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Name: Download .128³ Deep Fear.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   .Wiinty
Version: 12-Jul-2015
TMX id: 6294984
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
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Author Comments

Deep Fear. 128³

YOUTUBE VIDEO by   Lapelero.



The final moment has come. The announcement is to all fellows around (greetings btw : V) - welcome to a new wiinty creation. A so-called special track, bringing with itself a large amount of transitions & seconds(!) giving it a touch of uniqueness, not really the meaning given by the special term to most of the tracks figuring through this site in its modern era. The result of a 500-hour work with the well-known track editor can seem effective to some of you, though unfortunately there's no thing on earth everyone's gonna be glad about - as perfection hasn't its place in this world.



I honestly think you won't have any kind of disappointment by watching either the gps or the video and yet it was not reasonless to mention the concept above. Watching and driving ain't even close to being the same thing. The whole track is 10 minutes long but it's structured in 10 segments, each one of about 1 minute, with less than 1 second precision. The difficulty of each tends to be lunatic, but if we actually just put aside the respawn ways from every minute, any difficulty would not exist anymore, the track would be literally impossible. If you intend to drive this one, prepare yourself to face the difficulty of a veritable trial track and to pass around 420 transitions (!), 17 loops, 17 walls, 8 TOs and 4 tubes. The author time (36:57.47) which is actually not hacked since neither editing program worked when I finished the whole building, may raise your competitive spirit.



Not much to tell about the scenery this time, excepting the fact that it was built concomitant with the route. The freedom of the enlarged space has perhaps given me a variety of possibilities, but since the coppercount was actually screaming, I thought it's decent to end it at most medium, so I've just followed this thought. The scenery style is quite basic, that means there's nothing that will steal your sight most likely.



It was more like an unforgiving work here. The simple Gps you'll certainly watch was actually a work of about 20 hours - I needed smoothly driven replays on all segments and making an apparently flawless run by connecting them took also loads of hours. The Intro is something completely new this time; it even goes with the track itself when it comes to length - it is 90 seconds long. The cam & text setting and effects were pure timewasting as well.



The track was once published in beta to discuss the opening problem some of you will have(!), and I had a few betatesters, therefore thanks go to   Golo   simo_900   AR »Trian   Konix.

And not only. I reserved a few thousand of special thanks for the screenmakers, whose rewards are the following.

mosquito bites by   GoW|R4a

Christmas Season 2014 by   GoW|R4a

[ONC] Stories Untold by   AR »Trian



I really wish watching - and hopefully driving - this one will bring you a joy face expression and will introduce yourself into the spirit of entertainment. I should once again end with those two encouraging words which should have never been lacking right before entering such a hardcore and skill-requiring challenge.


User Comments
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  elaus43 18-Jul-2015
will post my replay in the late afternoon ...

  .Wiinty 18-Jul-2015
Have to wait quite long, but you're still a lucky guy if you manage to finish till then. So Twister, after exactly 20 years my 'record' will be lost, maybe 4ever. ):

- Thank you for the awards <3 -

O1.   Konix
O3.   organner
O4.   Speedy'
O5.   inf.
O6.   »Demon.vrg
O7.   MR
O8.   Scorpy
O9.   Hitchy
1O.   Chacal-fgtm

11.   Undertaker GT
12.   'Twister
13.   Etidu
14.   AR »Trex
15.   dan!el
16.   AR »Trian
17.   Mateo.
18.   Sky.esu
19.   .dreamy
2O.   DisGo.esu

21.   CvRk
22.   arti
23.   GoW|R4a
24.   ThunderClap448
25.   Pesca
26.   One.
27.   .Sniper
28.   Skopje14
29.   superJu
3O.   apX.Magik :3

31.   »mostfriendlyplayer
32.   DeFacer
33.   vince78
34.   apX. agent - no
35.   5teasy.esu
36.   ChadoX
37.   »RtA«wally
38.   Cyber_Dragon
39.   Razo.'R |R4a
4O.   Deymon

41.   Quantum» Lewis
42.   Deville
43.   Nixion #mot³
44.   unholy79
45.   »Paulmar|35|
46.   brainhead
47.   Xerox.
48.   DustBird
49.   dsc JaniX
5O.   bert19

51.   wantedboii
52.   Rh Pato7forever!
53.   Golo
54.   simo_900
55.   "Dawe.
56.   IsaaC.
57.   elaus43
58.   nod32
59.   SF - Dule
6O.   Kumpelblase

