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Name: Download Dystopia
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 13-Mar-2016
Released: 13-Mar-2016
TMX id: 6538005
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 28,761
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:34.58   cranberries+ 0:00.0028,761
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:35.49   JaniX+ 0:00.9127,100
1:35.58   wormi+ 0:01.0026,936
1:36.09   !k7+ 0:01.5126,005
1:37.00   tntn+ 0:02.4224,345
1:37.55   TiggerVater+ 0:02.9723,342
1:37.91   matto+ 0:03.3322,685
1:38.64   vgr+ 0:04.0621,353
1:38.85   Therese Johaug+ 0:04.2720,970
1:39.11   Triple.shoot+ 0:04.5320,495
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Author Comments

~ ~

"An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one"

( author comment )
I kept this track in my unreleased folder for a long time - I think I've edited many of the section several times over the last year - but I was never too happy with it , and now I've retested it and I think it's got well balanced hunting potential (the last update was the finish section , made it work without bugs) ... now I want to share it with you guys - I hope there are enough dirt fans (and of myself) out there - I know I've been laying low lately , but I never stopped playing, building and enjoying TM

( track details )
Style ... Dirt Road
Time Length ... ~1min 35sec AT
Copper Count ... ~2600cc
Scenery ... very light
Mood ... Day
MT ... NO
BM ... NO
Mod ... NO

( building technique )
This track was built using one of my simplified dirt bases: "dirt base 1" and "dirt base 2" ... if you are interested in using less coppers for your track, check out my post about saving dirty coppers in the dirt manual

( advertisement )
Check out my previous dirt track:
CCP#13 - theHOOK by   cranberries

Keep building Forever !
and Never stop improving yourselves !
~ ~

( the awards )
  vgr - thank you for the "I suck at dirt" award
  Razo.'R |R4a - thank you for the "super flowy" award
  Triple.shoot - thank you for the "could be better" award
  wormi - thank you for the "simple" award
  MR - thank you for "my favorite" award
  matto - thank you for the "proper trackbuilding" award
  !k7 - thank you for the "keep on riding" award
  awful maps - thank you for the "simple" award
  nod32 - thank you for the "great" award
  DisGo.esu - thank you for the "difficult" award

  Lovva - thank you for the "smile" award
  Therese Johaug - thank you for the "replay" award
  DuM-DuM - thank you for the "love" award
  JaniX - thank you for the "great fun" award
  wilfred - thank you for the "really great" award
  "Dawe. - thank you for the "award" award


( screen needed )
send me a PM if you have a "Dystopian" screen idea you can make
I'll start a screen competition if there are too many suggestions ...

User Comments
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  cranberries 13-Mar-2016
There were no comments for this track. -,-
  vgr 13-Mar-2016
That end is just cruel
  cranberries 13-Mar-2016
welcome to Dystopia muahahaha ...
  awful maps 13-Mar-2016
Probably the Very Worst designed finish block placement I've seen since TM began.
Potentially legendarily awful.
  cranberries 13-Mar-2016
I don't know if this is an issue of dirt-noobness and/or laziness -,- but all I can say is that the track works if you apply yourself, especially the finish, find the right line - the line that works with the highest speed and the natural flow - and it even works on respawn without flaws ... so, just keep trying and keep improving your skills

if everything would be easy, how would you push yourself to be better
  vgr 13-Mar-2016
Just hugging the left side worked for me
  cranberries 13-Mar-2016
that's exactly where the last narrow dirt chicane is sending you when going relatively fast through that section and from that left side you have a perfect landing downwards on the last block ... anyway, you cannot miss it if you play it more than once just as you said vgr
  Razo.'R |R4a 13-Mar-2016
8th comment..guess it's okay, since I'm getting older and slower.
  !k7 13-Mar-2016
A new track by Cran, I'm gonna prepare mentally for the bitchy end and I'll try it for sure this week
  cranberries 14-Mar-2016
awesome \o/ but, yeah ... you'll hate the end for sure -,- rip


btw R "I'm getting older and slower" ... is that why I keep building Dirt tracks? O_O omg, own mindblown ... gotta make a speeder asap
  Razo.'R |R4a 17-Mar-2016
that'd be awesome.
  awful maps 17-Mar-2016
As a general rule I make a point of keeping complaints about other people's creativity to a minimum, if only to avoid sounding like I'm giving out "lectures". Having read your comment on one of my track pages, however, I thought it only fair that I remind you of your own criticisms by pointing out that on 'this map' you have done the very same thing (an apparent error by your reckoning), that you felt the need to 'lecture' me on. You criticised me for using too many dirt 'Up-slopes' '?' Mmmm, I should point out that on 'this map', You have used the same 'Tilt Road entrance and Exit no fewer than "TEN TIMES" . Normally I would not mind nor make any big deal about it but as you felt the need to lecture me on 'Re-use' I thought I should advise you to look to your own creations first. If only to avoid making yourself look like :
"The tooth blaming the sweet".
Keep it 'Real' baby.


