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Name: Download Instant Connection
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ben3847
Version: 10-Oct-2014
Released: 10-Oct-2014
TMX id: 6012022
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 56,357
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:38.74   xeqzion+ 0:00.0056,357
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:38.75   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.0156,270
0:38.95   never forget+ 0:00.2154,524
0:38.99   Cam.mtk+ 0:00.2554,175
0:39.07   AR »Trian+ 0:00.3353,477
0:39.08   Craicy.esu+ 0:00.3453,389
0:39.08   Dom.+ 0:00.3453,389
0:39.09   Kazuo+ 0:00.3553,302
0:39.19   ben3847+ 0:00.4552,429
0:39.22   Ili (Sam)+ 0:00.4852,167
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Author Comments

Instant Connection

This map is inspired by the music video of Wilkinson's Afterglow, which details a couple's five years of dating by tabulating the numbers, hours, days, and statistics of what they have done together since they first met. At 33 seconds a scene of a concert is shown with the lettering "1 instant connection". To me this has a lovely meaning, the music is what connects the couple and is the source of their fortune.

Lately I felt like the community is splitting up. Atmosphere lovers only enjoy maps with scenery, hunters rather drive maps without scenery so they can focus on the best line, and for casual drivers the most maps got to hard to drive and it's not fun for them anymore. With this map I tried to create something that will connect the different types of fullspeed drivers. I hope the quality of the scenery is decent enough for the atmosphere lovers, the route is clean enough for hunters to focus on their SDs and that it's easy enough, so everyone can finish and has fun.


Building Process

I started off with the main idea to build a map close to the ground, which covers the whole stadium and also contains some dirt terrain.

I couldn't come up with an idea for a good start, so I looked through the hundreds of unfinished maps I've laying around on my hard drive.
Soon I found a map containing a floating start and a perfectly smooth drop. I was able to bring that floating start to ground with a blockmix trick relating the street clip which is connected to the first checkpoint and is essential to make the drop work so perfectly.

Continuing with the route, it was quite easy to create something I was happy with. After a few iterations of feedback from the testers of the closed beta and small changes, the route was done and is now evenly spread across the stadium.

Next up was the scenery. Before I started I wasn't quite confident if I was able to fulfill my own goals of creating an epic atmosphere. But since I had to start with something, I first distributed 14 white inflatables around the map. From there on I had no idea what I should build next. But I had a conversation with   5teasy.esu and he convinced me to advance from my generic scenery style to build more crazy stuff. He gave me a few example structures which inspired me to build a tall and crowded scenery mixed with my own style. The route is now surrounded by the scenery like a ravine, while keeping the actual driving line very clean. I think the sunrise mood adds a lot to the atmosphere due to the colors and the angle of the sun which creates many shadows and makes the map look darker. Talking about the shadows, I highly recommend calculating them.

The last step was the media tracker work. The main thing here was the intro, I added a couple of cams and texts showing the different aspects of the map. I'd say it's a sweet little movie and worth to watch. There also is some in game media tracker helping you to find the way and warns you if you drive the wrong way. I kept the outro simple so you can easily review your run and can see how you can improve it in the next try.

Over all I worked on this map about 40 hours over the last 4 weeks.


Thanks to everyone who was involved in this project!

  jumper.esu and   Harry.esu for testing the route!
  vneck for helping with advanced blockmixing!
  dan!el for his amazingly crafted screen!
  5teasy.esu for all round support!
  shortz.esu for motivation!


Video by   RVSTRE Boomie

User Comments
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  AR »Trian 16-Oct-2014
it's a bit tricky indeed and not my fav spot of the track but didn't have so big problems there ^^
  Perish 17-Oct-2014
i calculated about 3 seks O.O
  AR »Trian 01-Nov-2014
from -0.10 to -0.01 to my .08 -.-
so in theory a .9x could be in for me but I'm sure I can't get such speed again :/
  xeqzion 30-Jun-2018
ay, nice one boom, knew it was doable but was wondering what took you so long 5x in?
  RVSTRE Boomie 02-Jul-2018
what took me so long was that I didn't notice idc of what is possible or not tbh
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User Awards
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User Award   simo_900 13-Oct-2014
Kudos for doing such a huge work for that screnery, it looks dayum great!
User Award   sliver_23 13-Oct-2014
looks great, sd´s
User Award   Ad!key 14-Oct-2014
User Award   The Groove 15-Oct-2014
cool design
User Award   MisterBlood 16-Oct-2014
User Award   link` 17-Oct-2014
dis scenery man..
User Award   Apx.Acer 29-Oct-2014
User Award   Daniel Abenteuer 29-Oct-2014
nice one!
User Award   peteypablo7 30-Oct-2014
great track here, love the atmosphere that has been created through the dirt surface. Nice work with the scenery, adding even more to the good atmosphere to drive through. Clear path, enough space and good transitions all the way
User Award   Konix 06-Nov-2014
Awesome! I love it !
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 06-Nov-2014
awesome, a bit frustrating sometimes but very smooth <3
User Award   gianco 06-Nov-2014
User Award   cidoz 07-Nov-2014
User Award   5teasy.esu 20-Jan-2015

Good one mate

dat late award though

User Award   iHq/fredair.esu 19-Aug-2016
User Award   xeqzion 20-Apr-2018
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