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Name: Download Artemis' Arrow III
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JumperJack
Version: 26-Apr-2008
Released: 26-Apr-2008
TMX id: 52162
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 74,955
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:41.76   »RtA«mael²+ 0:00.0074,955
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0:41.86   eXtracT+ 0:00.1073,878
0:41.99   bazz+ 0:00.2372,478
0:41.99   dow|Boomer+ 0:00.2372,478
0:42.05   JumperJack+ 0:00.2971,832
0:42.07   Davidados+ 0:00.3171,616
0:42.09   HardDance+ 0:00.3371,401
0:42.11   RKO 90+ 0:00.3571,186
0:42.11   Apology+ 0:00.3571,186
0:42.13   GhostDog+ 0:00.3770,970
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Author Comments

Artemis' Arrow III

The custom images and music used in this track will be downloaded automatically. So when you’re not connected to the internet while playing, or have got a slow internet connection, please download these files before playing the track!!

Download the music (~3,5 MB)
Place this file in this folder:
My Documents\TrackMania\ChallengeMusics.

Download the custom skin (~0,1 MB)
Place this file in this folder:
My Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Vehicles\StadiumCar.

The Track

Well people. A quick note about myself, I’m JumperJack. I left nations exchange when united released and worked there further on my trackbuilding career. There I also started building a track series, Arrows of Artemis. The first track in this series is at the moment of writing still fourth in the list of most awarded tracks at trackmania united, which was just wonderful!! The track was a full-speed one, with much use of the new concrete parts. After six months, also a part two was released at united exchange.
However, with this new expansion of trackmania, forever, also a new tmx exchange appeared, tmnforever exchange. Since this site was purely based on stadium tracks, and because of that also with stadium fanatics, I decided to go on with my track series over here.
So here you go, the third part of the still not known number of arrows, but the first one at this exchange. At first I thought about remaking number one and two and upload these over here, but since you guys are all able to download them from united exchange, I dropped that idea and just began building a new track. However, since some of you probably won’t have played the first two tracks in this series, I have used some of the fundamental ideas in this track, and combined and altered them into a new shape.
If you want to know what’s waiting for you to play, tracks in this series will be so called “new skool full-speed tracks” (just made that up btw ^^ ). That means as much as full-speed tracks with some sliding corners, which make them challenging. Every track in this series will also have a length of around forty seconds and will be accompanied by the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Coppers: 2140
Platforms: 3
Off-Road parts: 2
Loopings: 1
Wallrides: 0

- Intro: yes
- GPS: yes, with a new feature
- In-Game: yes
- Outro: yes
- Music: yes, Otherside by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!!

- Author: 0'42"15
- Gold: 0'45"00
- Silver: 0'51"00
- Bronze: 1'04"00

Bigger Screenie

current downloadrating: ~500

Special Thanks to
- Djoszee, for bètatesting and building the scenery of the first two tracks in this series!! ^^
- TimeBreaker, for bètatesting the first two tracks in this series!! ^^

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"Artemis’ Arrow I" (from united exchange)
"Artemis’ Arrow II" (from united exchange)

User Comments
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  craxx <3 08-Jul-2008
6 tracks - faaaaaaaantasticooo

and maelstrom whoota superb rec...didnt think ya skills were soo good

and yes try out virtual insanity... maybe we'll meet in the insane asylum soon...

  JumperJack 08-Jul-2008
even better, after your post, maelstrom, and after having spoken to you, craxx, i started all over with a seventh track, and that one is even finished right now!! so i'll release it within the coming two days...

already four people have finished virtual insanity by the way!!

tnx Sebi awesome award, thanks a lot!! ^^
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User Awards
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User Award   Djoszee 19-May-2008
Another award (still not enough for a great track like this)

I like the AA style you kept with this track, not much new stuff but just the same stuff in a new blend. Good to see some tmf blocks and even harder drifts. I won't make the top10, so I won't bother this time

Good to see you can make tracks without my help
User Award   smok3y 20-May-2008
Bah !!
21 awards for such a marvelous track - you gotta be kidding me

Freaky stuff going on in here JJ just like i said

Well anyways onto the map

Just what i wanted and even more than what i expected
Amazing work you put into this one
It retains the feel and flow of the AA-I & AA-II
And has a new variety thrown in for good measure
The start is definitely note worthy and i really like it a lot
Tech style combined with full speed
Just a few areas where it takes some nice skill to get a goo drift going
And that is exactly what we need to separate the boys from the men

