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Name: Download The Opposite
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   McBong
Version: 15-Dec-2011
Released: 15-Dec-2011
TMX id: 4548270
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 41,808
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:30.18   McBong+ 0:00.0041,808
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0:30.25   arti+ 0:00.0741,226
0:30.44 0:00.2639,647
0:30.63   GodofWar+ 0:00.4538,067
0:30.69   BluEjAck+ 0:00.5137,569
0:30.71   °°Dino°°+ 0:00.5337,403
0:30.87   burned_rubber+ 0:00.6936,073
0:30.98   Kang+ 0:00.8035,158
0:31.01   HardDance+ 0:00.8334,909
0:31.10   fab'm PT <3+ 0:00.9234,161
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Author Comments


today I present you a new track which is more meant as a funtrack. I tried to use all the stuff I don't like about fullspeedtracks.

I used:
- many transitions
- no boosters (natural)
- no speeddrifts
- no walls, loops, turns or tubes

I also kept the track short because I don't like that either.

But I think the track is fun anyway and I hope you like it too. And I promise that I never will build such a track again.

Now I want to thank   GodofWar for the really nice screen. Thanks mate.

Also a big thanks for my Betatesters:


So start your ride and leave replays, comments and maybe an award.

Showcases for the amazing screen:

[FS]Never Hesitate! by   GodofWar

[FS]Downway by   GodofWar

One showcase is for Becky, a very talented dirt mapper who doesn't get the attention she deserves:

[bad track link]


User Comments
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  McBong 15-Dec-2011
Thx Speedy
Thx Gow
Thx shootingstar
Thx sleepw@lker
Thx Didi
Thx Old Tribal
Thx arti
Thx Kang
Thx Klop

10 Awards ty guys

Thx fabio
Thx Phoenix
Thx kadziolek2
Thx Jan'Ho.
  HardDance 15-Dec-2011
This is what blockmixing has turned into, making tracks into one huge pile of blocks. I enjoy blockmixing when its made good and bugfree. This track scores sadly very low on both.
  McBong 15-Dec-2011
Sorry for the mixing HardDance but I think it works quite good. I know it isn't perfect but it works as soon as you know how to drive.

Also, this track isn't represantative for my tracks at all so I don't hope that you dislike all my tracks now. Normally I just use mixing for scenery and maybe a bit for the track.

Ayway thx for the feedback

EDIT: As I saw in your replay you drove terribly wrong at one spot. The way you drive it's buggy like hell but it isn't the way I wanted the driver to take. I would be very happy if you'd try it again with the right way.
  HardDance 15-Dec-2011
I know i did it wrong, i saw your gps after that turn. But still, i find it very buggy, my point is, to make that "wallride jump" you cant even be 1cm off, or else you'll crash.
  McBong 15-Dec-2011
I know this part is quite hard. But thx for trying it.
  HardDance 15-Dec-2011
  Kang 15-Dec-2011
gonna check it out later today, overview looks really nice

checked it out, nice job with the screen GOW. really like it man
  arti 17-Dec-2011
ahhhh -0.16 before the dirttransition frustrating
  jstc 18-Dec-2011
im not sure how people can like this. may be the creativity but there are also the bugs and this overmixed business.
this just looks like you randomly placed some blocks which might work together. the drop is not that smooth either. and i dont want to talk about the transition before the uphill.. no award from my side
  McBong 18-Dec-2011
No problem jstc.
I don't know whether you read the authorcomment, but this track was just fun for me and wasn't meant to be a serious track. I have to admit that I don't like it myself so I don't have a problem if someone else doesn't like it either.
  jstc 18-Dec-2011
Quote ...
tried to use all the stuff I don't like about fullspeedtracks.

ah ok^^
  °°Dino°° 18-Dec-2011
I have to agree with HD and justize,
the mixes are truly not good and buggy.

Ofc there is or may be one single route that doesnt bugs,
but im not playing a Px, so there you should be more possibilites
without bugging out

Although i like some sceneryparts like the dirt in the right turn
or the finish where you drive on the dirt road,
the overall the track isnt that good
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 14 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Speedy' 15-Dec-2011
Nice one m8
User Award   GodofWar 15-Dec-2011
Great Mixes!
User Award» 15-Dec-2011
nice use of bm
Nice transitions
Great track
User Award   sw 15-Dec-2011
good job|
User Award   Didi|R4a 15-Dec-2011
like it
cool ideas
User Award   yber 15-Dec-2011
User Award   arti 15-Dec-2011
Heute ist Gegenteiltag
User Award   Kang 16-Dec-2011
Nice creative track, i can't believe you called this one a "standard transitional track" though. You had to spend some time to see what unique BM would work. For that i award you, but i wished the route was a little more exciting with jumps and the one drop isn't calculated smoothly enough for my taste. Still interesting track so

User Award 16-Dec-2011

great full speed
User Award   antpedro100 16-Dec-2011
User Award   fab'm PT <3 17-Dec-2011
not bad
some blockmix can be frustating
User Award   phoenix.dicto 17-Dec-2011
amazing track m8
User Award   Kadzio 18-Dec-2011
really nice map, great ideas
User Award   »Jan'Ho. 18-Dec-2011
Great mixes, very innovative!
Good job
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