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Name: Download [MTC]Lava Style
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zipperke
Version: 24-Mar-2015
Released: 16-Mar-2015
TMX id: 6185201
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 22,575
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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Author Comments

Hey Tmx
Sorry, locs went down, had to fix this ofcourse, so i'm sorry for the invalid time you might have, this time will still count for the mDC

Here's my interpretation of this months track contest

3 left turns
3 right turns
3 ring checkpoints
3 dirt parts
3 Road parts
3 platforms parts
3 Stunts
And a lot of other stuff..
Impossible to describe how much details went into this.

The intro is funny and Imo Looks Epic together with the music & effects
You get a little tutorial and some random google pictures

The Mod: I never thought that i was going to make one but Since i love to experiment it was bout to happen
I didn't change to much on the driving parts, ..

What i did was modify the edges of the road and platformblocks, the start, the checkpoints, the sky color (note that this is daymood)
the dirt parts are now animated... when you drive onto dirt (which is now lava) you'll see a burning tire track behind you...
It gives the track an unique look and only 6Mb

Music: Guns& roses, terminator theme, Aphex twin with 'On' and another in the GPS and in the outro johnny Cash

Outro; You've never been so happy to finally hear that epic trumpet intro..

Gps: Oh well, if you're not able to finish this, then i'm still able to give you a nice trip

If your pc has problems with this track i'd suggest to lower the resolution & or quality for a moment.. it's worth it

As always, this track has files that need to load.. The mod loads faster than the shadows are calculated
Skip the intro for the first time and check the yellow bar on the upper right
When it's gone, restart the track, Laugh with the loadingscreen (made by me)
Have a laugh with the intro And don't forget to turn on the sound (music)

I've put a lot of free time in this
I didn't build it to be played online, but if someone wants it, i can provide you a lighter version :-)

Have fun
Awards are always welcome, even when you only liked the mediatracker work


User Comments
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  Lovva 16-Mar-2015
  brainhead 16-Mar-2015
so....zipperke right....i remember ur name...bcuz i drived some of ur stunt tracks...and sry but u r one of those mappers i dont like the style much blockmix and mod thingys...i cant enjoy the track becuz i have peer to peer off sry mate, but it looks great and very very big respect for ur MT work+track work, i just dont like ur mapstyle....sry man but i wanted to respect ur work in the comments so u know even the guys who dont like ur style watching ur maps (sounds wierd i know) i always loved ur MT work, its amazing and i hope i can someday do it like a pro like u, i hope u understand my words, i dont wanna blame u so pls dont be mad of my words, good luck on this MTC

greets Brainy.
  elaus43 16-Mar-2015
my best run was ~ 1/2 sec faster - but i damaged at that last stunt - may be i was too fast
  Zipperke 16-Mar-2015
My tracks are never about getting the best time ;-)
It's more like an expierience.. like a rollercoaster...
  AR »Trian 16-Mar-2015
the 1st stunt doesn't work for me

anyways, the atmosphere at the lava parts is just great, I love the fog effect
  Zipperke 16-Mar-2015
weird, you're so good that this track hates you
  AR »Trian 16-Mar-2015
this kind of stunts often work only when you have similar speed all the time and in this track there are plenty of spots to gain or lose speed before the stunt so yeah
  Zipperke 16-Mar-2015
i'm not sure if you where going to fast or slow
epic time you got there GoW|R4a i first thought you found a cut
  AR »Trian 16-Mar-2015
I guess I was going too fast since it worked fine on my first runs but then when I learned to drive that dirt part it suddenly didn't work anymore
  elaus43 16-Mar-2015
after looking GoW|R4a replay i am more satisfied than i did
  GodofWar 16-Mar-2015
there is much more possible ...54:xx for sure here!
i hunt that one later a bit more!
  AR »Trian 18-Mar-2015
btw is that pun in the name intended?
  Zipperke 18-Mar-2015
Ive could have called it ancient hidden cove of the vesuvius but what's funny about that
My intention is always to make you smile :-)

  simo_900 22-Mar-2015
can you send me the file of the dirtroad texture? it would fit perfectly to a track i've been working on last two months
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Lovva 16-Mar-2015
epic map, insane

wow much
and 1
User Award   Golo 16-Mar-2015
awesome track
User Award   nod32 16-Mar-2015
really cool
User Award   elaus43 16-Mar-2015
good work zipperke played with 23 Frames
and now my critic - no first what i liked:
the mod you made looks interessting warm - has some honey bee character - i was remembered of a donkey kong nintendo game.
the track has a very nice start section with many routes
the track feels not really good for hunting but for a cinematic experience it works fine.
the stunts are all head banged like - no big difference, but ok. the most annoying part is for sure the last stunt for goaling. i had such a good run until there and bouuum pofff dammage. that was the point i said no.
but anyway thank you for another zipperke tv Show !
User Award   rpee89 16-Mar-2015
This track got pretty much everything in it, and it isn't certainly peace of cake to drive it through without any mistakes especially there is tricky stunts and loops and what not. But, you have calculated everything to the perfection, and it is truly a great ride from the starting line to the finish. There is actually so much action and details added into this track that it mades easily your frame rate drop a little, but for me it wasn't serious problem so I didn't need to tune down my graphical options What is more, you have developed excellent mod with lava elements in it, and the MT is superb work like one could expect from you by now. Really good work man!

User Award   Quat 16-Mar-2015
User Award   GodofWar 16-Mar-2015
User Award   Pesca 16-Mar-2015
User Award   ZoggeR 16-Mar-2015
So cool it hurts, or should I say hot
User Award   AR »Trian 16-Mar-2015
well just for the atmosphere and effects
User Award   SapphiroN 16-Mar-2015
Impressive work
User Award   Jovenium/Lu 17-Mar-2015

User Award   Cross' 17-Mar-2015
User Award   König Buu-Huu 17-Mar-2015
Very very coooooollll!!!!!
User Award   fab'm 18-Mar-2015
I think its about time for you to win your first MTC in tmnf-x,
First let me take care of the bad things: my complains are the turn at 24 seconds (kinda hard to see where to go) the slow cam changes... (yea not well executed) the lag (to much at the same time) that last stunt (what was your idea here xd) the way you ruined the awesome ring of fire song from johny cash (that was just mean xD) and being serious for a sec, I don't think the loading screen for the mod is funny but instead it's a bad joke imo.. maybe I'm taking this too seriously but well just my opinion don't think much about it nothing special

Just minor complains but well it shows there's allways room for improvement and altough this is far from being the perfect track it goes on a good path to perfection, it's notorious the way you worked on this track with so much care, the mod is fantastic and the movement could be more notorious but it's good enough for what it is. I liked the work with details, sometimes it seems random but its funny to discover such hidden effects such as the TOASTY and the FATALITY,
The intro is nice to see as a movie and that GET TO THE CHOPPA never gets old Also I have to say I really liked the music choice maybe except for the bad "remix" of the johny cash's song but well ^^
Without the effects the track is ok.. kinda simple but good enough to be a nice fullspeeder it's smooth, the only weirdness is the last stunt but it's not much to complain and that multi path on the intro is genious imo, it looks like at the end you ran out of ideas ^^ but well..

Overall I really enjoy to play this one, I hope it has many more awards and good luck for MTC
User Award   Dule 18-Mar-2015
Taking MT and modding to another level. Insane work man!
User Award   JaniX 19-Mar-2015
User Award   simo_900 23-Mar-2015
great work with the media tracker and mod! the animated textures are a nice find
User Award   papa_coin_coin 27-Feb-2017
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