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Name: Download MTC.»Magyarország!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Moki
Version: 10-Jun-2016
Released: 09-Jun-2016
TMX id: 6628510
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 94,499
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:31.90   xeqzion+ 0:00.0094,499
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0:31.94   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.0493,788
0:31.95   Switch+ 0:00.0593,610
0:31.99   SR.noobi>inact...+ 0:00.0992,900
0:32.04   AR »Trian+ 0:00.1492,010
0:32.04   Life. Ayato+ 0:00.1492,010
0:32.05   AR »dejf+ 0:00.1591,833
0:32.09   unholy79+ 0:00.1991,122
0:32.09   JFF - Drpzor FST+ 0:00.1991,122
0:32.11   .reality+ 0:00.2190,767
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Author Comments

H E Y ! ! !

I'm proud to present my new Fullspeed map, hope you like it!

The Track
It's made for MTC June 2016, the task was to dress the track in colors of our own country flag. I'm from Hungary (poor me ), so i had to add red, white and green colors - you might think its Italy decoration, but it's not^^ The track name means Hungary, anyways.
The track itself is not that hard, there's nothing special, beginners and pros would also enjoy it, good for hunting. No cuts and respawnable... i guess

My fav' part!!! I worked really much to make a very nice & artistic MT on this track. It's true for intro & outro. There's a GPS too even though the track is EZ to finish.

Screenshot by me


So, GL & HF!

My last track:
»Islands of MTC. by   Moki


Thanks for Awards:
AR »Trian
glad you like it in the end
»Magik! :3
thanks for advices, next time i'll take care of them, especially the smoothness
AR »Trex

User Comments
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  AR »Trian 09-Jun-2016
I'm sorry but it's quite boring track cause it's slow and there isn't much action (interesting curves and such) and the 2 "hidden" boosters are annoying
  SR.noobi>inactive 09-Jun-2016
Maybe the track is not so exciting but this doenst matter, because there are a lot of new short fs maps right now, which are equally slow and not more exciting, but they get tons of awards and a high LB rating, whatever this LB stuff could tell about a map...

The only annoying part is the boost after the tube, that ruins it, because i have to drive the tube weird to get the best out of the map.
  AR »Trian 09-Jun-2016
if you're talking about uetzer's tracks, they're far more exciting if you ask me
the problem here is that it's even too easy: the platform curves are really wide and the part between the wall and the tube is basically a straight line where you don't need to steer much... that kind of stuff

just a bit more speed, length and variety would do miracles
  Switch 09-Jun-2016
Not just uetzer's, botw has been filled with boring easy tracks for quite a while. Now these are usually kinda well executed making them somewhat okay to play but not really exciting. This one is similar but there are a few annoyances making it not fun to play, but there's not much difference imo
  Kebab 09-Jun-2016
The second hidden boost is really bad, please update.
  Moki 10-Jun-2016
the hidden boosters are only placed for the track to be respawnable you should think before you write..

my opinion is that much worse & more boring tracks from such overrated mappers get ten times more awards, which tracks have unconfortable obstacles, zero creativity ideas and so. plus if you make one minor mistake like a boring part, other mappers get lots of awards even though 90% of award comments are "track is a bit boring but still fun". if i do the same mistake i get no awards and y'all say "boring track, your map sucks and you're shit mapper etc"

finally, i'd like to thank to those 2 ppl who appericated my work.
  AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
I never said you're shit mapper, I told why I didn't like the map and gave you a few suggestions for your next ones. Nice to see you appreciate feedback

and about the boosters: doesn't matter if they're for respawns, if I can take them by driving with a weird line, then I drive with a weird line to be as fast as possible
  Moki 10-Jun-2016
"shit mapper" was only an example^^
updated anyway, no more annoying 2nd last hidden boosters
  AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
thanks for update

low 31.9x is possible I guess
  Moki 10-Jun-2016
thx trian for critics, now i know how not to make maps
k, cookie for first 31!!
  SR.noobi>inactive 10-Jun-2016
Quote ...
my opinion is that much worse & more boring tracks from such overrated mappers get ten times more awards, which tracks have unconfortable obstacles, zero creativity ideas and so. plus if you make one minor mistake like a boring part, other mappers get lots of awards even though 90% of award comments are "track is a bit boring but still fun". if i do the same mistake i get no awards and y'all say "boring track, your map sucks and you're shit mapper etc"

This is actually how life works. People who made theirself a name and found friends will have it way more easier to present their ideas to a wide audience. I also dislike the way of thinking, that people get awards even if it says: i dislike that part, i think this is annoying, that kills the hunting factor,..., but anyways take my award... of course that sucks a bit.