61.   Sool¡X
62.   blublu
63.   loe
64.   UnNamedNinjaHack
65.   Ravenwest
66.   rpee89
67.   xxlr8
68.   Silver°
69.   Rumajzlik
7O.   VomAdminEditiert

71.   vneck
72.   DDR.Buddha
73.   Levon
74.   grobec
75.   fractal«
76.   Misak Koim
77.   meNtality
78.   Lapelero

  AR »Trian 19-Jul-2015
20th page of "best of all time" and still botw, gj
  .Wiinty 19-Jul-2015
Thanks - and that should be also the awarders' chorus.
Haven't expected to be so many.
  AR »Trian 19-Jul-2015
no one can finish and the vid looks cool -> many awards
  .Wiinty 19-Jul-2015
no one can finish, no vid -> many awards
  Chacal-fgtm 19-Jul-2015
c'est un travail de TITAN

la map me fait pensé a un PF contrôler ce que je ne saurais pas faire
étant plus en RPG
en tous cas Super beau travail tu mérite vraiment toutes ces récompenses
( musique écouté pendant la vidéo Love In Stereo
[FS].128³ Deep Fear.

  AR »Trex 19-Jul-2015
Failed at 8 mins because of a nose bug on the ramp which goes one block higher
  loe 20-Jul-2015
I am sure I start tmunlimiter to play the map, but my game is still crashing after the map is loaded. Any ideas?
  .Wiinty 20-Jul-2015
It happened to me too time to time, though I don't have any idea why is this happening. Low pc standards may cause that, but since I have quite an ultimate generation computer I don't really know if that's the real problem. I'm sorry you can't play the map, hope you enjoyed watching at least. e: at least try to set the minimal settings if you didn't already. (;

@Trex wow, did you make it to 8 min? That's quite awesum, thx for trying & you get my respect (: I don't see what's so disappointing, you could just respawn there or do you wanna say you drove it respawnless? -.-
  AR »Trian 20-Jul-2015
trex did you already got your new PC? cause your old one would've probably melted .v
  AR »Trex 21-Jul-2015
still my old one @Trian haha
@Wiinty: drove it respawnless until I failed there, then my run was quite ruined and I didn't have the nerves to respawn cause of my several tries I failed before (and this semed to be about 1000 times ). However, I also managed it because I looked your video again and again to know the map, but it didn't help much ....
  .Wiinty 21-Jul-2015
WHAT THE HECK RE U JOKING MAN. !? I mean, if you really drove it respawnless till that point, we've got a really insane driver here. o>O and cg.
  brainhead 11-Aug-2015
almost a month ago and still not a single replay of any pro driver, nice work wiinty xD
  »Paulmar|35| 13-Aug-2015
Sorry but you have 66 awards ... 66 .. 666 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Agaaaaiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Silver° 24-Aug-2015
This is a map for 69 awards ... gogogo
  .Wiinty 25-Sep-2015
Could be 4ever now, I don't wonder/mind if there's not any replay.Still, go 4 it! (:

e: wow! reaching 70 awards on one of my maps <=> total craziness. thanks
  meNtality 03-Feb-2017
my game crashed when loading the track i tried with different versions of unlimiter tho
  .Wiinty 03-Feb-2017
mhm I'm sorry for that, the cause is perhaps (am not really sure tho) the copper amount. It often happens to me too; it always opens in the editor and only sometimes am able to join the racing mode without game crashing. And yet, it should work after a few tries, but eventually try it at minimal quality settings.
  Lapelero 10-Jun-2017
The map crashed for me at 60% of my tries, or I have only 2 to 20 fps... I hope I can finish this masterpiece
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User Awards
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User Award   Paras. 12-Aug-2017

This is just awesome

This map is a piece of art made with this awesome game!
I was just lucky to find it while going from video to video in youtube, everything boring but then this sweet one came up and it just blown my mind .

From the intro, with some fresh cam views, some nice replays added and a stunning overwiev over this massive project, up to the great track, just O.M.G.

I realy didnt expect someone will be that nolifed to create such a big transitional wonder, you got my honest respect for that, i wouldnt have such patient but you did it, awesome.
I wish I could finish something like this but just imagining to drive such tight transitions about 10 mins would make me cry .

But ye to get it on point, that map motivates me to build some simular map, just not that long and without blockmix just as a goal for myself.

Thank you for this piece of art, I hope thats enough for your hard work
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