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Name: Download CCP#15 - Gelid Anticipation
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JakeRay
Version: 15-Dec-2013
Released: 15-Dec-2013
TMX id: 5733287
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 69,760
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:44.74   JakeRay+ 0:00.0069,760
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0:45.10   Hitchy+ 0:00.3666,392
0:45.17   cranberries+ 0:00.4365,737
0:45.53   Joost»LT+ 0:00.7962,369
0:45.73   canje+ 0:00.9960,498
0:45.82   JaniX+ 0:01.0859,656
0:45.85   'Twister+ 0:01.1159,375
0:45.88   Therese Johaug+ 0:01.1459,095
0:45.91   Dule+ 0:01.1758,814
0:45.95   sliver_23+ 0:01.2158,440
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Author Comments

.: 15th December 2o13 :.

Gelid Anticipation

- ½ FullSpeed - ½ Tech -
(video by Sapph)

!ATTENTION! - Download the MediaPack!

After 2 years of absence, I'm back in business. Even though I've been inactive as a builder, I've always held TMX dear, and been a fairly active racer both solo and online. But this is the first track I've built properly in 2 years, so I am a bit rusty, but I hope you will give me feedback, whether postive or negative - I will welcome it all. After all, I can't expect this one to be perfect.

It's my 3rd upload in a row for the CCP: '10, '11 and now '13. I've always thought of the Christmas Calendar Project as a down-to-earth, cheerful event. My opinion, as I've stated once before, is that this project is to welcome any kind of author, showcasing any kind of creativity - whether it be a simple flat hunter, or a crazy and irregular transitional - any track is welcome. And I love it - the CCP is what I look forward to the most all year.

Track statistics

That's why my track this time is a bit special: it's transitional mixed styles - fullspeed and tech. Perhaps you wonder how that is going to work? Well, you can try it out and see for yourself; you be the judge of the outcome. The track spans over ~45 seconds; quite the standard length - and contains a large amount of scenery with 3536 cc. Mood is sunset, but it comes without mod. Some blockmix is added, but that is mostly in the scenery - the path is all organic - mostly.

Media Tracker

The mediatracker this time around is a little piece of art, if I may say so myself. Before you play the track, download the Media Pack. Extract the zip folder directly into your TrackMania folder in Documents. It contains soundfiles. To get the best experience, before you launch the track, turn up the volume on "Sounds" and down the volume on "Music". Then watch the intro which is a short ~25 seconds intro, synchronized to some music. After the intro, on the track itself, turn the volumes up or down as you like - there's a soundtrack for your driving experience, if you want it. MediaTracker also contains some ingame info, to sign the switch between fullspeed style, and tech style. A standard GPS is also added.

Supporting Characters

You know who's a great guy?   ZoggeR is seriously an amazing guy. I couldn't have made this properly without him - be it scenery, path or other small fixes, he's the man. And that's all while he had his own track for the CCP upcoming, and perhaps even other projects ongoing. No complaints, good guy all the way. Even with my small selfish demands or requests, he still managed to be large. Kudos to Zogger - I love you man.
The next in line is   dan!el for this amazing screen. 3 years ago, he did the exact same, helping me out with a screenshot for the CCP '10. You know you can depend a little on this guy, dan!el, he's nice. And congratulations with the title as moderator, mate.
Click! for 1920x1080 - and Here's without text.


I sincerely hope you will have fun with this one - give it a try at least! Now that I've come back, I'm liking TMX and building tracks, making Media even more. Hopefully, it will not be long before you see something from me again. Now get on with the track, and Merry Christmas!


User Comments
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  JakeRay 15-Dec-2013
Seriously, I want to sleep... It's 4 am right now...
But have fun you guys! See you in the afternoon!
  JaniX 15-Dec-2013
(Sry can´t give awards)
I really like that fullspeed part although I normally prefer tech.
I think it´s cool that you used some new turns in the tech part, but I don´t really like that 2. tech turn (maybe I just don´t have the skill for it)
The Mt and Scenery is pretty cool imo, I think the first Intro cams are awesome
All in all really cool Track

And your time is really hard to beat
  AR »Trian 15-Dec-2013
Originally posted by JakeRay ...
Hopefully, it will not be long before you see something from me again.

  JakeRay 15-Dec-2013
@JaN1X: It's alright, I thank you for your compliments The last slide in the tech part is difficult for sure, even I have problem with it occasionally.

@Trian: I love fullspeed, and I love tech. It's hard for me to say exactly which one the next is going to be, but I have a feeling it's fullspeed
  SapphiroN 15-Dec-2013
  JakeRay 15-Dec-2013

/edit/ Hitchy, what do you mean "could've been worse" I'm trying so hard to please yoooooooou..
  Hitchy 15-Dec-2013
sry. Was my bad english i guess Edit the award
  Dule 15-Dec-2013
das gut screen ja
  canje 15-Dec-2013
^is that german?
  AR »Trian 15-Dec-2013
not english at least
  JakeRay 16-Dec-2013
Thanks for the award cran! As an answer of a sort to your feedback; I probably won't do such a track again. It was only meant as a creative twist for the CCP freedom of creativity. Glad you appreciated it in the long run
  canje 16-Dec-2013
I can't award this for similiar reasons like cranberries. For me the tech part is too fast and the fullspeed part too slow, felt like it would've been better to do it the other way around, then the fs-part would be more exciting and the tech a bit more easy...
It's well built however but just not enough.
  JakeRay 17-Dec-2013
@canje: I see your point, theoretically, it would be better if reversed. I'm just not quite sure it would be better practically.

Also, slow FS is kind of my style. Just look at my most awarded.

@Joost: Wauw! Thanks for the award!
I didn't know about the MTC you're referring to, but that is interesting.
I feel like you can see the entire track for what it's worth, and the feedback you give are amazing.
This mate, is what motivates me to continue making tracks.
  dan!el 20-Dec-2013
joost meant September 2011 MTC.
  JakeRay 21-Dec-2013
MTC in question.
Screenshots are loading
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User Award   sliver_23 18-Jan-2014
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