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Name: Download On Your Marks
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   lalalalu.ign
Version: 23-Sep-2014
Released: 23-Sep-2014
TMX id: 6026852
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,674
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:34.17   chrisor.+ 0:00.0038,674
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:34.30   lalalalu.ign+ 0:00.1337,791
0:34.37   DDaems+ 0:00.2037,316
0:34.38   Tattaslayr+ 0:00.2137,248
0:34.47   sliver_23+ 0:00.3036,637
0:34.51   One.+ 0:00.3436,365
0:34.57   Dom.+ 0:00.4035,957
0:34.58   AR »Trian+ 0:00.4135,889
0:34.70   Baston+ 0:00.5335,074
0:34.75   Apx.Acer+ 0:00.5834,735
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Author Comments

Some impressions of people who drove this map:

titty: its drivable
lalalalu: its for hunting
hawk: its different
ramp: i love chicken
gum: a masterpiece
chrisor: pure fun
schaby: it changed my life
w!cked: i was here
marly: make love not war

Please discuss any questions with my manager (Tittyslayer) first! You're welcome!

User Comments
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  «wbky»Hawk 23-Sep-2014

This track is not about awards, its about stories. For example i nearly cried when I read that Schabowy is finally together with his beautiful girlfriend Handrea. I know that he has been loving her for quite a long period of time now. And I'm so happy that they're together now!

Good luck Schabowy & Handrea
  Schabowy.w 23-Sep-2014
Thank you hawk, it means a lot for me and my handsome gf
  Maineye 23-Sep-2014
Not 1 worth
  Marly 23-Sep-2014
Hahah guys cmon! It's a fucking game... jeeez
I really thought boys was less dramatic then this
Make love not war
  «wbky»Hawk 24-Sep-2014
Exactly, like Schabby does with his gf
  Tattaslayr 24-Sep-2014
Im happy for you Schabby. Introduce me to het sister if she has one.
  AR »Trian 24-Sep-2014
I don't mind this amount of awards if they really liked the map (but those nonsense awards should be either removed or told the awarders to write real awards; now you can't see whether they even played the map or not)
I awarded this because it's his first map; it's not ofc any masterpiece but for his first one it's not that bad tbh, it's much better than my first one for example
  ben3847 24-Sep-2014
trian read the comments before you award.
Originally posted by fuzr ...
we are just trolling the tracks sucks and everyone knows it sucks
  »Paulmar|35| 24-Sep-2014
I don't like this track , but not bad for your first one.
Keep building !
  AR »Trian 24-Sep-2014
I stopped reading in the 2nd page so didn't notice that
  lalalalu.ign 24-Sep-2014
Some words: This track was meant to be serious, I built it because somebody asked for maps for a cup! I know it does not look awesome, but it works as it was meant to do! The way chrisor drove it is exactly the way how it was planned! I do not understand why people who did not even try to get a good time just complain and flame!

Well, do what you want! I am just happy that some guys obviously had fun to hunt it! And that is what counts, not these stupid awards! Take them, move them to your own tracks, I don't care!

So long...
  scale 24-Sep-2014
this is just unbelieveable^^ how this overrated track got 19 awards from all ign guys^^ when i never saw them awarding any other map.. really nice trolled tbh..
  fuzR. 24-Sep-2014
And of course, all that was missing was a scale comment.
Life is complete now, thank you jesus.
Everyone in ZR awards tracks from everyone in ZR, week after week, it looks like a family incest.
I don't know if you get what I just wrote, you don't seem very smart, to my eyes.
We did this once, and we are already being given a death sentence.
I guess the underdogs will always be the underdogs, even on TMX.
But I got used to it already so, hugs and kisses.
  One. 24-Sep-2014
ZR members don't only award ZR members tracks.. ^^ And that's what scale said:

Originally posted by scale ...
this overrated track got 19 awards from all ign guys^^ when i never saw them awarding ANY OTHER MAP
  lalalalu.ign 24-Sep-2014
Quote ...
ZR members don't only award ZR members tracks.. ^^ And that's what scale said:

Quote ...
Originally posted by scale ...
this overrated track got 19 awards from all ign guys^^ when i never saw them awarding ANY OTHER MAP

Guys, srsly, click on their names to see the maps which they awarded, before you post things like this.
  One. 25-Sep-2014
Well fuzr's last award was in march so... Half of a year ago... A bit of inactivity in awarding tracks.. ^^ But that's not even the point I have nothing against you man, I think we've already missed it...
  Tattaslayr 25-Sep-2014
@hw .One <~ I didn't know those 30 maps I awarded through the years were all iGn guys. And apparently the 100 maps Schabby awarded were also iGn. same goes for DDaems etc. Damn our clan is so active awarding eachother and shit.

