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Name: Download [BFB] Unbreakable!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   'FLow.dic
Version: 01-Nov-2011
Released: 01-Nov-2011
TMX id: 4467225
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 23,498
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:41.69   Harry.esu+ 0:00.0023,498
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.86   chrisor.+ 0:00.1722,923
0:41.93   KANTER+ 0:00.2422,686
0:42.09   Areogon+ 0:00.4022,145
0:42.17   pascow.esu+ 0:00.4821,874
0:42.26   le.on+ 0:00.5721,570
0:42.28   'FLow.dic+ 0:00.5921,502
0:42.33   Flyps+ 0:00.6421,333
0:42.39   Pitsch+ 0:00.7021,130
0:42.41   McBong+ 0:00.7221,063
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Author Comments


Hi mates,
a new comp started. The "Best Fullspeed Builder" - Compo.
My Track will not even nearly win this Comp, because great builders like
  vneck,   .Wiinty or   C4 Freak (and much more great builders! ^^) will participate. But i think as long as i have fun i will do every Competitions here^^
My Entry "Unbreakable" is around 42 secs (AT: 42.28) long and i think it's one of my best so far.
And also i think i made my best Intro and Scenery in this track.
So enjoy!

Greetz FLow

User Comments
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  antpedro100 01-Nov-2011
Keep giving awards like this!! xD
  GodofWar 01-Nov-2011
Like that Nice Screenshot!

and you have forgotten my Name in your Authorcomment!
  'FLow.dic 01-Nov-2011
sorry GoW i just took V.neck, Wiinty and C4.Freak to show how much noobs are participate [/irony off] and how noobish i am
  McBong 02-Nov-2011
I think theres a mistake in your ac. I doubt the AT is 41.28

Very nice track flow I love the sds and the smooth drops and jumps

but why is the GPS replay "sd-phob"?
  noobtuber | less active 02-Nov-2011
Yeah, V.Neck and Freak I agree with you
but if you mention wiinty, you also had also to add Pankoek and me
wiinty is ofc a great builder, but I think v.neck and freak build track at a higher quality level
  'FLow.dic 02-Nov-2011
yeah everybody know that there are more great builders but i am just lazy
  noobtuber | less active 02-Nov-2011
Quote ...
(and much more great builders! ^^)

  'FLow.dic 02-Nov-2011
as i said before i am lazy
  antpedro100 02-Nov-2011
ohhh, Why did the stupid awards stop?
  .Wiinty 04-Nov-2011
You shouldn't write me o.O I'm a total noob builder
  noobtuber | less active 04-Nov-2011
Quote ...
I'm a total noob builder

  Flyps 05-Nov-2011
damn.. wanted to upload the .09 i drove online... but the replay of the autosaves has been a .33... why??
  Areogon 07-Nov-2011
First of all Flyps this is a multilap map. If you drive in TA you need to save your replay. Otherwise it isn´t saved. In rounds/team it is saved automatically.

When I started driving this map is just annoying. You often fail because of bugs and an unsmooth landing before the 2nd cp. Additionally the "GPS Back" flash is irritating. After some time when I got the start the track is not bad. This map isn´t really fast and I like more faster maps. In my opinion the finish is to early. I´d liked to drive some more fast sds. But thats a individually thing. As I said I missed the speed. But you did a great job with your intro, your scenery and nice stickys. The fact that the start is buggy just robbed the fun. As a result you´re a very talented builder and I think we will see some more maps from you (hopefully some faster ones )

keep on

Greets RR
  KANTER 07-Nov-2011
  Flyps 07-Nov-2011
ah okay, ty...
didn't know that.. i thought the very best replay will always stay in the autosaves... but sounds quite logically, that it's impossible with multilap...

but how to save a replay that is driven in TA? if i press "save previous replay" (or whatever it is in english), i always get something saved i didn't want to save... :/

lol, kanter... edited ur comment? i saw a 2nd line ^^
  KANTER 07-Nov-2011
I hadn't seen rest of the track yet when I wrote that
  Flyps 07-Nov-2011
and nt
  'FLow.dic 27-Dec-2011
thank you all!!!
30 Awards!!
i am so proud!!
Thank you all!!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   black' .dicto 07-Nov-2011
User Award   KANTER 07-Nov-2011
-3 points for start

User Award   chrisor. 08-Nov-2011
also don't like the start, but rest is very nice^^
User Award   sw 28-Nov-2011
User Award   Bl@derunner 01-Dec-2011
nice mt work
beautiful scenery
good voltage
varied with a high fun factor
Unfortunately, I was often to disastrous start
the deductions are
But all in all very good
User Award   seaFs 07-Dec-2011
I'm starting to get sucked into the maw of platform tracks -.- I award this track, because I had fun (being the best of all reasons to award a track) AND there are two things where I thought "wow, this looks awesome". Firstly, the exploding text in the beginning introducing the mood of the track, with its unsteadyness and abrupt reflexes needed to drive it. Also camera shake is used in an appropriate way, when the cars pass by. The second one is the GPS announcement, which is simply yet effective in its design, although it is placed right in the line of sight (place it higher or lower next time^^). The track itself was more or less easy to fish, just path finding was necessary to finish it, so I didn't find any really hard parts.

1) The intro: Are you so convinced of your skills that you talk of yourself in third person singular? After (and including) this message the intro becomes bad. Especially the camera shake from this pint on is excessive and almost blows all the good effects away shown before.
2) The first long jump is buggy. I often crashed here, because the car's nose bowed down. Using air control is a bit confusing for me, as I'm used to smooth jumps working without any help, just fly and land. But this is more of an inherent problem of TMNF itself.
3) Repitition. The whole track consists of 3 Parts, of which the middle part is used twice. Start with 3 jumps, long turn with tube-over, long turn with tube over, finish jumps. This makes the track a bit boring too drive.
User Award   yber 07-Dec-2011
omfg... didn't award this? but here it finally is:
User Award   Mastermind 25-Dec-2011
nice entry also here!

Was a real smasher
User Award   'Infi 25-Dec-2011
pretty big creativity. I enjoy and like your own style you always include in your tracks! I´m curious to see some other tracks from you, Flow!
User Award   pascow.esu 27-Dec-2011
will only award this one of the bfb-tracks cuz you wouldve been my winner. amazing track (:
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