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Name: Download ESL - Catgroove
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   McBong
Version: 18-Mar-2013
TMX id: 5430111
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 22,505
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:46.78   InfernaL+ 0:00.0022,505
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0:47.00   pascow.esu+ 0:00.2221,870
0:47.03   AR »Trex+ 0:00.2521,783
0:47.07   *aAa* Marcos+ 0:00.2921,668
0:47.10   *aAa* Cyril'+ 0:00.3221,581
0:47.48   Dunste+ 0:00.7020,484
0:47.50   DDaems+ 0:00.7220,426
0:47.73   shortz.esu+ 0:00.9519,762
0:48.32   Crocq+ 0:01.5418,059
0:48.49   SunSurfer+ 0:01.7117,569
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Author Comments

Hey guys,

I proudly present you my first ESL track ever. Rasque asked me to build one and have to thank him for that. It's a real honor to build a track like that.

The name is inspired by the Parov Stelar song Catgroove. I really enjoy his music lately and I saw him performing live with a band lately, that was really awesome

To the track itself:

I tried to avoid big jumps or jumps to make it finishable even after a crash so there's only one bigger drop in the beggining. The rest consists of high speed curves, walls and tubes

Of course also some speeddrifts. The first one feels strange in the beginning but I hope you'll like it after some tries.

Big thanks to   °°Dino°° for the great screenshot I really like it

So hunt this track down now, I want some sick replays after the round is over

User Comments
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  McBong 18-Mar-2013
DMK Cyril
Hell Pet
  Rasque 18-Mar-2013
Thanks for coop
  AR »tk! 18-Mar-2013
Feels like a copy of ESL - Pascow
  pascow.esu 18-Mar-2013
nah not at all ^^
its much faster, and also better
  shortz.esu 18-Mar-2013
ESL SPS Mappack #2 preview
  McBong 18-Mar-2013
Thanks for all the positive response guys

@ shadow: You awarded pascows and my map so I think I copied good even though I never planned too Feels similar now you say it but not copied
  xsam1 18-Mar-2013
esl pascow? nah.... cant find any s4d's ! (GOOOOOOOOOOOD)
  °°Dino°° 18-Mar-2013
Arg, just read you saw him live
Wanted to go too, but sold out before i noticed -_-
  AR »tk! 25-Mar-2013
I don't always make hate comments, but when I do, I make sure it's a doodling long one.

Let us begin. I love you Bong, you know that. But Jebus, WTF (What The Fudge) man. First 2 turns into drop, k, no problem there. First actual transition into long turn, skid marks indicating imminent death, that's cool. I'll just give you some space to try and salvage the run, NOPE, doodling random ass block on the wide side of the turn because doodle you. Somehow made it past that, cool, nice little turn OMG A DOODLING SLIDE. I'm thinking "Oh, this must be a spot for sd, great idea!" Doodle you again, this is the slide from doodling Hitlers nightmares and the only thing that can save you is the first wall, but what does the first wall do? It gives you an unpleasant look and moves too close so you can't sd properly and have to slide like a Japanese drift junkie.

Well cool, you've made it past that, everything seems ok, nice little sd, nice little loop, ramp maybe not the best choice, but alright, it's cool. Oh look, a nicely placed cork, feels good man and then BAM doodling Satan Wall out of nowhere with a drop at the end bigger than that of my countries economy, I mean really WTF (What The Fudge).

K, over that part, nice little sd's with a bump in between, alright turnover and maybe a bit tight into cork, it's alright. And then, the Holy Doodling Emperor Of Doodling Horrible-Ass Walls grasps you with it's all-mighty black sexual pleasuring toy of pain in the region of you bottom. And I mean a really doodling big dildo, like the black kind with sandpaper along the edges of it. That thing just ravages through your bottom, showing no mercy and to top it off, even if you somehow miraculously manage to make it through the entry and the exit, does it give you time to recover? NOPE, short-ass exit followed by one of Satans little, transitional sisters.

Rest of map is k

Edited so the TMX community does not learn from my foul-mouthed ways of speaking the truth. I beg your pardon, gentlemen.
  Mattnac. 25-Mar-2013
nice shadow, made my day xD
  AR »Rockz. 25-Mar-2013
Omg i love u shad xD
  5teasy.esu 25-Mar-2013
shadow, u made my day !
  AR »vader! 25-Mar-2013
shad LOL xD
  jumper.esu 26-Mar-2013
shadow said just the truth :3
  arti 26-Mar-2013
phahahaha i lold so hard
  McBong 27-Mar-2013
Shad thanks for your honest feedback, I appreciate it alot. It doesnt need that much bad language imo but I get your point and opinion better now

Sorry that you feel like this, I just tried to do my best for a good ESL track. Honestly, I didn't think of this track as good as some comments may suggest. I like much of my old maps more, but they all have sth which isnt good for tournaments.

Though, many problems you have here may follow from your godlike skill. I know you and saw you driving the sickest times on LR2 for long time. For me. you're along the top3 of best drivers if not even nr 1. So if I make it fitting for me (I think I'm not a that bad driver) it doesnt fit for guys like you. I would have let really fast guys testing this as I usually do but ofc this wasnt possible.

So all in all sorry that you don't like it, but no problem, everyone should have their opinion. I still like you man, no problem You're my driving idol...
  AR »tk! 27-Mar-2013
Have no doubt that this is a splendid map, the frustration mentioned in my comment is based on my failure to be consistent on this map ^^ You are still without a doubt one of my favorite mappers of the modern tm era
  indy_air 27-Mar-2013
"the Holy Doodling Emperor Of Doodling Horrible-Ass Walls" actually made me laugh
bad mofo :>
  wohnungsnomade 28-Mar-2013
I think its not easy to build an ESL track, you have a time limit and the track has to be compliant to rules from ESL.
Last year I first didn´t like ESL - Vurb from indy, but after driving it I understood that the track is good, because it has no bugs and is good calculated.
This year I built my own track, and now I know that to build an ESL track is different. You have no beta-tester besides by the ESL admins, so all calculations about the speed are harder. So I think this track is good built, I like it more than Freak Around and Looney tunes.
The only thing I don t like is that the walls are all made of the thin stripes. As I m a noob I have a different t way to drive the walls, so I often bug if I drive over the orange connections =(
But I think the first slide is very interesting, because it is something different and hard in a competition track.
To conclude my thoughts, I like track because it isn´t too easy and works fine. Even if I can t get a good time, I m happy with it =)

Edit: I think that people who are really unhappy with the tracks should just send in their own tracks next time, Dignity showed courage and now he can play his own track in ESL and that is really cool, because he isn t really famous as a mapper, more as a good driver imo =)
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User Awards
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User Award   Hell_Pet 20-Mar-2013
Tested it and I liked it. Great fullspeeder. I'm happy the mid and end part is not that hard as the beginning. I slide 9 of the 10 times so I had to restart many times. Anyway, great smoothness, nice speed, nice flow. Worth an award.
User Award   Ravenwest 22-Mar-2013
Nice flow here as you usual make
First sd before wall really cool,liked it a lot,but I don't like that BM and scenery at all,could be better

Alex aka Ravenwest.<3
User Award   ChadoX 25-Mar-2013
teh track
User Award   Mattnac. 26-Mar-2013
User Award   alchemY 28-Mar-2013
User Award   DDaems 28-Mar-2013
User Award   SR Jokester 26-Jun-2013
User Award   »mostfriendlyplayer 17-Jul-2015
really nice speeder, perfect for competition
User Award   SunSurfer 17-Jul-2015
Very nice one
User Award   Lovva 07-Oct-2015
User Award   AR »Trex 29-Jul-2016
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