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Name: Download CCP#22 - Chicken Invaders Xmas
Pack: Download [Kristján] MissionPack
By:   fab'm PT <3
Version: 22-Dec-2014
TMX id: 6103434
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 47,882
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: LOL
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:36.24   AR »Trian+ 0:00.6043,045
0:36.28   Undertaker GT+ 0:00.6442,723
0:36.83   CvRk+ 0:01.1938,289
0:36.83   Calown+ 0:01.1938,289
0:36.85   Sky.esu+ 0:01.2138,128
0:36.87   fab'm PT <3+ 0:01.2337,967
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Author Comments

CCP#22 Chicken Invaders, Christmas Edition

Well here I am again for a new super high class project like you haven't seen in the past.. (lies)

SO I PRESENT YOU... yea the tittle said everything, this is a spin-off of Chicken Invaders, the all mighty release in 2012 that was the most awarded track of the year until flyps decided to go nuts on that PF

I didn't made the same track or using any of the material from the previous track, not even the mod since I wanted to make a more Christmas feeling to be more suitable for CCP and I think it looks pretty good, the objective is the same but there's some diferences:
- the camera is more interactive since I wasn't forced to make it 90º and I could do whatever I wanted, so it's easier to see what's go up ahead and avoid obstacles;
- there's only one stage and the 2 mini-sections were the score was displayed to advance to the next one are now gone, so it's way better to hunt this one than the other;
- the chickens are more well detailed and actually move their wings, with the help of zipperke I tried to make more autentic and I think it looks way better than the other crappy models;
- the route is more direct, you drive on dirt, there are few obstacles and the hunt factor is higher on this one;
- you can actually lose on this, if you take a little bit too long - again aiming for more interaction - check the time limit;
- no outro.. meh it's for online hunting I didn't felt into making something ^^;

Why I made another chicken invaders?
- The previous one doesn't autoload anymore, aside from not expecting that huge blast, fileden died a few time later;
- I wanted to improve the stuff I didn't had time or experience to improve and correct what I did wrong imo and do something new, ignoring the MTC rules from may '12;
- I also want to test files for the upcoming sequel aswell as some effects that are going to be added;
- The hunt factor on the previous one was really bad defined by luck, this one is better on this aspect;

How long I took to build this track?
- Track itself (5 minutes... yea..)
- Creating and editing files (arround 3 to 4 hours not continuously)
- Mediatracker (5 hours or so, it wasn't my first time doing this and I had my ideas planned all along);

When Chicken Invaders 2 is going to be released and what's new about the sequel?
- I'm trying to go little by little, checking the files I want to get and the plot I want to develop as I go, I'm a little far behind from what I'm intending to do, maybe in a few months I'll be able to release it;
- A deeper plot, better storyline, variable bosses, (skipable) cutscenes, variable battles and some funny stuff based on the plot of the original games with some of my personal touches (:
- It's built in tm unlimiter so it's going to be huge, I'm expecting arround 30 minutes if you see all cutscenes and 10 to 15 if you skip all of them;

What other projects may come out?
- Aside from Chicken Invaders 2, I want to make another Operation Alaska and some ideas are already implemented, I have the base and the plot made, all I miss is the track and the mediatracker wich may take a few time;
- If I saw some interest on a competition I may try to build something... let's see how it goes I don't know the future but I can say that atm this is NOT my goodbye track;

Special Thanks
- Mystikal for betatesting and suggestions
- DjDesidera for spell checking, suggestions, patience and sleepless nights (sry m8 ^^)
- dnbfreak for file hosting and sound conversions

Anyways this map description is already long enough, you know the deal, award or comment if you liked it, have fun playing it and well... have a Merry Christmas, happy 2015 for you and your entire family and friends and well cya next year

User Comments
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  fab'm PT <3 22-Dec-2014
I hope you guys enjoy this one and Merry Christmas
  .Wiinty 22-Dec-2014
  Undertaker GT 23-Dec-2014
  JakeRay 23-Dec-2014

Tried my best recording this. Wasn't easy
But enjoy it anyways
  AR »Trian 23-Dec-2014
location: finlaaaand
  Zenit 23-Dec-2014
so drunk and i can stop laughing hahaha
  AR »Trian 23-Dec-2014
nt cran
  cranberries 23-Dec-2014
ty but now it's better had to go under 36, can't leave it just above -,-
  fab'm PT <3 23-Dec-2014
nice time cran I'm glad this one is more hunt friendly
  AR »Trian 24-Dec-2014
normal cam would still be better tho, it's now too hard for me to get the intended driving line
  fab'm PT <3 24-Dec-2014
that's the thing about driving my tracks: even the camera isn't normal
thanks for 25 awards and BOTW
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User Awards
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User Award   GR. 11-Feb-2015
Tasty mcnuggets! Can't wait for CI2!
User Award   papa_coin_coin 06-Feb-2017
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