But what all those maps have in common is, that they are mostly smooth to drive, have no or not much bugs, a very well calculated line with a homogeneous difficulty from the start until the end and a lot of tricks on which the players have to work a bit to get the absolute best out of the track. This creates that hunting factor a map can have and this can only achieved because of a very high experience level of the builders. So sometimes an award is maybe only given to say; hey i still like your work, next time it will get more awesome and thanks for creating good stuff over all that time. And even if most of the new maps are not that special, i have to say that all of them have a very good quality and can be fun for 10 minutes or more, which is totally ok to me.

I think the community has very high expectations here and this is because the quality level of maps is unbelievable good at those days, i mean Trackmania is more than 10 years old and not much has changed, of course this is an very "far advanced evolution" for a game and even if you are new to it you still can get in the community and earn yourself a name and find smoe buddies who also like your tracks, we all should be thankful for that.

For the map, it is still not something special, but it is easy and without the boosts it is more enjoyable give it some tries. I will upload it on our sr eazy fullspeed server and i am sure that after a week your map will have some track karma votes. So your map will be presented to way more people than on TMX. Then you will see what karma your map has and you can compare it to the karma of maps by well known builders.

If you want awards, you have to build maps that have the character the people like here. If you just want to create the map you love, you still can ask the community here and only make the changes you like for your map, but then dont expect others to like it and dont care about awards or whatever. At least this works fine for myself. Not many people like my maps, so i get a lot of negative feedback, but also there are some people who like them and the most important thing is: i like my creations and had a lot of fun creating it. Build this stuff because you like it and not to chase for awards.
  Moki 10-Jun-2016
you're right
i'll take care of it next time
in fact, i always try the best of the week tracks and try to make tracks like they, but somehow i just cant
just sayin' my united maps are way better :*
  Switch 10-Jun-2016
gimme mah cookie
  elaus43 10-Jun-2016
  Moki 10-Jun-2016
cookie for switch nt
  DdariQ 16-Jun-2016

Nagyon jó a pálya, még nekem is aki alig játszik FS pályákon Öröm látni szó szerint Magyarországot az MTC pályái közt, nekem a nyertesek közt van ez a map! Egyszeru a díszlet, de jó, ötletesek a piros-fehér-zöld tornyok. Szép kameramunka, jó az intro <3 csak így tovább.

Mivel nem vagyok nagy TMNF-es most kerültem eloször profilodra, nem is tudtam hogy van egy ilyen sikeres magyar mapperünk, ha van idom késobb több pályát próbálok ki toled Lehet párra próbálok egy elfogadható idovel replayt küldeni.

  Moki 18-Jun-2016
szia, nagyon örülök hogy tetszik a map sajnos valószínu hogy nem nyerek, mivel külso források szerint "túl rövid és unalmas"... de szinte biztos hogy a top10-be lesz (mivel kb annyi map lesz az mtc-n )
csak úgy szólok, a stados mapjaim nem olyan jók (kivéve az annihilation), szóval ha ki akarod próbálni a mapjaimat az united-pályákat javaslom
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   vgr 09-Jun-2016
Not a fan of the placement of the last booster, but the rest was ok. Altough I agree with Trian, I still had some fun with the track
User Award   unholy79 10-Jun-2016
User Award   AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
much more huntable now without the boost after the tube, still not my cup of tea (it's a bit flat and needs some action) but take this anyways ^^
User Award   SR.noobi>inactive 10-Jun-2016
User Award   Kebab 10-Jun-2016
Yeah, maybe i should think before i write...

Maybe i've been rude but still...
User Award   apX.Magik :3 10-Jun-2016
i've been to hungary many times for holiday, this year it will be the 4th time It's really hot during the summer, i really love it, especially when you can stay in a "camp" site and you just have all these different swimming pools to go to

Alright, about the map now I like it, nice and simple and it is really enjoyable. Couple of things to point out:
- the scenery isn't the best for mtc to be honest, there's loads of blocks that you could have used, and it actually feels more white than equally distribution because of the platform colour itself, which isn't your fault, but maybe you could have used more green and red :/
- this loop, i can't get a good sd in after this tube to loop because i am more forced onto the right side of the loop, rather than the left
- the finish is annoying as i dont get this smooth feeling, even one block after the landing then the jump to finish would have been nice, instead of just crashing into this block it feels kinda forced if i say so

Other than these points it can be great hunter and i can relate with you with this award system, but once you get noticed a couple of times people will appreciate the maps This one is good for raising LB, thanks for this one
User Award   elaus43 10-Jun-2016
very strange
User Award   AR »Trex 13-Jun-2016
no need for a long award, just what Magik said
good and simple map
User Award   grobec 24-Jun-2016
Quite fun
User Award   sliver_23 19-Aug-2016
User Award   Adidas TM 27-Aug-2017
Szuper mint mindig! / Super as always!
User Award   xeqzion 18-Mar-2019
thought i awarded this when it came out, guess not hm. nice tight map, so good for hunting
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