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Name: Download Yellow Angels [BFB]
Pack: Download [Kristján] FS_Pack
By:   fab'm
Version: 21-Nov-2011
Released: 20-Nov-2011
TMX id: 4483767
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 50,948
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:43.43   chrisor.+ 0:00.0050,948
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0:43.50   Harry.esu+ 0:00.0750,455
0:43.51   Life. Ayato+ 0:00.0850,385
0:43.62   EviL.+ 0:00.1949,611
0:43.62   Iriespamone+ 0:00.1949,611
0:43.62   Bogojo(sir B)+ 0:00.1949,611
0:43.67   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.2449,259
0:43.71   Cross'+ 0:00.2848,977
0:43.74   McBong+ 0:00.3148,766
0:43.76   Quat+ 0:00.3348,625
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Author Comments

Long time no see

this is my newest fullspeed and I decided to continue a serie I would like to call Angels
this is my 2nd track of the series after "Blue Angels - MTC" and like that track it is where old school get's to togheter with new school

"Blue Angels - MTC" was made for a compo and same as this one although it's a diferent compo

~ Best Fullspeed Builders ~
a compo organized by 'Infi


Like I said this is a simple track with mainly tm eswc blocks mixed with forever scenery
Arround 43 secs, I don't belive anyone do a 42
Simple for everyone I belive anyone can finish it in 3 runs or less although not every cp is respawnable
Intro + ingame effects and GPS + outro

Making of / track presentation you can see it here in this video


Screen by Supreme, who won a Screen Contest I made some time before
Big version here -> click me

Below you can see all participating screenmakers and their works

  ciciman THE .... Screen01 (b.) .... Screen02 (b.)
  GodofWar .... Screen01 (b.) .... Screen02 (b.)
  AR » squiki .... Screen01 .... Screen02 (b.)
  Dule .... Screen01 (b.)
  .Sniper .... Screen01 .... Screen02
  Supreme .... Screen01 (b.) .... Screen02 (b.) .... Screen03 (b.)


The winner (:
[bad track link]

The 2nd place winner

[FS]Classical Stuff by   GodofWar

And showcase for all participants

"¬xeon. mysterious universe « by   AR » squiki"
"[500cc] Hometown by   ciciman THE"
"[WR] »Rust. by   Dule"
(track goes here)

Last but not least
thanks a lot for this wonderfull beta testers:

User Comments
Showing 15 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  fab'm 20-Nov-2011
have fun
  DjDesidera 20-Nov-2011
Dont mind if I do ^^
  yber 20-Nov-2011
sry no award from me

too slow and nothing special for my taste ^^
  'Infi 20-Nov-2011
Quote ...
btw: Your trackname has to contain [BFB] (here on tmx AND ingame!)

you´ll need a update.. why just read the rules?
  fab'm 20-Nov-2011
track name has to contain BFB and it does in tmx and ingame

it doesnt say it has to be in front or in back
  'Infi 21-Nov-2011
[ ] .. these brackets here are missing.
this is the decisive point.. it may sound picky... but razor f.e. already updated his track because of that. and it would be unfair for him then. So update pls.
  fab'm 21-Nov-2011
it's gonna be a little off hand because I got so many records
i'm not talking just by my point of view but for those who made fantastic replays have to play the track again
  'Infi 21-Nov-2011
yeah i can understand your point totally. but you also have to understand mine. One may say it is childish or picky to stick to this rule that strict. But Razor also had great records and he updated it like i already said. It would be damn unfair to him, if you wouldn´t have to do the same. Another argument is that, when you read the compo thread, there is already a long discussion about this name topic. And because i stressed my point several times and because of the first argument, i think i just have to be strict. so i´m sorry to say that but : Change the name or you´re out. if you think you won´t be able to win anyway (dunno, didnt drive the track yet) you can ofc say: well im out, but i dont need to update the track.
But i think, because your a quite friendly user here (as far as i know you) you can understand me and make your decision without arguing here.

Best Regards,
e:/if you have other questions or want to discuss this (altough my decision will stay^^) pm me.
  fab'm 21-Nov-2011
rules are rules surelly by talking we can fix that

track is updated, I belive and hope the name is ok
the BFB is on the end of the name i dont know if needs to be on front or at the end (i checked the rules btw)

Don't worry I'm not angry by doing that it's just more because of the record holders losing their records might suck a little

Anything that is wrong or off rules keep me informed, meanwhile good luck on the BFB project and may the best builder win

sorry to all ppl who posted their awesome times btw
  'Infi 21-Nov-2011
that´s nice and i appreciate that very much .. i´ll check it later but that the [BFB] is at the end is ok for sure. Rly... i knew you were one to understand such things its always nice to see friendly guys here on tmx.
  BluEjAck 21-Nov-2011
Do not worry, here is my replay again.
would be nice if the others do it too
  fab'm 23-Nov-2011
thanks all for 15 awards and 100 downloads in such a period of time

wr old version 43.49 by   chrisor.
  Kang 27-Nov-2011
friendly or not, thats gay as fuck you making him update over brackets.

w.e though... i'll continue to speak my mind while you fuckwads argue over minutiae


Edit: seems way too much like a control and authority issue for me to ever compete or comply
  'Infi 27-Nov-2011
@Kang. No thats not. Rules are Rules, how simple or tiny they might be. Rules should be strict.
  fab'm 14-May-2012
my award nº 600 by flipover thanks
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   One. 01-Feb-2016
Nice fun at ppo kris!
User Award   SweSebbe 05-Feb-2016
A nice fullspeed hunter i think. Great feeling through the whole track and i like the halfpipe-turn before the wallride alot. Rest of it is just fun and pretty nice.

Here you have a big from me
User Award   vgr 17-Feb-2016
User Award   uetzer|R4a 19-Sep-2016
User Award   Iriespamone 27-Sep-2016
User Award   Tsn D-Boy-Fitz 01-Oct-2016
User Award   boomie 04-Jul-2018
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