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Name: Download Jumanji II [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   xaeron_igntul
Version: 08-May-2013
Released: 08-May-2013
TMX id: 5486180
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
58:55.04   thom+ 0:00.001,000
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99:25.72   sogard7+ 40:30.680
178:08.92   igntuL+ 119:13.880
259:10.82   Poly!+ 200:15.780
448:20.13   paxiuz+ 389:25.090
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Author Comments

Hello tmx

This has been a long time under way, but the time has finally come - Release of Jumanji II

Watch the short Trailer or the GPS Video!

*** Introduction

The track is very much focused on being visually appealing in the form of a jungle like mod and loads of pictures and sound/visual effects. We wanted you to feel like traveling through a thick rainforest & swamp area.
The build-style makes it a challenge to overcome this hard jungle.

There is no full speed jumps and transitions or butter smooth tech corners. Instead you get outrageous small gaps, narrow paths and tricky camera angles - all the while covered in an ambience of nature.

We feel that we succeeded in what we set out to do:
Build a bigger, more beautiful and even more adventurous track then Jumanji
but due to the magnitude of the whole thing, it puts stress on the game engine that we cant avoid - Please read below for more details on performance and crashes to desktop

We hope you have fun with the track!

xaeron & igntul

*** About the tracks issues and delay

At the time of the trailer release (October 2012) the track was close to release ready, but we ran into unforseen issues and thus were not able to finish the work.

It has been a long struggle to troubleshoot the track, finding causes to problems and to find solutions.
The end result is a much smaller mod size and media files due to resizing of resolutions and doing some different texture compression along with other tweaks. All this to keep the total size down.

However, despite all our efforts, the track is still too huge for the game engine to handle it properly, so there is a chance your game may unexpectedly crash/exit to desktop. As such, we decided to release track with the lowest quality pictures so that everyone has the highest chance of playability (find links for higher quality further down)

*** Troubleshooting

So what can you do to increase the chance your game wont crash?

It is HIGHLY recommended you download and install the Mediapack before play:

Lower your graphics settings:
shadows low
shader pc2 or lower
textures low

We have done extensive testing, and the higher you go in settings, the bigger the odds of a crash
That said - most people should be able to play with:

medium shadows
medium/high textures
pc2-pc3low shader

Pc3high will almost certainly crash your system, even if you have a highend pc. It can happen after a few mins or after hours of play. But even at low settings there are no guarantees.

As a last attempt you can try play without any files and mod, but this defeats the whole purpose of the track and how it was designed to look and feel - so this should be your last resort

*** Optional

Optional mediapacks for highend pc owners:
Medium Quality
High Quality

Track stats:
Build time: 450+ hours
Author time: 59:59.59
Blocks: 10653
Coppers: 34771

*** Thanks

ZiZa for all his help, troubleshooting and all the other magic voodoo he does in tm =) Your help has been invaluable
Hawkger for his work on some of the intro pictures and mod load screen - Thanks!

Huge thanks to all our Beta testers who fought hard to pass this harsh terrain and escape or tried to anyway:
Futo, ZiZa, Clith, Agnaktor, FireBiker, Reahx, Simon, moi57, HawkGer, Tecfan,

expecially Thom, who always gave us the biggest motivation to finish this endless project
and also thanks to him for making this awesome screenshot!
ScreenShot in HQ

User Comments
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  Golo 08-May-2013
I almost thought youd never release it...
  xaeron_igntul 08-May-2013
Same here Golo

Track is not "fixed" but it is as ready as it will ever be

  Golo 08-May-2013
hm, I didnt really notice anything important to fix anyway in beta I think ;o

btw the screenshot does not show anything of the track
  sw 08-May-2013
  kimbro 08-May-2013
I want a replay! Gimme, gimme!
  Reahx 10-May-2013
here is a replay for you kimbro :
  kimbro 10-May-2013
Yeah, thank you.
  Golo 10-May-2013
btw that Intermediate difficulty is funny
  shortz.esu 12-May-2013
this will be for sure on my to do list when I´m back

