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Name: Download Trans13uster #2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   R4aI|rodeo
Version: 08-Feb-2013
Released: 08-Feb-2013
TMX id: 5357475
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,463
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:35.22   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0013,463
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:35.44   .dreamy+ 0:00.2212,958
0:35.44   hi im pearli+ 0:00.2212,958
0:36.02   =WBKY=Ricket+ 0:00.8011,628
0:36.17   Golo+ 0:00.9511,284
0:36.29   fab'm+ 0:01.0711,008
0:36.42   Old.Dutch+ 0:01.2010,710
0:36.63   Triple.shoot+ 0:01.4110,229
0:36.88   Agidd+ 0:01.669,655
0:37.49   apX. agent+ 0:02.278,256
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Author Comments

Here I made a transitional track of its 2nd version of Trans13uster
Try to hunt for 34.xx


o Coppers used ~ 3000cc
o Length ~ 0:35.36
o Mood ~ Rise
o Speed ~ Very fast
o Difficulty ~ mediate
o Series ~ 2


o Intro
o Gps
o Bit heavy scenery


This Awesome screenshot is made by   GodofWar


This fabulous Intro is made by beloved Shooting star
Thanks again for his making... you


[bad track link]

The Flower Lane V.2 by   GodofWar

For intro

mtc 2.o by»

That's all m8es
Feedback plz


User Comments
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  [$!nNl0$] LittleD 09-Feb-2013
Some nice ideas, but I don't like the last part... (probably cause I'm not good enough)
  Didi|R4a 09-Feb-2013
f*cking awesome start here. but then it gets rather boring in my eyes
  3Gz 28-Feb-2013
Because these days its ok to award a track for any reason I'll award
this as a respectful pp reciprocation.
Its clearly well designed and no doubt perfect for hard-core [fs] drivers.
Even though I love wall rides and loops etc. (such as those you'll see on -
'just-a-mappers' nas tracks)
For me modern day [fs]tracks have all become the same thing.
75% practice and 25% driving.
As a full time Nas driver I prefer the exact opposite of that.
Too many On-Line commitments for the amount of time needed for practicing on this type of [fs].
you should come and race me on the nas servers sometime dude.
All racing hehe
  fab'm 05-Mar-2013
ok this is going to be one of those coments followed by an award i sometimes do when i want to say some bad aspects about a track but at the same time i want to give an award for the work

i know you want to make a modern fullspeed but c'mon.... why everything needs to be so hard? maybe it's because of me but i crashed in every bit of the track with no exception until i managed to finish, after i did, i didnt feel into improving my time, not because i think it's a bad track but because it's unnecessarly hard imo, even with good transitions... why does everything need to be milimetric? why do i have to follow a correct line just to make a transition?
probably that's my way to think, you did a good work but to be honest if i hosted a server i wouldn't put this track in there being so hard, i tooked 20 minutes to finish i can't imagine a newbie ?
yes it's a good track for solo play but bad for online because, as nobodyzero said, this kind of tracks is basically just practice only to finish, trial and error, and that shouldnt be like that, i want to finish the track the first time i play i want to finish everytime i play and not just "survive" to finish the track.

So, rodeo, probably it's me, probably that's just me who thinks that, probably i'm kinda grumpy for being almost 4 am and i can't sleep but that's the way i see how tm became nowadays and I really miss the nostalgic fun on tm I had the first time i installed the game, but i hope you reconsider my words because you have talent, and you can build good tracks that don't need to be so hard
  R4aI|rodeo 05-Mar-2013
Rockz made a f**king nice time

Fabio : I always like straight forward and honest comments
So a thanks to you

NOBODYZERO : Yes , Unfortunately its 75% of practice to master
thanks to you,I'll make easier tracks in future!!

Thanks all others who award
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Triple.shoot 09-Feb-2013
nice fullspeed
User Award   GodofWar 09-Feb-2013
User Award   =WBKY=Ricket 27-Feb-2013
nice one, pretty hard though.
i like how you have your own style of track making

keep up the good work
User Award   3Gz 28-Feb-2013
User Award» 03-Mar-2013
User Award   fab'm 05-Mar-2013
i think i spent more time writting the comment than playing it anyway you did a good track that, imo didnt need to be so hard to be good
User Award   AR »Rockz. 05-Mar-2013
Nice one except the end, you cant turn proper on dirt and if you dont get the angle good from the start you will fck upp your run
User Award   Old.Dutch 26-Mar-2013
Very nice, very fast. Start is VERY frustrating though

User Award   Golo 26-Mar-2013
nice one
User Award   .dreamy 31-Mar-2013
nice one. start is after some trys enjoyable too, speed is really nice, tho I don't really like the dirt-part after the turnover, I slide off the left side like 8/10 trys.
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