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Name: Download Wake The Dead
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pascow_ivica
Version: 09-Oct-2011
Released: 09-Oct-2011
TMX id: 4417683
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 50,847
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:41.97   pascow.esu+ 0:00.0050,847
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0:42.04   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0750,338
0:42.05   kaynBock+ 0:00.0850,265
0:42.20   noobtuber | less active+ 0:00.2349,175
0:42.28   der-bozz.esu+ 0:00.3148,593
0:42.33   Kang+ 0:00.3648,230
0:42.37   Mastermind+ 0:00.4047,939
0:42.51   Apx.Acer+ 0:00.5446,922
0:42.55   vneck+ 0:00.5846,631
0:42.67   Didi|R4a+ 0:00.7045,758
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Author Comments

Wake The Dead

Hello there,

Finally we finished recently last phases of building our 2nd track. It took us some time, more than we expected and we're glad to make you a nice Sunday evening with this one. This time, after our first tech track, we made the track in a style we are most used to, fast fullspeeder. Some smooth transitions, speed, walls and also few nice speedslides are packet into 42 sec. of ride. We are sure this track is a lot better than our first, so I (Ivica) added some sh*t MT work on it but as pascow said it's not sh*t at all, it's up to you to judge it, so all in all we expect you like this one more than first one. You surely ask yourself why this name: We wanna wake the dead (dead tmx) so lets go on hunting and show us what you got !

Building - Split:

o 1st half/scenery 2nd half :   iv!ca' :O
o 2nd half/scenery 1st half :   pascow.esu
o MediaTracker :   iv!ca' :O
o Screenshut :   pascow.esu

May you try our tech track ? Here it is !
z0rtech by   pascow_ivica

That was all we had to say, now we hope you'll enjoy driving and upload some replays which we'll appreciate. Feedbacks in any way are always welcomed and nice to see for sure. Have fun and good luck ! (:

pascow & Ivica

User Comments
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  iv!ca' :O 09-Oct-2011
  pascow.esu 09-Oct-2011
  vneck 09-Oct-2011
  .Wiinty 09-Oct-2011
Originally posted by Ivica ...
stadium is for nubs :DD
It's still true? o.O xD
  pascow.esu 09-Oct-2011
master: ivica made the finish
  iv!ca' :O 09-Oct-2011
wiinty, sry but this map was finished before i posted that comment
seems like I'm forced now to build only outside of stadium in the future ^^

yeah Mastermind, after loop it's my part and why it is bad o.O ... but didn't put that info in AC in order to be 50/50, get it? ^^
This is a joke about intro? It's crap , I wonder if pascow payed you to write such comment? Anyway, thanks a lot if it's your real opinion

Edit : "never seen an ivi track have the wallride corkscrew trick"
lol, what about my 256³, you're forgetful?
  pascow.esu 10-Oct-2011
Quote ...
like I'm forced now to build only outside of stadium in the future ^^

please stay in stadium
  antpedro100 10-Oct-2011
Will hunt it later in my normal computer!!
  pascow.esu 10-Oct-2011
@neck: I think u can imagine how hard it is to build something 'special' if you are already way too fast and u dont have enough space
  Kang 11-Oct-2011
i see no thx list
  vneck 11-Oct-2011
i know pascz0r I just pointed out I love ivicas start

go thx list
  kaynBock 11-Oct-2011
i fucked up a 41 at least 2 times really love that finish
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   AR »Rockz. 09-Oct-2011
User Award   .Wiinty 09-Oct-2011
Really one of the best tracks I've ever played I'll extend it tomorrow if I have time.

User Award   Apx.Acer 09-Oct-2011
User Award   Didi|R4a 09-Oct-2011
awesome track
User Award   Mastermind 09-Oct-2011
what a bad finish pascow, sorry, but that bugs all the time, hard to control the car

But without looking at the finish, it's an awesome map
Hard, but nice

E.: forgot to mention: This Intro is just a bomb! And I still miss the blur and colors. With this thingies I would call it masterpiece, no joke, it is awesome
User Award   Cross' 09-Oct-2011
User Award   Kang 10-Oct-2011
You guys make a great duo. Pascow has been in my top 5 author list on my userpage for quite some time, and ofcourse ivi is there. This is just a great track, dunno what else to say really. beautiful scenery, speed flow. I think what makes you two a great duo is because ivi uses speed, transitions, and sharp turns and pascow always brings the speed too but adds "risky weirdness" to all his tracks.

never seen an ivi track have the wallride corkscrew trick. Nice consistent hunter the two of you built.

User Award» 10-Oct-2011
User Award   antpedro100 10-Oct-2011
Very cool!
But Ivi´s part ROCKS!!!!!!
Sorry Pascow!! Didn´t apreciatte ur part!!!!!
I mean, I liked ur part! Just dont like the beginning of it!
Very cool to hunt!!!
User Award   jayracing 10-Oct-2011
User Award   Pat 10-Oct-2011
Beautiful track guys! Great flow and awesome speed. Altough I'm not a big fan of the end, this track is a beauty (:
Btw, some fx colours in the nice intro wouldn't have hurt you (:
User Award   noobtuber | less active 10-Oct-2011
One of the best track I've played this month!

The start is really amazing, good job Ivica
All transitions are good calculated and I love both dirt-parts (~20sec and before end )
The Scenery and MT-work is also very impressive

All in all there's nothing you can complain about and this track is one of the best fullspeeder I've ever played

~ ~
User Award   vneck 10-Oct-2011
You guys nailed it so hard this time: One of the best track's here at the moment and well I'm not gonna lie, esp. the start turns me on hard. The pascow part was average nicely sorry xDD Well the start if creative smooth and what a fuck flow! Love the road drops man the dirt part is a little too wide open and can bug but that's not relevant for me. To be honest I don't like the last loop. Either it's me or it's oversmoothed and hard o.O I mean I needed like 10 tries to get this shit without getting my sweet car destroyed you know. lol Ok seriously was a bit tight imo.. also the dirt finish lane was weirdly tight and bumpy :x Apart from those little things I gotta point out Ivica did a great job, pascow as well but nothing special at all. Keep those tracks up forever and btw Stadium IS harder than unimiter. I mean it's like "go build a track - either with unlimited space or just 32³" Yea guess what's harder? You can build a normal track outside too, only difference you can add some blocks co'z no restriction fuu (:

Pascz0r and Iviz0r <333 / Motörhead - Wake the dead <33
User Award 10-Oct-2011
amazing track you guys made.
User Award   indy_air 10-Oct-2011
pretty decent duo. Usually I don't like duos because two peoples styles rarely fit well together, this one was pretty good though.
User Award   kaynBock 11-Oct-2011
all in all a good track but i hate that damn finish ._.
User Award   Flyps 11-Oct-2011
1st 15 seconds are a bit , but the rest is damn and
User Award   ZoggeR 12-Oct-2011
great track you sexy bitches
User Award   C4 Freak 12-Oct-2011
Amazing track<3
You managed it to build a track, that has really nice sd's and jumps and a nice scenery ofc.
User Award   chrisor. 15-Oct-2011
wow what a great track, it has such an awesome flow, especially the sd into the tube and the exit of the tube to the wallride, this is the best demonstration of a great flowing track
maybe replay follows, but haven't much time^^
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