  cranberries 17-Mar-2016
I see you awarded ty ... but I have to keep it real (baby) : if you don't see how different, diverse and scattered are the ways I used the blocks (and tilted sections) then you are a bit misguided .. it seems to me that you can't actually tell how much work it went behind a track like this: each section and each block was placed to accommodate a certain speed and certain flow, also dealing with compactness in dirt is something that ppl take for granted without realizing how difficult it is to make it flow and fit well in the track (without BM, mind you) ... I'm sorry to have to point this out myself, I was hoping that, after 8 years of TMNF, these dirt issues are well known and ppl are able to judge a dirt track (especially from a builders' perspective) much accurately and in-depth than (let's say) 5-6 years ago when dirt tracks were built randomly around the editor area, with very large dirt turns, with very little knowledge how to diversify a dirt track by using very limited amount of dirt blocks, etc - those were the dark-ages of dirt track-buildig in TMNF ... anyway, I welcome any criticism, but it goes without saying that a criticism has to be based on comprehensive facts - not the number of blocks matters, but the way they are used, when and where they are used, how they are used, and how it all ties together in a single track ... I might be mistaking (I apologize if I am) but it seems to me that you came here after seeing my comment on your track, but only to throw a line back in my face without realizing that the argument doesn't apply here that well ... well,I won't go any further, I'm not here to lecture you on track-building, I'm just a bit frustrated that dirt builders nowadays are quick to accuse, without a substantial and qualitative body of work as backup ...


oh btw ... you do realize that my comment was way more substantial than talking about the repetitiveness of a block you know, there is this thing called a "sentence" or a "paragraph", and it is usually used to make a larger point - this is what I wrote to your track :
Quote ...
I also think the up/downhill block is way too overused ... sometimes it's cool to have it multiple times, but this is way too repetitive ... there are good moments, but most sections seemed a bit off (stretched or shorter more than expected/needed) so the track feels awkward because of that
I speak of the blocks AND of the track itself ... how it is structured ... how it all comes together ... I wouldn't comment if I would care about dirt tracks and how they are built ... but you can dissect the comment and use only one part of it to complain about ... or you take my comment(s) and use them to gain experience and knowledge towards making better tracks ... which is the only reason I go to the trouble of actually explaining in great detail how I feel about a track ... or you can misinterpret the comments as being a big complaint ... whatever works for you, I for one know I did everything I can to help (even if that help is not needed/wanted) and I believe the comment section is made for this exactly reason: we write to other builders to communicate & help eachother get better
  awful maps 18-Mar-2016

I awarded the track because I recognise creativity and (unlike some), I dont let my dislikes or what I see as 'Errors' neither distract my thinking nor sway my judgement, I make efforts to rise above that form of snobbery. Also, the award was for the 'The Map' and your efforts, so 'Please' (Pretty Please with a Big Cherry on it), dont get any further confused as to thinking I may be 'Misguided', I'm certainly not. At he end of the day cranberries, I have been playing this game as long as you (potentially and or arguably longer), I have, no doubt, also seen as much as you have. It is also noteworthy that I have deleted probably Ten Times as many maps I have at the moment (& god knows how many awards with them), so I'm not what you could call a 'Novice'.
As for your description of your own map ? Please (with another cherry), it would behove you to note that I know 'Exactly' how you created your map, not only by driving it but also by the benefit of camera 8. In that regard I see it as no more "Scientifically Created" than a rather sizeable number of other maps I've seen and or driven over the last decade (& counting). As for 'Criticism' ? Though I limit my own criticisms(through fear of unintentional projected pompiety), for the most part I actually do find Criticism constructive. What I find difficult to tolerate, however, is hypocrisy and I make no apologies for acting in accordance to what I believe. Which brings me neatly to my last point. Feel free to sing the virtues of your own work by all means, but, on a cautionary note (less you cause offence or begin to sound trite), I would advise you to endeavour to limit telling people 'Your Version' of what is 'right' or 'wrong' in a game that deals with individual creativity. In short (to use a good friends favourite quotation : In Trackmania :
"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so...,,
Wise words indeed. and with that, I think we should put this dog to rest.


