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Name: Download Uneven Structure
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   vneck
Version: 08-Jun-2013
Released: 08-Jun-2013
TMX id: 5497012
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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Author Comments

Hello hello hello

and welcome to v.necks biggest track as of late, called Uneven structure.
As you can tell by the name, this is a direct sequel to my Construction series, although very different from other tracks of that kind by being rather relaxed to drive as well as having me pushing the scenery to a next level. I will cover that very shortly though and bring my thoughts in it, but to start off I first want to thank some people who motivated and/or inspired me very much lately. That being Joost and Devo.

Joost with his abstract but yet very ... I don't know to to describe it but 'sense-making scenery' ? (and great tracks of course) and Devo with his consistent and very smooth and well rounded look of all things, this one in particular by him, just allowed me to push that scenery to a next level. And I know many of you guys expected me to do that. Now, you can call that copying or stealing ideas but if you play this track you will see that it's really not. Even tough I had some inspiration it still maintains very unique and suited to myself, much rather than just being a simple rip-off.

Anyway, a bit more story about the scenery - if you remember this track from beta, I put it on sunset there but decided to switch it back to sunrise, and well, reason being is that this scenery style just does not function very well with that mood. I first tried it with my track 'Chrome Construct' (not with great success) and now again, but in the middle of the building progress I just realized how sloppy it looks in sunset. Talking about looking sloppy, I very very highly recommend loading the shadows here, since they greatly increase your driving experience throughout this track and only make this scenery to what it actually should be.

Now, after all that jazz we finally hit the track I guess, and as I already mentioned above this tracks is def. different to pretty much every single track I built as of late. Reason being, this track is easy. Now I know there will be mixed feelings about that, I had people complaining about my very difficult tracks and so I will have people whining about too easy tracks. Anyway, to keep it short and simple - diversity makes a good trackbuilder and that's what I aim for. Having tracks that are so and others that are quite different show your versatility. And being versatile is pretty good imo ;-)

Short Facts

- 8.500 Coppers
- 46 secs
- sunrise
- average speed
- gps and intro available
- screen BIG version available.

v.necks Showcase

call me selfish but I haven't seen a track that blew my mind lately, so..
ZYZZ by   vneck

V out

User Comments
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  vneck 08-Jun-2013
The return of the thx-list???

Thanks to...

Khaz - for one of the best awards I received
Dule - for Johnny
Razor - for the short and crisp award
Rockz - for the rockstar
Devo - for this huge statement and the inspiration (:
soap.gofast - for triple award
Alchemy - for the cool award
Flyps - for the scenery valuing
worm.apX - for the ²
Bubblebuddy - for the hunt and ac appreciation

Cocktail.blob - for the award despite low graphics
Disgo - for the convenient award <3
infernoxid - for the sick award - for thumbs up
nick_555 - for yet another thumbs up
Ravenwest - for the detailed feedback
Sky - for the lazy guy
pascow - for the sweet award
Zenit - for winning
le.on - for GOD

Dom - for an fantastic award
Labomba - for my sheep-bro
Golo - for the kind words
Knalli - for a bit of an exaggeration x)
MR - for the award
FlowingDino - for the nice award, mate
Freak - for my freaky-bro
indy_air - for your kind feedback
infi - for the well-written award
psychomac - for some nice glasses

Wiinty - for the unexpected short award
link - for the nice award
rodeo - for the v.nice words
dreamy - for still being in love
kadzio - for the kind feedback
switch - for your words, & sorry for the wall
Joost - for your great feedback, so glad to read thru mate
Zogger - for the award sir, I will consider your words!
  Razo.'R |R4a 08-Jun-2013
first 2.
  wormi 08-Jun-2013
second 2.
  Dule 08-Jun-2013
  vneck 08-Jun-2013
D:orb yrots looc
  Dule 08-Jun-2013
  iv!ca' :O 08-Jun-2013
this screen ... omg
  Kumpelblase 08-Jun-2013
ah it´s so relaxing to read through your AC without having to rage about bad english
that is what i realy treasure about you
  .Wiinty 08-Jun-2013
gotta agree with ivi, I suddenly started to luv your screens O.o
  worm.apx 08-Jun-2013
how are you?
  vneck 08-Jun-2013
I'm fine thanks
Thx ivi & wint'r, amazing what you can do with some fx colors, blur and a decent angle
& glad you enjoyed my ac bubble-buddy

@ravenwest - I didn't want to break the thanks list so I'll drop my reply here.. I was pretty sure I would hear that kind of stuff about the empty parts, but let me tell you these open path contribute greatly to the whole atmosphere. If there were no open path the enclosed ones would not pop out as much than they now do, you would not realize them to a certain extend since everything looks kinda the same, I respect your words but don't expect me to change anything in that regard, sorry thanks for your words tho, highly appreciated!
  Ravenwest 09-Jun-2013
Anyway your style is cool,keep on then
  SapphiroN 10-Jun-2013
  vneck 10-Jun-2013
yep ^^ I like 8 better tho
  .nixx 11-Jun-2013
Am really not a fan of that kind of scenery
  AR »Trian 30-Jan-2015
gratz for classic
  vneck 06-Feb-2015
uh, nice! Haven't had a classic for a while, thanks!
  Burtur.esu 31-Oct-2015
about my thousand people appreciated

Undertaker GT
TM Tube
AR »Trex
AR »Trian
AR »Rockz
AR »Shadow
Sir B
SF - Dule


panoramix. Acepted
SapphiroN Acepted
  RVSTRE Boomie 31-Oct-2015
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Zerkuso 04-Oct-2013
User Award   AR »Trian 28-Nov-2013
one more
such a great map full of cool transitions and other stuff
User Award   dan!el 11-Nov-2014
this one is great.
User Award   bert19 01-Jul-2015
One of the best tracks on TMX! Perfect in any way
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 31-Oct-2015
User Award   xxlr8 31-Oct-2015
didnt I award it? ;oo
User Award   Burtur.esu 31-Oct-2015
Best Moderator are you
User Award   iHq/fredair.esu 01-Sep-2016
User Award   NitroGuy! 09-Oct-2016
probably my favorite fullspeed map ever
User Award   meNtality.wp 30-Dec-2017
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