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Name: Download 256³ Empire
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   °°Dino°°
Version: 01-Oct-2011
Released: 01-Oct-2011
TMX id: 4399223
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,917
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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2:51.91   racehans+ 0:00.0010,917
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2:52.46   Flyps+ 0:00.5510,707
2:52.75   Willigamer+ 0:00.8410,597
3:02.62   Martinkoo.+ 0:10.716,836
3:21.50   Sander17+ 0:29.590
3:28.76   Sky.esu+ 0:36.850
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Author Comments


Today i release my biggest Track so far, a 256³ Speedtech-Track. I wanted to create something different, so i forced myself to use as much space as possible, so the atmosphere is kinda Trial-like. The Track itself is divided in 3 parts, a first road-Tech-part, then a fast Platformtech-part followed by a mostly engine cutted dirt part. It can get really fast here with speeds up tp 700, and you have to pass big jumps, differences in height and some fast drifts. It will be a real challenge to get a nice time, at least as hard as it was building this track In the Intro i kept it real simple with only 1 mooving cam, but i think it looks great with the scenery and gives a nice view on the proportions of the track. I have nothing left to say then have fun playing this one, with passing time this track has grown and grown, and although there were moments when i didnt felt like finishing it, i really like this now



Coppers used: ~12500
Mood: Sunrise
Mapsize: 256x256x256
Big Screen: click here





For royale, who always keept his style. Go check this Speedtech

[ MTC ] Joy's by   royale

For shortz, thank you for the nice video
OmeRa [RPG] by   shortz.esu

Thanks also to my Betatesters (agent« Vext_3d, royale, .DisGo!, V.neck, Kang and .Wiinty), i added another freewheeling part at the end
so the speedproblem is kept small

Originally posted by >important< ...

you need tmunlimiter to play this track! DOWNLOAD!
put the program into the C:programm/files/trackmania file and double click it there. Tm will start normally then dl this track and all is fine

User Comments
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  vneck 01-Oct-2011
first :>

  °°Dino°° 01-Oct-2011

Edit: @Razor: I always reduce the quality a little bit
before i play this (or other) 256³ tracks.
  LostGamer 01-Oct-2011
Indeed special. First track ever, I couldn´t open....sry

Edit: Need Unlimiter, didnt read that..
  °°Dino°° 01-Oct-2011
Your comment is 5 centimeters away from the answer
  jstc 01-Oct-2011
nope, should be 7 or 8.
  vneck 01-Oct-2011
now it's ten
  Flyps 01-Oct-2011
  Kang 02-Oct-2011
I enjoyed watching the development of this and appreciate your screen work but must stay honest and can't award. I suck so bad at driving speedtech i will never get a finish and have no way of telling if this is a good track or not. Hope your respect that, and awesome idea. Think you're the first to make a 256 tech track.
  HardDance 05-Oct-2011
22 awards...... 1 replay
  °°Dino°° 05-Oct-2011
Compare it to Downloads (190),
and the ratio is even better

@Kang: Np, but its respawnable

  Flyps 06-Oct-2011
i thought this track would deserve a replay, cause i suspected, that there'd come none...
and it's really nice to drive - bugfree, speedy and ofc techy =)
  shortz.esu 09-Oct-2011
thx for the showcase
  Spoons 26-Nov-2012
C:programm/files/trackmania file - Who the hell wrote this command line lol.
  °°Dino°° 28-Nov-2012
Lol never noticed it,
ridiculous indeed
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   antpedro100 03-Oct-2011
User Award   kaynBock 03-Oct-2011
User Award   royale 09-Oct-2011

Hey dude !

...First of all I want to apologize for my late, sometimes I was busy/tired/drunk and I didn't have time to write this award.So I would like to say that this track of you is in my vision the definition of SpeedTech , I can't describe the definition very well but you can understand that this one is something special in tmx ... I tried many times to play this track but two reasons stoped me : my PC ( wich give me low fps ) and my Speedtech skill ( I failed too many times ) . So It's time to say what I love on this and I will start with the loooong drops which give me the feeling of flying like a bird , also thoose slides was really well builed and I feel that I'm sliding on a ice lake but the most awesome thing is : Speeeed ! The track is builded to fit with speed ... high speed -> loong slides , drops and transitions . Ok ok we talked only about good things and now I would like to say my bad opinions wich is definetly the finish .This one gives me the idea of a tech and not a High Speedtech , there is too much speed after the dirt part to take a nice drift there near the finish ( I mean you have to brake a lot and it's really unnecessary this ) . Anyway I never seen such a monster SpeedTech track wich is 90% perfect and I'm glad that you build it ! Good job dude .

" Creativity is like God , you can create anything "

User Award» 27-Mar-2012
User Award   Sander17 18-Apr-2012
I thought I'd try a 256 map for once since i never tried it before and I've been playing this for more than 2 years, not all the time offcourse, but anyway...
This map was so good and it felt like an adventure and i simply loved the track. I must say that this track is the best track I've ever played. Hope i find more maps like this one Splendid work
User Award   KossacK 22-Apr-2012
Amazing map!!
User Award   Erizel (brutal) 15-Aug-2012
User Award   Kahwix 13-Dec-2012
Oh My Good ; i like
User Award   Kumpelblase 13-Dec-2012
deserves at least 100 awards
User Award   Loe 20-Jul-2013
forget to award
User Award   'Twister 22-Jul-2013
User Award   gadoweldosd 28-Sep-2013
la la la la la la la la la la la la late award
great track!
> <
User Award   Curto.xT 28-Sep-2013
sick map
User Award   Crashtestdummy 18-Oct-2013
best speedtech ever
feels so... just better than all other tracks,
the athmosphere is incredible
and the map itself is brilliant, too!
not too hard, with nice drifts and some cool transitions
and about the scenery I don't have to say anything, perfect!
one of the freshest and awesomest maps ever, really underrated imo
would be damn great if you could build a sequel or atleast another map in this style
User Award   One. 26-Oct-2013
User Award   Cocktail.afc 19-Mar-2015
User Award   »severus 17-Jun-2015
only 36 awards ?
User Award   AR »Trian 02-Jul-2015
some parts feel a bit weird but maybe I just need to get used to the route by driving more than 1st finish
I really love the atmosphere and the big jumps, the feeling they give is awesome
User Award   Willigamer 01-Apr-2018
I had a lot of fun playing on this map
nice job !
User Award   Martinkoo. 29-Mar-2020
great track!
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