  cranberries 18-Mar-2016
... I'm glad we came to a conclusion
  piloteiserois 19-Mar-2016
The track is nice, but the end *****
Why is there a so difficult end ? Why aren't there just, for example, a difficult beginning ? It is really irritating to fail at the end after making a good time at last CP...
  cranberries 19-Mar-2016
sorry that you find the end difficult but I hope that after a few tries you'll be able to play it as I intended it : smooth and reliable ... the last CP works even with respawn (so you just have to drive it with more confidence - without crashing, and on the right line) so keep playing
  awful maps 20-Mar-2016
The first time I drove this I thought the finish was truly abysmal, I've just had time to have a few more goes and sadly it has not changed my first impression. It's what I can only describe as an LOL finish, only in this case that acronym would stand for 'Lots of Luck'. I had about 8 or 9 goes at it before I limped over the finish. 98% of the map is cool , but the 'Dirt to main road' and 'main road slope' combo can be quite unstable and the finish, Extremely unstable. Basically, in my opinion, it is an Expert finish on a intermediate map. Sadly I gave up trying because of it.
  cranberries 20-Mar-2016
sorry to hear that and thanks for trying just one thing I want to say:
there's absolutely no luck involved in this track at all even though you said that about luck, later you yourself point out at the end that it's not a matter of luck but a skill issue (expert vs intermediate, or any degree of TM / dirt skills there might be) so I agree with this last part ... but anyway, I can assure anyone that there's no luck involved in this track, especially the finish - I have a 100% success rate on the finish, by simply playing the section without hitting any edge and going with a relatively moderate-to-high speed (as the section allows it to be) = this all means that, to me, it's as close to a PF as it can possible be - in fact I'm very surprised how well it works and how reliable the whole section is - which is exactly why I'm proud of this accomplishment (the track AND the finish) ... and this is also the reason I still make tracks after so many years, to find these hidden gems (even if I find something that's already been done before - so, I'm not saying I find it first or anything like that, I just mean I try more in the editor than I play on other tracks/authors, so it's very likely that I discover ideas on my own that already have been done and published - but anyway, I digress) ... the point is that I can only build tracks that suit my style of play, and I know I'm not the most skillful, but I also know that I'm above the average (an important note here is that I have never played TM with anything but a keyboard, so let's throw that issue out of the way right now) and, to finish the point, a huge role in my abilities was my constant hunt to get better, I always pushed myself to be better than I was before, and building tracks and playing them was a way for me to gain experience and skill - I like to know why something works, I don't believe in the magic of a good track, I want to know all the WHYS and the HOWS involved ... anyway, I don't know how others see this TMX thing, all I know is that there are ppl here who look for the same things as I am, and I'm more than happy to share what I find, and to find what others are sharing ... so, here we are: we talk, we play, we fight and we move on, but at the end of the day my hope is that we all get a little bit better ...
the end
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User Awards
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User Award   vgr 13-Mar-2016
I suck at dirt and don't have the patience to drive a better time, but I really like the track. The end can be trouble at the beginning, but it ain't that bad when you learn it. It flows well and generally is pretty dope. I also really like the scenery, it's really cool. Great work as always
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 13-Mar-2016
super flowy ride. I'm not god enough to get the best out of every turn or at least drive the track in a not so nooby way, but it's fun anyway.
User Award   Triple.shoot 14-Mar-2016
Great track,it was pretty good.Just the end could be better,I mean,it's pretty awesome when you get it,but it's somehow pretty annoying,since you have to be effective before the transition to the jump block,and that's not something I'm good at
User Award   wormi 14-Mar-2016
User Award   MR 14-Mar-2016
Wow. Your are my favorite dirt-builder!
User Award   matto 16-Mar-2016
I realize I'm a bit rusty on the arrow keys, especially when it comes to tight dirt turns as you like them. But strangely I have to say that this track is, among all the technical dirties you have built, one of the most easily flowing for me. Just a couple of tries to get the hang of it, and it gets pleasant all the way through. Maybe towards the end it's too hardcore to be liked by casual drivers, the succession of banked blocks and the ups and downs require some experience. Nice road bump to dirt slope transition, I don't remember having seen that one before. The end is another unseen combination, it works like a charm and I had 0 problems with it, plus it gave that "wow" moment when I nailed it at my first try: needless to say, you definitely show that you know what proper trackbuilding is about.
User Award   !k7 17-Mar-2016
First of all, I must say that I like that end as it doesn't have that "luck" feeling as the other one I dislike. Since it's not on dirt, I find it more manageable and it adds a little challenge, something I always appreciate.
That being clarified let's continue.
That track goes deeply into dirt skills in order to be able to achieve a decent time. I must admit it though that your author time is awesome. I had to deal a lot with gears but hey, that's dirt!
Scenery is super light, always present and never affects the visibility of the path: very well done
If I'm not wrong there is only one sign that indicates the way to go other than the warning signs: great work
So a well deserved award

Keep on riding
User Award   awful maps 17-Mar-2016
User Award   nod32 19-Mar-2016
great flow
User Award   DisGo.esu 20-Mar-2016
interesting ride, difficult but flowy
User Award   Lovva 22-Mar-2016
its ok
User Award   Therese Johaug 23-Mar-2016
master of dirt
User Award   DuM-DuM 01-Apr-2016
Juste because I love you
User Award   JaniX 03-Apr-2016
Challenging yet flowy and great fun
Apart from 2 landingsbugs I got on the drop/jump to the last ramp while playing, which were quite frustrating (1 run would have been a 1.34.xx)
User Award   wilfred 26-Apr-2016
This track is really great! I don't really like dirt, but this track did it !
Love the flow and the track in general, although the ending ruins it in my opinion.
User Award   "Dawe. 02-May-2016
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