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Name: Download CCP#24 - J o l l y R i d e
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Natzke
Version: 24-Dec-2013
Released: 24-Dec-2013
TMX id: 5745899
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:33.40   shortz.esu+ 0:00.40-
0:33.46   Switch+ 0:00.46-
0:33.57   cranberries+ 0:00.57-
0:33.76   Sky.esu+ 0:00.76-
0:34.34   Raffi+ 0:01.34-
0:34.39   JaniX+ 0:01.39-
0:34.69   pascow.esu+ 0:01.69-
0:34.76   'Twister+ 0:01.76-
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Author Comments

~ J o l l y R i d e ~

Hi, , and Happy Christmas

well, hello my dear fellow friends and unicorns. I hope I will not ruin your Holiday spirit, today, with this little present that I prepared for you. Maybe, it's not best present for some speed junkies, but I believe that even them will find some satisfaction in crashing and burning their keyboards, after couple of exiting attempts

Ofc, my appearance from deepest underground cage would not be possible, if my shiny knight   pascow.esu didn't rescue me, and show me the way to more promising and bright future So, in the name of my release from the bottle of despair, I share this small token of joy and hope, that you may have find on this little tricky jolly hunter

Marry X-Mass and Happy New Year of The Horse

Aw Aw Aw

o1 - I really test it a lot to be, thx Kadzio
o2 - greatness is measured by the eye of the player, thx Vixen
o3 - well, I know that smoothness is not something that my tracks can brag about, but to me trackbuilding is not some place where you can act normal, but place where you have opportunity to act wild and show your true nature, thx pascow
o4 - fun was my first goal, but if you get enough fun, that could lead you to awesome award, thx jacoB
o5 - well, for now i'm planning to build one BIG multi-layered track, that bugged my mind for a long time, but that will probably be during next year, thx DisGo
o6 - hahaha funny award, thx shortz
o7 - wow, maybe I didn't show my appreciation to your creative mind in past, but now I have opportunity to say that you are one of those authors that inspire me, a lot, and that I am deeply honored with your amazing award/comment...on the other hand, it's not true that I don't care if my tracks is 'good' or 'bad', but most important to me is fact that came up just the way I imagined (and I'm worst critic to my self), thx Joost
o8 - just like Doors says: People Are Strange, and my answer will be, tracks can be much more stranger, thx Switch
o9 - finally someone showed best expression what did they feel on one of my tracks, thx jeanpaul
1o - to be honest, I always find weird when you give me award, because I always imagined you as one of those guys that like more cleaner and smoother maps, but ofc, this can only tell you how deeply honored I am with your presence here, thx Hitchy
11 - I really doubt that somebody will get close to your replay, because you drive on perfect driving line in my head...on the other hand, you are the one of few new generation authors that just pops-out with unique imagination and combination skills, that I believe I will never achieve on my own tracks, thx JakeRay
12 - it's very strange to see this track in RPG context, because for me RPG is art, thx such
13 - to me this track seems pretty normal, but I know that not many trackbuilders would risk quality of track for that sluggish loop-jump tweak, so that makes me look little bit less normal in everybody's eyes, thx moe
14 - not many people likes tricks, but I hope that they respect magician, thx 'Twister
15 - you don't need to say anything, for me even your replay would be enough, because we understand each other and you already told everything that matters in previous encounters, but I never told you that our respect is mutual and forever, thx cranberries
16 - i really don't understand what that word means, but that smiley tells me that you spent a damn good time in restless fun, thx Sky.'


User Comments
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  SapphiroN 24-Dec-2013
Here we go!
  Natzke 24-Dec-2013
ho ho ho

17 - missed in action, but never missed in heart, thx Raffi
18 - jfc, legendary GR liked my track, i'm stunned, thx GanjaRider
19 - who knows, i didn't leave for good, but I'm not that active as I use too....future is so unpredictable, thx RaµL
20 - style is so hard to define by any definition, but in my eyes when somebody mention style, he probably respect his skills, and that is more then enough for me, because I worked so hard to teach myself with wide range of colorful Technics in simple game of TM, thx wormi
21 - three letters that fills my heath with joy and happines, thx Cocktail
22 - our paths has crossed before in UTB and that was time where your greatness shined like never before, thx darkpuddle
23 - headache is best description of how i feel when I get caught in buggy element, unsatisfying flow and ugly look, thx Leon
24 - your curiosity is something that puts you on wall of fame for eternity, where you will always stand out as man with 1000 ideas and unlimited way to express your creativity beyond rings of our know universe *bow*, thx Flyps
25 - I hope that this beauty will not become Dorian Gray, merely shadow trapped in timeless painting of oblivion, thx diplo
26 - I absolutely agree with you, that this is not my best map and to be honest I'm pretty surprised with number of awards, but maybe magic is responsible for this crazy outcome, thx Sparco
27 - love is in the air and love is something that I will gladly share with everybody, thx Lovva
28 - probably my constant wish to make compact map gives impression of erratic approach to scenery making, but honestly I never had enough patience to make repetitive and eye-candy outline of map, on the other hand, i always been jealous on some authors (like you) who had that spark of inspiration and motivation to decorate map with right approach and right direction, thx dadam

  moe - offline! 24-Dec-2013
natzke is back?!
  Natzke 24-Dec-2013
also, sorry for my sloppy MT and some bugs that is not my fault
  pascow.esu 24-Dec-2013
Again a replaybug, when I download switch's replay my game starts a weird track
  Natzke 24-Dec-2013
I would like to see his replay, as well,
  Switch 24-Dec-2013
Downloaded my replay, had the same :/ Improved a bit, hope it works now.
  ZoggeR 24-Dec-2013
  Hitchy 24-Dec-2013
If you mean that natzke's track is weird, then I agree, but I don't have any bugs when downloading switchs replay
  pascow.esu 24-Dec-2013
Not anymore hitch, he uploaded a better time so the bug disappeared
  RaµL 24-Dec-2013
you're back?????
  SapphiroN 25-Dec-2013
CCP #24
  wormi 25-Dec-2013
Or 24?
  SapphiroN 25-Dec-2013
Yes. I was very tired.
  Natzke 25-Dec-2013
wow, thank you Sapp

/e: wtf,what kind of bug is this 1061 D/L's

/e: WOW, my first EVER BOTW
  SPN'« 16-Feb-2014
damn, I need to install tm again to try all these new tracks xD
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User Awards
Showing 29 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Cocktail.afc 25-Dec-2013
User Award   darkpuddle 25-Dec-2013
I love the start transition, reminds me of fun lol maps ^^

great one
User Award   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 25-Dec-2013
I get a headache when i drive your maps,,
Nice map,nice move,crazy part and ideas,well in your style
Nice to see your map again
User Award   Flyps 26-Dec-2013

*curious about ur comment on the left side *

User Award   diplo|mp 26-Dec-2013
beautiful track <3
User Award   Sparco 26-Dec-2013
just for the cheek to build very crazy transitions !
about track: not your best but always a brilliant style through the time
User Award   Lovva 26-Dec-2013
User Award   dadm 29-Dec-2013
How I admire you as a creative mapper... This track is again very creative, it has plenty of fresh ideas and it's pure fun to drive. I love your typical unaesthetic and messy sceneries that tell you you're well and truly driving a Natzke track *-* Well, I'm not a big fan of you sceneries but when you drive your tracks you almost forget about it. So marvelous job buddy, keep it up.

User Award   Marlon 18-Dec-2019
never seen that start transition before , incredible work once again natzke
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