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Name: Download [PF]FloBomba
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   VomAdminEditiert
Version: 11-Apr-2013
Released: 11-Apr-2013
TMX id: 5458637
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,392
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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2:28.77   Tortugo+ 0:00.0013,392
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5:28.17   Vønix!«+ 2:59.400
5:28.91   FluX.+ 3:00.140
5:28.93   Kumpelblase+ 3:00.160
5:28.93   Loe+ 3:00.160
5:28.93   Edge.Fwo+ 3:00.160
5:28.93   TM Tube+ 3:00.160
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Author Comments


Hey !

Finally, after 4 months of hard work, my biggest project in TM is finished. A new Press Forward track, a tribute to   »Flo.F® and   L4Bomb4


Why a tribute to Flo.Fr and LaBomba? Because both helped me a lot to get better in making Press Forward tracks(Being a big inspiration etc...)
and LaBomba helped me to get more famous in the TM-Community. Thanks dude!

Well, let's talk about the Track stats:

Stunt Level: 9/10, It's pretty entertaining i have to say, maybe some "normal" parts, but it also contains many, many crazy parts
Smooth Level: 8/10, could be a bit smoother^^
Speed Level: 9/10 well, the averange speed is still under 700(691), but seriously, It's better in my opinion to fill a PF track with many crazy stunts with lower(550-630) landings than filling it with faster, but not that entertaining parts. I build PF-Tracks because i like to show creativity in stunts, and not to make a lot of speed and long booster lines
Lenght: 5:28.93 Hehe, I reached my goal
Lenght in meters: 63343
Coppers: 55959 Most of you will probably have lags like hell, so I made a no-scenery version, or you watch my Video
Building time: ~250 hours in 4 months
Intro: Yes, by   ChadoX, thanks dude <3

About the Video:

Well, it was hard to make the video, REALLY HARD It crashed me a lot of times when I tried to render it... But then funnybear helped me rendering it
My deepest thx to you <3

Betatesteeeeeeeers <3



Le last PF


Dark Earth 2 by darkpuddle

Sunrise Kingdom ! by   ChadoX

[PF] Peak Fear by   »Flo.F®

User Comments
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  ZachD 21-Apr-2013
  Flyps 22-Apr-2013
  AR »Trian 08-May-2013
This sucks. I could make 100 times better... Just kidding XD. This is so EPIC! 4 months of work? Wow... You've been quite fast. Ok, this is one of the best PFs I've ever seen (I haven't seen so many but... XD)
  gadoweldosd 09-May-2013
fps : 0
I guess I will still lag on the no scenery version

oh and can you please make a video of tortugos cut?
  niklas_2011 02-Jun-2013
This map is so awesome Sir it's not only the driving line, the stunts, the loops... it's more like the "overall atmosphere". the scenery you did is so awesome and fits so perfectly into the map that this really looks like a phantasy course and everything just fits perfectly together. This could be a road trip through an old industry where you do stunts or well yeah basically your mind can imagine anything it wants. It's simply? awesome, i'd say one of the best PF maps ever done!
  VomAdminEditiert 02-Jun-2013
  Dr. Barker 29-Sep-2013
Why crashes my TM unlimiter??????
I have a high end PC (I built it 01/2013)
  VomAdminEditiert 30-Sep-2013
FloBomba is just too freaking huge, haha Try to set your geometry details to faster and turn your shadows completely off.
  Dr. Barker 30-Sep-2013
With Shadows - high / PC3 Low and FX - off it worked...
  VomAdminEditiert 30-Sep-2013
@Gorjat: actually i had a crappy 256mb onboard Graphics card when i build this PF lol

damn 100 awards, thank you all
  »nator. 15-Jun-2014
@massacre666 + Trian

  Vønix!« 20-Jan-2015
30 =fps isi foa mi



Nice done
  Golo 07-Feb-2015
did someone alreadymention that this is overrated ??
  Freddys5 22-Jan-2017
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User Awards
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User Award   Perish 23-Mar-2014
Wow einfach geil das teil!

Zwar kann ich ihn selber nicht "zocken" da es zu stark laggt^^ Aber trotzdem das Video dazu reicht mir schon

User Award   AR »Trian 02-Apr-2014
I have no words for this amount of amazingness (is that even a real word lol? )
User Award   vencju 08-Jul-2014
User Award   C4 Freak 04-Aug-2014
User Award   ThunderClap448 25-Aug-2015
Track ain't anything special, it's the length I'm awarding. Getting this quality over 5 minutes is pretty difficult.
User Award   DustBird 25-Aug-2015
User Award   TM Tube 18-Dec-2015
is much for me
User Award   «PasSion™ 19-Jul-2016
One of the best projects here on tmx! incredible work-out, freaky race, mindblowing emotions! can't tell you how i am proud to test this one, even if its after 3 years bruh. perfection of work buddy, magnificent layout and atmosphere.

User Award   newcomer1992 01-Feb-2017
User Award   meNtality.wp 03-Feb-2017
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 13-Dec-2017
Holy Moly

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