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Name: Download Wonders Of The Past
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   N00BYZOR
Version: 13-Feb-2012
TMX id: 4703604
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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24:36.17   adrijk+ 0:00.001,000
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25:42.98   Igntul+ 1:06.81728
28:16.27   N00BYZOR+ 3:40.10105
55:16.96   HouseKeepR+ 30:40.790
60:54.48   ben3847+ 36:18.310
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Author Comments

>>>The Golden Gate Bridge<<<

Hi RPG racers !

Here is my new RPG map

It's an huge temple with many jumps, invisible roads and some nice pathfinding.
This map is not difficult and it's fast when you know the way.
There are some alternative ways (watch my replay to know where).

Before playing: let the mod, the music and all the pictures load, then restart the track.

Some screenshots:
<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8>

Map informations:

17345 blocks
17503 cc (alomost 1 copper per block ^^)
About 2 or 3 months of work
(I started to build it a few days before start the Eiffel Tower, but I had a break during some months^^)

Author time: 27:13:77
I'm not a pro driver and I didn't really hunt it. But I think my time is a decent one



Mod: Grande Muraille 3

And the most important:
This map is 70 height, so:

>>>>> /!\ YOU NEED TMUnlimiter TO PLAY THIS MAP /!\ <<<<<
You can download it >>here<<
(TMUF is not needed, there is no united block in this track)

But I'm sure that many retarded people will ask me: "why TM crash when I open this map ?!" XD

If you have a steam version of TMUF, read >> this topic <<


Take a look:

The Eiffel Tower by   N00BYZOR

Freezy Temple by   N00BYZOR

Amidst The Immortals v2 by   N00BYZOR

User Comments
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  N00BYZOR 13-Feb-2012
Thx Nyco premiére award ultra rapide^^
Thx Reahx glad you like it
Thx adrijk wow 10/10 really ? everything with dirt and water is made using Challenge Edit or Track Studio, there are many possibilities

Thx TMtoxic glad you love it mate, and was nice to play it with you on rpg spain server

Thx roman_4r despite this conection bug, you finally finished it XD nice run with you mate

Thx Golo oh mate, seriously, your award is gold for me ! I'm so proud to inspire the great builder you are !

Thx Igntul so you finally used tmunlimiter to play it XD Huge thanks man sorry for those flickerings, I tried to avoid lot of them, but...

Thx » Happy you think that about my track
Thx rossi94 I proud to be now in this nice clan too
Thx snellejasper glad you like
Thx papa_coin_coin content que ça te plaise
Thx Clith
Thx HouseKeepR
Thx BigKingg
  Nyco (off) 14-Feb-2012
Les screens sont super, surtout le premier
  TMtoxic 14-Feb-2012
awesome track at all good job!
  DisGo.esu 14-Feb-2012
this map looks epic, have to test it!
  adrijk 14-Feb-2012
i can't upload my replay, becuase the fucked tm saves the before playing, well, but i think i have great time, and i will see it in the 1st dedi
  N00BYZOR 14-Feb-2012
Ah, that happen to me sometimes, try to upload your replay from autosaves.
  adrijk 15-Feb-2012
there's a problem, on the replay there's no time, only "???"
i don't know if i can upload this replay with "???", on must be the time of replay, but i will try it^^
  Igntul 15-Feb-2012
why TM crash when I open this map ?!
  N00BYZOR 15-Feb-2012
Ahahahahahah ! XD
  adrijk 15-Feb-2012
it could be coz you don't have tmunlimiter ign, or ...
dunno :Sxd

pd: i can' upload the replay of yesterday, but i upload a new and better time
  N00BYZOR 15-Feb-2012
OMG ! What an awesome time you did ! great job

ps: iggy is just kidding me XD
  adrijk 15-Feb-2012
it was rare that his tm crashes when opened your track, if he's a tmunlimiter mapper too xD
  N00BYZOR 15-Feb-2012
Yea I know, he was joking ^^

I watched your replays guys, very nice time you did
I liked the cut you found Igntul ^^
I think a no fault replay could be something like 20:xx.xx
  Igntul 15-Feb-2012
cut? o:
i always drove what i thought to be normal way
  N00BYZOR 15-Feb-2012
At cp 40 (I think it's cp 40 ^^) when you have to ride the arc, you just jumped on the border and didn't ride the arc.
If you do that first try you can save about 30s I think, so it's a cut ^^
btw I thought it was not really possible when I built it, I tried but never passed it XD
  ben3847 19-Feb-2012
sry for bad time frist try..
  666moi57 02-Mar-2012
too much flickering ;(
  Golo 13-Jan-2013
  N00BYZOR 13-Jan-2013
Thx Golo for the GPS
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Nyco (off) 13-Feb-2012
Superbe map
User Award   Reahx 14-Feb-2012
Very nice work
Good Job
User Award   adrijk 14-Feb-2012
great scenery
great rpg flow
10/10 on this one;)

pd: how you build a pool between dirt and stadium blocks, and dirt surface with the aerial stadium blocks :/?
User Award   TMtoxic 14-Feb-2012
incredible job mate
grat dimensions
awesome tricks
the track in general
User Award   roman_4r 14-Feb-2012
Great job
User Award   Golo 14-Feb-2012
heyhey, i love you man,
finally a great track again,
the scenery couldnt be more impressive, i love these huge buildings, just like Eiffel Tower before,
that can be such a great athmoephere created with unlimiter and you did it,

so you really inspired me, I cant say if I build a track again but if Im able to finish one time its also because of you!!

So, thank you
User Award   Igntul 15-Feb-2012
awesome classic-like map
great huge room, you used the tm unlimiter feature really well, again
just like in the eiffel tower, on some places the height makes you get dizzy, with some sick views of the room
only thing i can blame here is that you could have easily avoided a lot of flickerings if you wanted to
User Award   DisGo.esu 15-Feb-2012
what can i say, it's one of the best designed maps i ever seen! keep it up! great work dude! (:
User Award   rossi94 16-Feb-2012
Nice route I never searched just followed my instinkts but really nice work @ all I'm proud to share my clantag with you mate
User Award   Snellejasper 18-Feb-2012
Great track! I really like the atmosphere in this track and the great jumps!
User Award   papa_coin_coin 04-Mar-2012
nice one
User Award   Clith 08-Jun-2012
Those giant rooms are <3
Very nice map
User Award   HouseKeepR 08-Dec-2012
Lovely map!
User Award   BigKingg 25-Jan-2013
User Award   ChadoX 11-May-2013
forgot to award
User Award   McBain 25-Dec-2013
really nice!
User Award   Xerox. 02-Feb-2017
One of the best maps in terms of scenery, amazing one
User Award   Loe 10-Oct-2017
i thought i awarded this long ago and then i found out it was on tmux.. anway great work!
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