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Name: Download Operation Alaska 2
Pack: Download [Kristján] MissionPack
By:   fab'm PT <3
Version: 13-Sep-2012
Released: 11-Sep-2012
TMX id: 5147502
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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1:37.74   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
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1:42.72   HylleZ+ 0:04.98-
1:43.14   ViN <3+ 0:05.40-
1:49.50   fab'm PT <3+ 0:11.76-
1:51.72   Tortugo+ 0:13.98-
1:52.74   elgster+ 0:15.00-
1:53.01   der-bozz.esu+ 0:15.27-
1:56.40   Flyps+ 0:18.66-
1:57.31   Sky.esu+ 0:19.57-
2:05.74   Yoshy+ 0:28.00-
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Author Comments

September 11th, 2012 (time to celebrate another bday with another release (: )

Operation Alaska
Somewhere near the outskirts of Barrow Town on the North Slope region of Alaska, our allies informed us about a secret area where there are rumors about a new type of nuclear weapon.
You will be left on our allies’ base nearby, where a vehicle will be prepared for this mission.
Use your stealth skills to infiltrate into the area and investigate what's going on.
Your equipment include: a PDA, a codec, night vision goggles and two c4 explosives in case the threat is confirmed.
You are extremely forbidden to use any weapons that could compromise the safety of this mission.
For this mission your codename will be WhiteFox, a perfect name that suits you, as silent and smart you are.
If we need to contact you, your codec will beep; in that case you need to wait for 3 seconds on the area where a small film plate appears so you can answer our call. However is not necessary in case you don't need support while doing this mission.

All files will be placed automatically where they should

- MIRROR 01 (hosted by dnbfreak thanks (: )
- MIRROR 02 (hosted on my fileden account)
- MIRROR 03 (hosted by flipover - thanks (: )

If you want a manual instalation (draggin the files into the correct folders and not the exe) just download this easier to use mediapack (instructions inside the zip)

After you download and install the files re-open the game and download the track
If you do not download these, the locators should do their work, but It's not recommended since they may take some time to show up in the game.

This is probably my ultimate track and the numbers speak by themselves:
34 MT clips with more than 1000 MT blocks and tons of FX effects (use at least pc03 minimum with fx activated to see the magic (: )
22 Ingame mediatracker custom images (15 billboards)
81 Ingame mediatracker custom sounds (including 61 voiceovers and 3 songs)
19 recorded ghosts
4 3d models used, provided by Sol666, Rumpelbube and crusard (some painted by me with crusard's militarty stickers)
Don't forget to pick the OA_missionvehicle2 for this mission (:
Ice Age mod by crusard, modified by me (loading screen and some textures)

Credits to these awesome people who contributed in this track's making
flipover, dnbfreak, rycardoo, vans
Voiceovers: thanks dnbfreak for recording the voices (: (it really helped a lot (: )
Screen: by gow, and check some great ones here
Inspirated on these tracks: the trump card, the dust war, rpg hurricane

The rest of the information about the track you can see it on the outro
Please read the mission briefing before playing the track blindly

Showcases and final words on the 1st comment of the page

User Comments
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  dnbfreak 17-Sep-2012
yes my metal horn is so loud the soldiers get hypnotised
  fab'm PT <3 18-Sep-2012
idd ^^

thanks for 200 downloads
if possible could someone make a video? I won't mind to pay something in cc for that
my computer sucks for it
  holzbalken 24-Sep-2012
pretty well done m8, you should consider building rpg some day
  fab'm PT <3 25-Sep-2012
at the moment i have one and only RPG in tmx united called Seablue
you can see the intro for the track here

it's on the coast environment so you must have united to play it

also about a stadium RPG I'm waiting for the results of the burning wheels compo and you can expect a really huge 20 minute adventure I made with a friend in a few weeks

e:/ wow new awards from UT team members thanks

I really feel the need to answer CJS award, who has, for me, one of the most creative minds on tmx, and the person who, indirectly, influenced me the most on tmx:
I agree with you about the lack of emotion on the intro, since it was made with a voice generator program it's not possible to transmit human emotions and it was one of the biggest problems I had with this track, I was so hard to find an autovoice generator that simulates the voice as it would speak if it was on a radio, also about the soundtrack, I choosed the maniaplanet menu because I feel it had that emotion and mistery (the first choice was the soundtrack used on sebik's RPG connecter). So yea I agree with you in these aspects of the intro
Again I loled reading your comment saying that "freeze" scream scared you ^^ It also does that to me

