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Name: Download Enterprise
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 21-Jun-2016
TMX id: 6642725
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 20,403
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Lunatic
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1:00.11   Dule+ 0:00.0020,403
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1:00.13   Switch+ 0:00.0220,362
1:00.58   Panos+ 0:00.4719,445
1:00.74   xeqzion+ 0:00.6319,120
1:00.92   TMCharly+ 0:00.8118,753
1:01.26   Skopje14+ 0:01.1518,061
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Author Comments

it's time for another transitional boss-battle...


I'm happy to finally release a project I have had in my mind for years. It took me very long to figure out how to make it the way I really wanted it to be, and now I'm finally happy with the result. Here's the fullspeed-track that is probably my coolest FS alongside with FYS.


In a way I started working on this track in 2013. The last wallride blockmix idea actually is from that year, when I first got the idea for a blockmixed rollercoaster-like track. That was the time when I first started building without blockmix, so I didn't focus on this idea too much, and kinda forgot it. I got inspired again in the last CCP by .Wiinty's track, and I asked him to build this type of a track as a duo. However he was busy and couldn't play tm a lot, so we figured that I would continue it solo.
About the track, it's a huge transitional fullspeed track with lots of wallrides, sculptures and a heavy dirt based scenery. It's just over a minute long, the author time is 1:00.79 and the gps is 1:00.42, which is also my personal best. I chose the difficulty to be lunatic, even though it's quite a lot easier than fasten your seatbelts for example. It's still quite tricky though, so I think lunatic is better fitting than expert.


Video by me (intro + run)
Video by   L4Bomb4


  .Ornaiim for this fantastic screen!
Malbik Endar by   .Ornaiim

  .Wiinty for inspiration and betatesting
CCP#21 - ChasingSnowflakes by   .Wiinty

Also thanks to all betatesters!

Good luck!

User Comments
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  simo_900 24-Jun-2016
my answer wasnt completely serious x)
I honestly just forgot it, and didnt bother re-validating. Im just wondering what is so hard in changing cameras manually? for me its harder to play when the timings are forced
  brenni 28-Jun-2016
you and your f*cking sculptures
  .Wiinty 29-Jul-2016


Aand there we are; you maybe know now that I enjoyed the track quite much huh? What makes me even more enthusiast? Well, nothing, just the scenery actually. You have a lot of impressive creative tracks up to date, but I didn't know you as a scenery freak; in fact, I can't really point many of your tracks where I was satisfied with the scenery. I'm not claiming it was bad, just not far enough over the average (the average is quite bad in fact (xD) when I just dl a track from botw f.i.). Now, that I see you finally (also) got the perfect scenery maker license, I got no more words out of the gratitude field. The white predominant color contrasting the brown dirt ain't the best choice to me, yet the block combos are nice and I love the fact you practically layered the scenery parts. Firstly, it is the underground scenery. The dirt, the 5-1-3s, the white platform (including those white platform-ladder-'pillars', the 8-7-6, if you're still asking for it) and additionally the water surface (at the last tunnel) is probably the best way to design those sections and you did it well, covering all the dirt bugs or whatever irregularity that could appear - even if that's a hard work and I don't remember once mixing something that nicely. Secondly, the dirt surface scenery is also well executed, no holes in the ground or anything, just the thinnest attention to detail possible. Then, there's the roof scenery which fills the track up. I'll directly bring up to discussion the scenery you did at the first wall, that's something exceptionally to remember. You descend from the sculptures to the platform, while the view the scenery offers is unbelievably beautiful (the sculpture raising from the platform makes it even nicer). I also love the sight you have on the last huge platform turn, it's completely delicious. The last mentioning about the scenery - I'm not sure if day mode completely fits, I once drove the track in sunset mode, which gives it a special touch in my eyes, the cause might be the unquestionable taste difference.

To lead the endless story to an end, I finally completely shared my whole enthusiasm which I was talking about at your last pf. I was lazy doing it in there, but now I felt like freely expressing since you deserve it, every single appreciation. I know this award comes kind of late (haven't seen the track till a few days ago), but I'm glad it will probably stand on the last page for ever - or maybe not; it'd be great to reach at least 20 more awards to the actual number.

