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Name: Download [PF+FS].Dubspeed
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   flipover
Version: 27-Oct-2012
TMX id: 5222646
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 24,181
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:44.65   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0024,181
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0:44.97   AR»Sacorip+ 0:00.3223,141
0:45.32   dnbfreak+ 0:00.6722,003
0:45.68   Kadzio+ 0:01.0320,834
0:46.84   jdinis43+ 0:02.1917,065
0:47.53   -Morte_745-+ 0:02.8814,822
0:48.14   Triple.shoot+ 0:03.4912,840
0:48.50   Dani_TAH+ 0:03.8511,670
0:48.98   NSNL+ 0:04.3310,111
0:49.58   Sàmµel.+ 0:04.938,161
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Author Comments


I have something special for you.

But before we get to that, there is a little story I want to tell you about this project.

A while back I started to look at some PF tracks and like some people around, I found them very boring and just something most people would spend so much time on to be played once or twice and then put aside.

The only time I said anything about it on tmx was when becky uploaded her PF track.
After that, I started wondering why would so many people like those tracks when I find them so boring? Or, how hard could it be to make a PF track? And if I managed to make one, how would my perspective towards PF tracks change?

Well, there and then I challenged myself and set a few objectives:

1 - make a PF track
2 - make it different than most and still fun to watch
3 - try to incorporate another track (not PF) so people who don't care about PF could still have fun playing it (challenging enough for most players too)
4 - make cps respawnable
5 - avoid shortcuts (so damn hard on PF tracks, and history has it that people who tried to mix 2 styles of tracks, one being a PF, usually had lots of cuts)
6 - no TMUnlimiter needed! Need to make a track inside the stadium with all the space restrictions

A few days planning and I started building, sometimes almost ripping my hair off.

After all this, I started to find myself in a bit of trouble with the tracks "weight"... had to manage to get it down to less than 8000 cc and avoid any animated signs so it would flow on most computers.
Had to avoid all excessive blocks while being able to make a light scenery as best as I could.

When I got it all done, with the intro   fab'm PT <3 made, the tracks file was over 300Kb, which was a problem if I planned to place it on a server, it had to have a max of 256Kb). So... again, time for some tweaking and managed to get it down to 251Kb.

After all this, I now look at PF tracks at a more technical level. To be able to criticize one should have done - a PF in this case - before, that's my thought.

And so, without boring you anymore with the story of this track lets get on to the details:

Dubspeed is a mix of PF and FS, 2 routes, you chose your favorite and no cuts found so far

PF Details

Length: 2:05.10
Jumps: Mostly slow
Flips: Fast
Near misses: Lots
Speed: Average
Difficulty: As hard as pressing 1 key

FS Details

AT: 45.47
Style: SpeedSlider
Smoothness: Best possible
Speed: Average-High
Difficulty: Intermediate

Overall Details

Weight: 8k cc
Re-Uses: Lots of them (:
Scenery: Some empty parts were unavoidable to make this track accessible to be played online... hope you guys don't mind that too much
Blockmix: Only when necessary
Intro by   fab'm PT <3
Outro: Something simple by me
In-game MT: Self-made
Screen: Self-made (and I love it!) Big Version
Music: Skorge - Sail (Awolnation Dubstep rmx)
Mood: Morning
Lag: Low / nonexistent
Custom Mod: by fabio_m & flipover (details on the first comment page)
Here are some mod examples!

Play the track on pc3 mode to see some magic

VIDEO Youtube 1080p HQ.

Thanks and Showcases on the first comment.

Feb-2014 500 DLs!!