About the outro, I really took a big risk placing a song that most users wouldnt understand (because it's in portuguese) even through the outro wasnt an holywood ending I hope it payed of ^^

Also, about the award expectations, I really don't aim for an huge number of awards, before chicken invaders only 2 tracks i made had more than 30, and when I received those 172 awards I realized what was missing on my trackbuilding: something new, something diferent and unusual, no one ever saw a trackmania track where the objective was to kill chickens from space and that's why (as you say and I agree) it's way more inovative than this track. Op.Alaska, has many references to another tracks (the beggining of the mission similar to The Dust War, mission failed similar to The Trump Card2) but that was the point: renovating forgotten ideas and apply them togheter and if possible renew them and then add new ideas togheter (nightvision, snowstorm, infiltration) all in one.
The mix of 50% renew ideas and 50% new ideas was probably the reason this track don't have the same fame as CI, that was my mistake and I accept that, it's a motivation to keep building something new

It's so good to see you are back to tmx and I really hope you come back with another crazy idea for a track, I loved red alert, ghost town was amazing but it was hard and the prototype was one of the biggest works ever created on trackmania

thanks for your award and I hope to see you arround with a new crazy idea

also thanks for 56 awards and for putting this track on BOTM again in front of another awesome FS track made by a duo of great mappers
their track is hard but it's awesome you should check it out

PS damn you tortugo taking advantage of the MT bugs and trackmania mechanics

Also thanks for 300 dl on october 11th
  Captain Jack Sparrow 10-Oct-2012
Thank you for your warm words fabio, I would never expect that my activity on tmx could be an inspiration for any1. Hearing something like this is a fulfilment for any mapper, I'm very glad I could at least a little bit motivate you to deepen a true art of trackmaking which story tracks are .
When it comes to my activity on TMN, honestly, I would really love to make any new story tracks, cuz I still have some innovative, fresh ideas which are however very hard to execute, but getting it done would take a lot of time, which I unfortunately don't anymore :<
So once again, thank you for everything you said, and hopefully, see you around
  .monster. 17-Oct-2012
So Very Hard But Well TOP!!!
  BestNoob 30-Nov-2012
Hey man .. i cannot play it the Data doesnt load ..
  fab'm PT <3 30-Nov-2012
download the mediapack from one of the links above
locators don't work for now due an ip change I will take care of it later

update: I made it easier to install and play just click on the alternative link or if you are lazy to scroll up just click here

600 dls on dec 28th 2014
700 dls on jun 08th 2015

wow classic ranking in 30/01/15 *-*
  ViN <3 23-Jul-2016
my first Classic WR
  fab'm PT <3 28-Apr-2017
almost 5 years later ....
  ViN <3 23-May-2017
Unfortunately or for joy,track cannot load' for me(i mean pictures,everything is blind for me) So if I ever wanted(i don't) to defend my oldWR I can not do it, anyway.+ No new cuts/tricks[Because of that, zero desire to play this track again], just a the same run with really good blind-way, so GG Wirtual,nice run,deserved!.
wait! nice run? dude u fuckUP next turn and lip the wall - that was so ridiculous, bro! xD
whatever GG nobody wants war
War, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing :3
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User Awards
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User Award   Raffi 18-Nov-2012
User Award   FluX. 17-Dec-2012
I really wonder about the great level of the MT, but really about your work
User Award   Loe 30-Apr-2013
User Award   XdaC 09-Aug-2013
What an amazing track!

I like your ideas, theres a lot of!
I tried to make some storytracks too, but i dont have the ideas which you and a lot of other builders have here!

Well deserved award for your work!
User Award   Frx ben75 31-Oct-2013
Great work!
User Award   OLDA_X 22-Jul-2016
Great work, love your mt work
User Award   ViN <3 19-Aug-2016
is this insane?

Mission Complete
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