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Name: Download ARC2015 - wormi
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wormi
Version: 21-May-2015
Released: 21-May-2015
TMX id: 6244088
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 76,510
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:52.48   Marius 89+ 0:00.0076,510
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0:52.58   Matix+ 0:00.1075,635
0:52.60   racehans+ 0:00.1275,461
0:52.66   shortz.esu+ 0:00.1874,936
0:52.72   cranberries+ 0:00.2474,411
0:52.73   Booom+ 0:00.2574,323
0:52.82   MR+ 0:00.3473,536
0:53.40   One.+ 0:00.9268,462
0:53.73   wormi+ 0:01.2565,575
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Author Comments

Hello,   wormi here, this is my map for TMX AllRound Champion 2015.

This one is a speed-tech map with a length of 53 seconds. I prefer tech maps with low speed in general but it was fun to build a fast map for once. The challenge here is to time your drifts well to get good speed out of corners. The finish might be a bit hard for players with less experience, but if you turn slightly right on the roof, it goes easily each run.

The map size is 3765 coppers and it uses the day mood. Author time is 53.73. No mediatracker included, just the track, you, and the challenge.

Have fun hunting! ^_^

User Comments
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  wormi 21-May-2015
I don't even remember when I last time built such fast tech map. Hopefully it works!
  ViN <3 21-May-2015
nice wormi
  Kumpelblase 21-May-2015
I always get a slowdown at the first tansition with that white roof.
also the landing space after the first jump is way too short, can´t get the tunr after that propperly
i also feel like the 2nd jump into the drift (the one before the white roof transition) is also too long or I am just too fast
  wormi 21-May-2015
The jump is made in a way that you are supposed to turn the car into right angle when the jump begins. I know it looks being too far, but that's how I liked it personally. And yeah that part may bug, but it's quite normal and you can avoid it by hitting the pipe asap after the short air time (landing center causes the bug I guess.
  aiden.KraL' 23-May-2015
I've been playing trackmania since 9 years or so and this is seriously the most buggy track I've ever encountered. I'm not even mad (mostly also not really your fault), only amazed... some transitions are pretty cool but not suited for a compo imo (dat finish.)
  Matix 23-May-2015
I've been playing this map for like 2 hours and finish always worked properly. Just turn right a bit (mentioned in author comments). However, I agree that first wallbang (wallride?) transition is buggy and second jump is overspeeded a bit. But it's really avoidable and works fine most of the times.
  wormi 23-May-2015
Just the first wallride may but, I never got any problems with other parts.
  aiden.KraL' 24-May-2015
It starts with the turn after CP1, where you can get a rammstein bug at the left corner and also at the right uphill. Then after the drop from the blackroof, landing bug out of nowhere (similar to the one at CvRk's tech), followed by a complete nightmare transition to the quarterpipes... 2nd quarterpipes are also buggy.

It's still a cool track, maybe I'll award it later
  One. 24-May-2015
I agree with aiden.. I also get a bug too often in the first turn.. I feel like this is that kind of tracks that you feel scared if you get much speed out of a turn because it's so risky afterwards.. Also that finish is really bad for hunting..
  apX. agent 24-May-2015
its speedtech for a competition and so many transitions why not just something normal which is fun to hunt
  Kumpelblase 25-May-2015
look at my replay now you see which bug I mean
  wormi 25-May-2015
This map has like parts 3 transitions after the start (which never ever has bugged to me), can't be too much. As you have played dirt maps etc they have got a lot more transitions etc, and some tech maps got quite a few as well. Speed-tech always bugs if you want to try a risky time over the borders so that's nothing special ^^
Also, if you can read, this is like my first speed-tech for years. I personally don't like speed-tech at all so I'm hard to judge what is good and what isn't.
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User Awards
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User Award   Matix 21-May-2015
User Award   Booom 25-May-2015
nice map
User Award   »RtA«wally 27-May-2015
good but very weird map
User Award   Quantum| Lewis 31-May-2015
A couple of very buggy turns/landing but all-in-all is a nice map
User Award   cranberries 31-May-2015
despite all criticism, I still think it's a nice track

of course, I agree that some of the parts are buggy and several parts are a bit miscalculated (the jump-in-drifts for ex.) ... not to mention the "tmx" kind of transitions that could have been left out (since it's a hunting competition) ... and think the bugs are avoidable ... so I still can appreciate the cool parts in the track, there are some nice slides that can get really tricky and challenging, but fun ^^ ... anyways, as you know my track also has it's own problems, but we're all here to hunt the same tracks, so any small fault the tracks may have, it's part of the challenge ... if something doesn't work as we (the players) want it to work, then we just have to keep searching for a better way ... it's our job to look for the right way to play these tracks, and not the authors' job to make the track suit every possible playing style ^^

... keep hunting Forever !
User Award   diplo|mp 05-Jun-2015
User Award   Sky.esu 18-Jun-2015
I love this style wormi
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