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Name: Download [PF] SiMPLE THiNGS
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   awful maps
Version: 24-Mar-2012
TMX id: 4791133
LB Rating: Uncompetitive Track (uncompetitive)
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 5m Diffic.: Lunatic
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4:17.42   Dr. Barker+ 0:00.00-
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4:17.45   matrisKK+ 0:00.03-
4:17.48   doninss+ 0:00.06-
4:17.91   Der_Commander+ 0:00.49-
4:17.94   sw+ 0:00.52-
4:17.94   Sky.esu+ 0:00.52-
4:17.94   pepper+ 0:00.52-
4:17.94   Placket.ft+ 0:00.52-
4:17.94   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.52-
4:17.94   Technicall+ 0:00.52-
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Author Comments

Hi guys , allow me to present my first Press Forward Track
* * * * *
The story so far…

Believe it or not,
this track started it’s life as a simple PF Start
to what ‘was’ going to be a dirt track.
Which is why the track ended up with the name
‘Simple Things’…
But,I changed my mind and thought
‘Hey, why not see if I can produce a reasonably good PF track…’
The track was actually a million miles away from being ‘Simple’ to create;
There were many times while creating this track when I seriously considered giving up.
Mainly because I never realised the degree of commitment required,
not to mention the degree of difficulty involved.
Anyhow, after what turned into weeks of (at times tortured) creating,
I’m finally happy with the finished result, and I hope everyone who drives
it finds it an enjoyable experience…

* * * * *
Music applied: Garbage cold outside crystallized (mix)
Track statistics
Environment : Stadium.
Mood : Daytime.
Copper Count : 19.647.
Creating time : ‘250 hours.’ (probably a lot more).
Track Speed : Quick; Consistent.
Average speed : +/- 600 Km/h, approximated.
Max speed : 800 + km/h.
Stunts :
Smoothness : good.
Free Wheeling : Some.
Blocks variation : Very extensive.
Block mixing : some.
Surfaces used : Most.
Intro : Multi Car.
Outro. : 29 Clips 70+inc text.
In-Game Cams. : some.
AT : 4:17.94.
Cut possibility ? : Yes…
* * * * * Screen Shot by   kimbro * * * * *

"Have Fun All"

Very BIG Thanks to the following for
their Awards and kind words…

  Ivi » gone!
  AR /wind'zor
  'nwt' ®ocket
  Dr. Barker
  thegigpig35 [tm1 retired]
  SF - Dule
  Trone !
  Kristján PT <3
  TM Tube

Thank you Very much guys 'n' gals...


* * * * *

Also, if you get a few spare minutes ? Maybe you'd like this wonderful PF
by Kimbro
[PF] eXophobia by   kimbro

And this is how tmx Admin do it
[PF] A Waste! by   HardDance

User Comments
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  awful maps 01-Apr-2012
Thank you Dr. Barker,
And BIG Respect to you
and Der_Commander for
'Pinging' the AT...
Thats quite an achievement
on this track...
  Dr. Barker 01-Apr-2012
I told "Der_Commander" how to do it

The cut is hard.....
  awful maps 04-Apr-2012

I know it's hard;
I created it but
I can't do it... hehe

  doninss 22-May-2012
grass slide finish, priceless. (to a grasser.)

your rebuttal was spot on.

this really is a special PF. it's a real shame more people can't see that. (i have to admit though, i'm not really surprised.)
  awful maps 22-May-2012
Thank you doninss, and Thanks for the
(I dont get the "Not really Surprised" comment,
but thats me being stupid)...
  doninss 22-May-2012
"i shouldn't be surprised" is probably what i should have written.

i should probably also chalk my previous statement up to a carefully cultivated (OK it wasn't that hard) cynicism regarding human nature. so i shall.
  Nikola 05-Jul-2012
For first PF.....AWESOME 4/5
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User Awards
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User Award   Dr. Barker 01-Apr-2012
I know what it means to go over 4 min...!
Good work !! Respect for that PF map.....!
User Award   thegigpig35 [tm1 retired] 03-Apr-2012
very nice PF in __ Great work A++
User Award   eloop_ 09-Apr-2012
> <
User Award   SF - Dule 09-Apr-2012
User Award   Bro. 16-Apr-2012
User Award   maximus 16-Apr-2012
Yep. Very impressive
User Award   Trone ! 18-Apr-2012
User Award   Vergil 21-Apr-2012
fair to say..
i can award this one with no problem!!
amazing work!!
User Award   i-racer 06-May-2012

deserves every it gets
Real good use of blocks and
Very creative thinking+
Wonderful MT Work too.
This one puts you in the
Premiere Division
Of PF Creators.

User Award   Kristján PT <3 22-May-2012
omg i though you had already 90 by now
here's the 50 and i hope it helps you reach higher values
User Award   doninss 22-May-2012
50? WTF? where are the awards?

i'm no pf expert but i've raced my share. this one is up there with the best. fantastic job.
User Award   teaspoon 23-Jun-2012
it's a BEAUTY,
i tried to go left somewhere on the track to make sure it wasn t a replay,
+ an award to give you back in return to what you shared with us.
User Award   R4aI|rodeo 28-Jun-2012
I forgot to award this one
User Award   Nikola 05-Jul-2012
So Cool.
User Award   makuy 13-Apr-2013
Cool Track
User Award   TraX 14-Jun-2014
User Award   3Gz 08-Jan-2016
User Award   TM Tube 11-Jan-2016
User Award   LOCFILE 16-Jan-2016
Great Everything this one should have hundreds of
User Award   y-not 03-Apr-2016
Number Sixty and worth it. Very good complete [PF] map. Superb MT work. There is a lot to be learnt from this track
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