'll present a solo track

hope this one will be better in your taste
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User Awards
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User Award   Knalli 14-Aug-2011
User Award   Kang 15-Aug-2011
boosted lb to almost 80k yay. I drove this one for about 10-15 mins. I like it, i honestly think its a wiinty dominate track because its more his style and i didn't feel much n00btuber style here. The start is fresh, but that road jump to platform is something you do in every one of your tracks and it's at slow speeds. Its a nice hunter, i just don't think its anything groundbreaking. I like the last roadturn but wish the platform was a block more before the drop. The sd was not as well placed as i had my hopes up for either. Good track, but like i said i don't think it's nothing phenomenal. I think you two make a good duo though.

User Award   Gum 17-Aug-2011
User Award   Mattnac. 18-Aug-2011
its ok
User Award» 24-Jan-2012
nice track
but the loop camchange was poor
User Award   razh0n 10-Nov-2012
great map to hunt <3
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 21-Oct-2015
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