User Comments
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  fab'm PT <3 30-Oct-2012
it may be but on this track i don't have to wait 50 seconds to start "racing" and i dont have to imagine cp

ps. I still think rerupture is awesome this doesnt take credit to zenit's work, i love his tracks
  »dev!lz0r.4²o 30-Oct-2012
Um bom trbalho na parte PF mas na parte FS esta muito fraco.
  flipover 31-Oct-2012
Bem »dev!lz0r.4²o, um AR(o único q a viu ainda) gostou da FS em testes, outros de dedi alto também, mas eu sei que não se pode agradar a todos e fiz o melhor que consegui na mistura de 2 estilos de pista diferentes.
Pelo menos algo saiu bem e não há cuts significativos o que é importante! E acima de tudo, o pessoal diverte-se com a pista, é o melhor
Obrigado pelas palavras
  ZoggeR 31-Oct-2012
ofc he built other PFs before but didn't upload them
  'Infi 31-Oct-2012
Why do you guys always have to hate? The special thing this track has, is obviously that he made it possible to make a PF go through a (amazingly flowing) fullspeed route without having cuts in it. Zenit's dirt, fs and tech in ReRupture just worked after respawning and had no CP's. Take that into consideration and respect this work as it is.
  fab'm PT <3 17-Nov-2012
no comments about the intro
  AR »Rockz. 18-Dec-2012
Great intro fabio :DDDDDD
  flipover 03-Jan-2013
And DAMN nt »Rockz. <3 !
Congrats on the WR

Thanks list - Part II

50! - Triple.shoot - Ty for my first ever 50th award in a track!
51 - franz-josef666 - Thank you so much for your words (will be looking at that link ), it is indeed a hard thing to accomplish and I'm truly glad I managed to do it so others could enjoy and have fun driving it.
52 - Gnark - Dude, so glad you enjoyed and tried all the track has to offer! Thanks for enjoying it! People enjoying Dubspeed makes it worth all the work and pain I endured to make this happen
53 - Junavara - Great to hear that, but the ppo version has some limitations compared to this one, anyway, glad you enjoyed it
54 - Loe*-* - So happy for you to have shared it ^^
55 - Moscar - Thanks mate, I truly believe this is my best track yet!
56 - Frx ben75 - Thanks man! Glad you had fun with this one
  franz-josef666 12-Feb-2013
I've built a track like that in Canyon and know how mindbending building such a track can be.
Your PF is really cool and raceline so nice, I could finish it on the first try with only one little crash; and I haven't played stadium for over a year.
There'a a MX-blog dedicated to such (TM2) tracks:
  fab'm PT <3 15-Apr-2013
how many dls flipover?
  flipover 25-Apr-2013
402 atm
  Frx ben75 11-Jul-2013
My best track has only 14 awards. Maybe, I have just no talent.
  flipover 05-Aug-2013
@ Frx ben75 - Or you are just not that known of a mapper.
Just like myself, most of your awards were given not because of your name but because your tracks really deserve them.
I see each award on my tracks as an incentive to keep improving, even if I only have 2-3 awards
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User Awards
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User Award   dpr95 03-Nov-2012
very nice track, and good flow
User Award   Guild*Danman 04-Nov-2012
User Award   Rh Pato7forever! 06-Nov-2012
User Award   euh... 10-Nov-2012
Very nice map!!
User Award   carl_johnson_ 10-Nov-2012
Yeah ! Really nice ... Vidéo Youtub nice too "like"
User Award» 18-Nov-2012
User Award   Lukinhas 18-Dec-2012
Nice track dude
User Award   AR »Rockz. 18-Dec-2012
User Award   blr.heekom 30-Dec-2012
An amazing track! Well done!
User Award   Triple.shoot 04-Jan-2013
nice track
User Award   franz-josef666 12-Feb-2013

Amazing work!

User Award   Gnark 08-May-2013
I can't even begin to think how you planned this, but you did and did it brilliantly,.

The PF bit is fun to watch and doesn't outstay it's welcome. The FS bit is well thought out as well and is fun enough to keep me having one more go until I got a clean run. I always felt it was my own driving that made me crash and not the track design being unfair, the use of respawn ghosts is a bonus as well, really helped a lot.

The intro by Fabio is really cool as well.

Big from me.
User Award   Junavara 20-May-2013
Played at ppo, enjoyed both FS and PF, nice work
User Award   Loe 20-May-2013
love it
User Award   THC'Oscar.(Got a life) 22-May-2013
awsum :3
User Award   Frx ben75 11-Jul-2013
Nice work!
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