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Name: Download [BFB] The Tyndall Effect
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   seaFs
Version: 30-Nov-2011
Released: 30-Nov-2011
TMX id: 4531338
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 19,512
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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1:00.82   HoneyBadger+ 0:00.0019,512
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1:00.89   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0719,377
1:01.01   yber+ 0:00.1919,146
1:01.15   Sazu . tmnx+ 0:00.3318,876
1:01.15   pascow.esu+ 0:00.3318,876
1:01.19   seaFs+ 0:00.3718,799
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Author Comments

OK, now this is the Best Fullspeed Builder Competition...

The big question is: Why did I participate? The answer is the same as for my first MTC entry. Making a change. At least I hope that it is possible.
When looking over the entries submitted so far I'm kinda bored. They're mostly similar in concept and design, and both I don't like. Presuming that a lot users don't like my style, this map won't receive much attention.

Anyway, I'd like to thank the guys who left some feedback and critical response in the beta area.
In order of appearence they are:

About the track:
o Smooth FS without any platform micro-jump. I used sloped roads and loops to get it all smooth.
o This one is pretty much high speed, average should be above 550km/h, max. speed is above 700.
o I blockmixed some things, e.g. some small scenery mixes, a grass hack and a sliced inflatable. TM crashed pretty often...
o Intro was done within 10 hours. Way too much, considering I'm in the exams right now.
o GPS is only implemented to gain some more points, because I know that this raises the acceptance of hard tracks. In general I'm against any kind of help in the tracks.
o This track is NOT respawnable, so don't even try it.

Best Fullspeed Builder Competition 2011
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"[BFB] Unbreakable! by   'FLow.dic"

User Comments
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  apX. agent 01-Dec-2011
was surprised when i saw that this map is [BFB]
dono if you remember me, but we dorve this together..beta
  seaFs 01-Dec-2011
How could I ever forget
  »burT! 04-Dec-2011
this map has reached awesomeness in so many different ways
even though there's a antiboost it is fast,flowy and smooth, shows again who is mr. awesome
great job
  Sazu . tmnx 07-Dec-2011
friggin annoying atm -.-
1 loop is buggy, but okay, not too bad
the pipe..1/5o times I do get the jump after it.
then the jump into next loop..same ratio

well, rest is quite awesome, mayybe a comment on the other side of the page later
  seaFs 07-Dec-2011
Finally someone mentions all the bugs of this track. Didn't expect it to be you, though
  Sazu . tmnx 07-Dec-2011
someone has to hold you on the ground
  wohnungsnomade 30-Jan-2012
I think this track is amazing, by watching the intro! Of course it is a nice old school track but it is to hard. I mean what are you build a track for? pls look at dedi-recs! now there are 3. I´m from BLR and my ingame name is silver. It took a long time to finish it, even good drivers need long. The track is not on one single server (except BLR). I hope you understand, that you build a track for the community, that people have fun with. The most fails of me were in the last curve and in the buggy loop, maybe that were the one I remember more. Your new track (random name..) is much better, Iloaded it also on BLR,keep building that tracks, and don´t forgett --> not to hard!
  seaFs 30-Jan-2012
I build maps for myself, to push myself to higher limits. Hard maps belong to the new limits. Surely it is an offline track, and not every track at TMX is designed for online play
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User Awards
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User Award   Pat 10-Dec-2011
This is just impressive! Great one!
User Award   Northern Lights 14-Dec-2011
I can only say you have put masses of work into this. But I cannot finish it. If you did a slightly simpler version for Intermediate I would love to play it.. my rank is 24,000 but still a very hard track..
User Award   Sazu . tmnx 14-Dec-2011
okay, all in all good track
apart from the mentioned bugs it's smooth, fast --> great
User Award   'Infi 25-Dec-2011
For sure nice ideas included in here. We both talked quite much about this track, so I´ll keep this (nevertheless deserved) award short.
User Award   Apfelfresser 30-Jan-2012
User Award   ceo_tw 06-Feb-2012
Very nice smooth flow and cool crossing sceneries!
I used to make silmilar type of tracks in TMUX
User Award   Bogojo(sir B) 17-Feb-2012
no words...just
User Award   Socius 21-Jun-2012
Very nice track! Hard, but very addictive thanks to its speed and smoothness.

This track made a difference, I will always remember it.

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