Beautiful deco - easy on the eyes as well as the PC - no lag stuff and excellent to look at
The offroad sections have been really neatly placed and well marked out
The loop cut was well avoided with MT work XD (i just had to poke my nose there!!)
The track to track flip jump was pretty neat - you gotta remember the right zone to jump into there
And a beautiful finish section with the platform drift to offroad to a tight drift finish

Awesome work with awesome MT and an excellent screenie with custom content
Amazing indeed - welcome back m8 we all missed you a lot
Big from an old buddy
User Award   fastforza 25-May-2008
This track deserves heaps more awards

The design and flow and speed was Awesome

Good Job
User Award   Kendal 27-May-2008
Great track JJ!

Sorry for my late award

Anyway, very nice 1
Lovely ideas
And just real fun to drive!

Keep up the good work!
User Award   bazz 05-Jun-2008
very nice track jack!

User Award   eXtracT 06-Jun-2008
. . .wow what an underated track. . .

you have amazing talent my friend. love the start, first time i've seen that. and the first jump is so smooth, love it. and then the small jump to thata tight turn before the loop is perfectly timed, couldn't do it any better. and the mt work, i have no idea how you prevented that cut but its great. smooth landing to both grass sections, all flowing magnificently. and then the last platform curve, its hard to find the right line but once ou do, its drives great. and of course that last corner . . . omg i have stuffed my timing on that so many times its not funny. but i like the way it challenges you. awesome map here mate, and crazy talent.

an oustanding effort my frined, deserves as much awards a syour other two and even more

definently the best track to drive, an awesome WR hunt. i got my time after two hours of driving (no kidding)

this is also well-deserving of classic recognition, this is my favourite track on TMNF

i give thousand awards if i could, here's mine for you >>


User Award   Dutchy! 12-Jun-2008

Very Big for u!
User Award   »RtA«mael² 16-Jun-2008
oh my f*cking god, this is one of the best track on forever in my eyes, it's just perfect, the flow, the naturals drifts... some very nice and original ideas, can't believe than this track has few awards like that. it's such an underrated track !, I hope my award can make a difference!! ^^

for the loop I was laughing when I saw black screen with the error, lol! I had accidentally cut the loop ^^

grtz mael
User Award   GOKHU 17-Jun-2008
Very Nice...
User Award   HardDance 18-Jun-2008
Super nice track
Love it
The speed and flow is perfect
The great slides is lovely
Perfect scenery and amazing sceen
And perfect for online
User Award   Kakashi 27-Jun-2008

with this track the amazing trilogy is complete !!
It rocks as the number I and II
It's innovative but very easy to learn
Really looks like the I : -Same first drop , same pillar on the platform , same drift (but on the left ^^ )

Again a great work
Award looks short but I'm too lazy to write all the good points of the track

PS : I only have a 42.72 I hope I'll do better
User Award   Tuta 29-Jun-2008
awesome unforgiving fullspeed track just like the first two allthough the first one was the best one, this one is still as good as the second one lovely smooth jumps, platforms, fullspeed-drifts and scenery cant really believe artemis arrow three is here super work

<--From: >>Tuta<<
User Award   GONE! 01-Jul-2008
Great track dude!
only a bit frustrating
but good job

User Award   Sebi.nGine | off 11-Jul-2008
great track jj
it has everything it takes:
the flow is great
the start is smooth
the speed is lovely
and the scenery and screeny look awsome
great job m8

User Award   Gallardo | gonna quit :) 23-Jul-2008

Omg this is really a perfect track
we haven't words for this one he is so nice
anyway lovely track nice jumps nice begin
This should be one of the best jumptracks ever made
Really splendid track
Love youre style
love the jumps
and i love this fs
beautifel track
well done
>>> <<<
the lamborghini team
User Award   ZayL 01-Nov-2008
Awesome track
Nice start

User Award   ZopUH[in TMN] 01-Feb-2009
very nice work man
to you--->
User Award   Hazaart 01-Jun-2009
just played this one online


User Award   vladish.F® 09-Jun-2009
awesome track
User Award   'Twister 24-Nov-2013
fun one
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