Last but not least, quickly summing up my five cents in case there was too much to read, I'd state - your track is good, you are good.

  simo_900 30-Jul-2016
Thanks for the super long award, I'm so humbled that my track is appreciated as much as it is. (I think you're giving me a bit too much credit than I deserve even) I think you understand very well my thinking when building a track. The attention to detail that I put in the scenery was a necessity after realizing that the route I built was probably the best one I had made, and it's really great to see that you took the time to notice all the little details. I agree that the slow tube part that comes after the road-sculpture transition is indeed a bit strange. If I wanted to keep the sculpture, I had two options to choose from. It was either that, or a wallride that brings you down under the ground again, and I didn't want to make the whole track go underground. I've also noticed that sometimes keeping the unusual parts and ideas makes the track a bit different in a good way. As long as the thing you built doesn't feel too much out of place or if it's straight up bad. If you want your track to be remembered, make it memorable. By the way, the huge wallride sculpture loop-thing is my favorite part as well, and we aren't probably alone. So glad I managed to make that idea work so well

And by the way, that showcase is staying. Without the inspiration from your tracks, this track probably wouldn't ever have happened. Getting inspired by your track didn't mean starting to build a track that imitates the style of your track. Honestly the only main similarities are the fact that it's build on dirt, goes underneath it and contains a lot of clean blockmixing. Your track's style is different from mine and that's good, because otherwise we would have two completely similar tracks. Remember that having an own style in trackmania means a lot, because that way people have an idea for what to expect from your tracks. What I most appreciate in you as a builder is the attention to detail you also put into your tracks. I know you wouldn't release a track you didn't think was finished, and you would make it the best you can. With this track, I really tried to do that. This is my reasoning for the showcase, you don't have to agree with it but I want you know that imo you deserve it.

Thanks again for the award, and everyone else too for theirs
  .Wiinty 30-Jul-2016
Sounds fair enough. Thank you, as well.
  Dule 13-Oct-2016
Just kill me please.

59.x possible.

lul literally a year later I finally improved it ^^
Sorry Switch, nothing personal, it's only business
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User Awards
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User Award   .Wiinty 29-Jul-2016
How come I do deserve the showcase? It's quite not cool 4 me, knowing that every single element you built in here is completely different - not to mention, better - than any of the things I used. Can it not be like that, when this track almost reaches perfection in every f''ing aspect?
To start off, the MT is, as simple as it is, a perfect 'trigger' kicking this beauty right in front of our stupidly-smiling faces. It possibly would be out of the essence if this smashing scenery rounding the whole track wasn't shown, now it (still talking 'bout the intro) fairly prefigures the kind of an art-touching track the player's gonna challenge on. That's cool, cause I always tend to overestimate the sh't I'm dl'ing after watching a quality intro (like this one), but.. this track's even better than what I "over"estimated firstly.

This map, man, is what we should call - purely materialized creation. Damn. Do you even have an idea what this track means to us (little builder kids, as well)? I'm almost sure that you don't have a proper one. If you could just get out of yourself and simply get a 3rd person view, you'd instantly realize you're the person everyone is challenging with. Not with this track in particular. The thing is, you're the one who instantly takes the well deserved win, putting away those little builders who initially had the chance to be the 'one'. I remember I already told you a while ago; I wouldn't have even accepted the dual-building request if I could've looked forward through time to what this track was gonna become. You send me the start, I was, obviously, impressed; I tried some sh't a few hours and guess what: I couldn't yet find the right mean to continue maintaining the creativity level, but.. you did - later on. The next section - the underground hall where you're going downhill is crazy as hell. The jump to the checkpoint instantly got my deep love; it's as simple as well working. I've seen a lot of implementations of the white roof, but this one is exceptionally executed. The following part is, however - the track's still perfect btw -, not that well implemented. The road-sculpture transitioning (which heavily reminds me of a flyps track I was in love with some time ago, and then, of zenit's loops a bit) is still fine, but I'm not sure about the landing afterwards. You fly up to the corkscrew and have some kind of a crash, mhmm. The idea's obviously creditable, but the fact you practically loose all the speed gained before eventhough I tried different angles to enter at, is quite 'screaky' for the flow. Nevertheless, moving the focus, my favourite element of the track is, of course, the sculpture wall. You can have one in a lol track, people won't even imagine what is it about in here. Watching (and driving) this kind of walls really makes you assume that the builder polished and dimensioned the wall pieces on its own, for this specific purpose; and baam. we are not even on tm2. It's just wonderful what you could make with these simple blocks and you did your best exploiting them till the thinnest detail and use. The ending is top notch too, it's great to see that you manage to connect that old piece to the actual track, but connecting parts is something that I believe you're used to do already.

part 1

User Award   meNtality 07-Feb-2017
User Award   marlon 29-Dec-2018
awesome one
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