Before an admin bans us, Ben and Scale started flaming again, we had already calmed down.
  5teasy.esu 25-Sep-2014
muchos flamos
  pascow.esu 25-Sep-2014
You guys don't get it right?
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User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Tattaslayr 23-Sep-2014
Wow awesome stuff.
User Award   Marly 23-Sep-2014
Really nice!
User Award   willy_vl 23-Sep-2014
nice nice
User Award   DDaems 23-Sep-2014
User Award   fuzR. 23-Sep-2014
diz iz a graet trakc i love to quickscope 360 on it while i smoek weed evrday.
thers a lot of doritos lvl 1 u wot m9, i love the spedslides, the illuminati gets rekt.
tm is dead wihtout spedslides, but wait...
taek a closer look: what if tm is not kill?
sps confirmed.
liek dis if u slide evrtiem.
dnt forget to subzcribe.
fgt quickscope.
User Award   Gum 23-Sep-2014
Well, were to start.
To be honest to you first when I saw this map I thaught, it will be really awful.
No real screenshot, your first map, etc. But then I downloaded the map, started may Trackmania and began to play. When the map were finished loading I couldn't belief may eyes. I could instantly see, this was the work of hours, no, of MONTHS! The awesome scenery made may dongerino hard. I began driving and had to cry because my inside was filling with pure joy.
The first turn alone would win every track building competition. So creative (unseen), so joyful! I couldn't belief.
Loop is realy well placed and the surprise of the suddenly turn afterwards is just epic.
Man! It is your first map and a MASTERPIECE! The jump is the definition of smoothness, never seen such perfectness. I do not even have to talk about that awesome finish line. My donger is hard, my heart is jumping out of my chest
Make this map of the week!

Well deserved

User Award   kasaroff 23-Sep-2014

Nice track.
Good job for the first track. Hope to see more lalalalu tracks in future
User Award   elaus43 23-Sep-2014
nice work - but can't believe that this is your first map / may be here on TMX, but never, your really first
User Award   Lovva 23-Sep-2014
User Award   DisGo.esu 23-Sep-2014
well, tbh. map looks like shit xd but it's driveable & well executed! especially for his first map it's a good attempt. don't hate ben, it's an okay map
User Award   AR »SinasAppel 23-Sep-2014
This track is so edit i needed to award this edit to say this
User Award   Undertaker GT 23-Sep-2014
No scenery, no screen
but simpathy Route track and great AT
User Award   mucko405 23-Sep-2014
User Award   scheeve3 23-Sep-2014
Not an ESL track, but gaming is all about fun, so if a track is fun it should be rewarded
User Award   chrisor. 23-Sep-2014
User Award   Crysis... 23-Sep-2014
Wow. Rly awesome.
User Award   Schabowy.w 23-Sep-2014
So I was inactive for like 3 months... now I installed game again, checked out tmx and saw this masterpiece. I love every detail here, form beginning to end. Others said u could add some scenery at the end but I think that its perfect now, map works really smooth even on bad pc.
Also its not only good map for me. Its a proof that people shouldnt be afraid of trying new things (for example in lalas case - becoming a map builder). Personally, after I played it, i felt that if he could start mapping (and it come out hes so good at it), then i can try something for first time in my life too. So I talked to my crush and now I have gf! thank you lala! Not only for this piece of art but also for making me more self confident. Now i believe I could do anything!
User Award   AR »Trian 24-Sep-2014
there are some spots that I didn't like:
the corner after the 1st loop comes a bit too quick and that little piece of blue border is just where I'd like to drive ^^
also, the start is a bit boring and it lacks scenery

but for your first map it's not bad at all, keep building
User Award   niZe 24-Sep-2014
User Award   sulazdk 20-Jun-2016
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