and maybe I´ll do some video advertising for it on my channel.
  Hitchy 14-May-2013
  xaeron_igntul 16-May-2013
some words I(gntul) want to add..
this is surely the track of me I'm most proud of, and it was a great pleasure to create it with xaeron, who was always availabe and ready to help with anything, I think i never had this much fun making a track, even if it took over a year to create it
I'm probably not going to build anything new from now on, I have two more RPG tracks in progress and I hope they will get released someday,
anyway bye :3
  Burni 09-Aug-2013
How could I go to wrong cp? Is it possible or not? I spent 3 hours and on cp42 I understood that went wrong..
  fab'm PT <3 24-Aug-2013
are you guys planing a video for this track?
  Poly! 20-Sep-2013
I played the track online and when i reach the finish the tm crash and dont save the record, why???
  thom 16-Jun-2014
Meh, my replay is 2.04mb... and the 2nd - faster, one is heavier :3 !
Wehee, finally an uploadable one!


cp 74 is pure bullshit btw. c: (I think I get it now, but still don't like it)
  xaeron_igntul 28-Jun-2014
  thom 06-May-2017
Finally got a sub 1h time
  xaerondk 14-Jun-2017
Very nice Thom!
Did not think people raced this any more
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Joost»LT 12-May-2013
I haven't even made it to the 1st CP yet.. I was close, but didn't make it
Since I won't have the patience for this when I have homework to do, I will put this on my 'todointhesummerholiday-list'
Based on just the experience to get to the first CP. This award is already well deserved.

Will watch a replay later probably.

User Award   t-power 16-May-2013

I award not because i think its a great map to drive
Not because i finally finished it
Not because it took ia record amount of time for me to get to cp 3
Not because i had a spare award lying around that needed a home .
I award because x deserves something for actully managing to validate it.

User Award   rastaman 17-May-2013
Just finished this track and what an awesome epic adventure. The jungle madness was outstanding. Worthed every minute (340 ). This is The Masterpiece
User Award   Dr. Barker 18-May-2013
Phantastic work, down to the last detail...
I just can only marvel
deserves 100+ Awards....
User Award   »RtA«wally 18-May-2013
well... deserves way more awards <3
User Award   bw.Simon 24-May-2013
I'll probably give this another try some day, I'm not a huge fan of pathfinding, so, in the beta, I had my problems with this track.
Nonetheless you two did a fabulous job with Jumanji II. The visuals are truly amazing and I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy the route as well, once I get myself into the track. Here is your award .
User Award   micheledge 29-May-2013
User Award   Calown 09-Jul-2013
After a total of 15 hours of gameplay.
Shared over 5 days of fun
Finally I managed to run it in 2 hours and 13 minutes.

This award is yours
For making my first vacation week a good one

User Award   Burni 13-Aug-2013
ok, I finally finishied this track. It was my 1.5 run.. I love the pathfinding, love the mix, love the atmosphere. I don't care about luck tricks. I just played and enjoed this awwesome track. I was close to red time twice, but it didn't happen. Well, I finally can say that I finished this track!
User Award   Poly! 23-Aug-2013
Maybe your best track and one of the best rpg, better than jumanji 1 in my opinion

I finished it in 5h 15min

Great work igntul, its a masterpiece
User Award   deus.esu 17-Jul-2015
seems like i never awarded this. so much creativity in one place.
User Award   sogard7 10-Aug-2016
xerox told me to award (great map tho)
User Award   Blast- 10-Aug-2016
great map (xerox told me to award tho)
User Award   paxiuz 26-Feb-2017

The amount of work that went into this map is simply ridiculous, there will never be an equal to this map in terms of atmosphere
User Award   szentvik 01-May-2017
Did a co-op run with Hoff, after cp10. Insane map. Such blockmixing skillz. I like that most of the part are not really hard, just hard to figure it out.
I don't really want to say anything else about this map...Im not a poet to describe this...I dont have these skills. Must try for every RPG-fan.
My run was almost 7:30h, with 45 min afk at cp10 + another 11 min at the finish. I wanted to finish with the exact same time as on Jumanji...but failed. This was 7:26:38:26, which is +0:00:00.28 on my J1 time...shame on me
User Award   Lapelero 12-Jul-2017
I don't know why such an awesome track has only 35 awards...
I can't believe that someone is able to keep such an atmosphere during 1 hour...
I saw the gps video, and damn what a masterpiece...
I've never seen such an atmospheric track with custom images before, and watch this track while listening forest theme music makes the track even better and better.
Here is a huge award for you, igntul and xaeron !
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