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Name: Download ¡ SlackenCoup !
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Ravenwest
Version: 20-Nov-2016
TMX id: 6756525
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 8,594
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments

¡ SlackenCoup !

Hey guys!

I present you my new fullspeeder with atmosphere of Snatch...
Ehmm, wait...
It's actually not even close to it !
I would say that I was just inspired to build new map after my hunting on that awesome map.

Aand yes, this can be fun for you

Betatesters :

- Egor2000
- zr mat
- fredair.esu
- v.neck
- xeqzion
- timon
- and of course brenniiii

Screen :
by dreamy guy

see you soon niggas !

Alex aka Ravenwest

User Comments
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  Ravenwest 20-Nov-2016
your mom likes this track
  zr mat 20-Nov-2016
she actually does
  meNtality 20-Nov-2016
  elaus43 20-Nov-2016
Real nice intro
There are some parts i don't like: first long jump - here i lost a lot. The small curve combination before feels pressed to me
The plattform connection before you go to the last wall.
Strange that no one really mentioned (zogg)
Think your map is more for the higher skilled drivers
  Ravenwest 20-Nov-2016
Thanks for your feedbacks.
Yes elaus you may be right, somehow everything is so easy for me.

Zogger aka Zogger

Eyy Trex thanks for feedback!
Simplicty of scenery and driving is what I really appreciate. Somehow I don't feel that community really need it nowdays. Only few of you can really enjoy my taste. I don't say it's bad or something, this is just fact. Everyone has own taste. But I'm always glad to see someone who notices my ideas in maps.
As you wrote about my method of construction, let me show you how it really happens

1.I usually make route using the fact that it should be a bit close to real life. You won't see any huge hills, mega tubes or somethinge else near the sky in my last maps.
2.When I only begin building and when I add something to track route I already think what scenery is gonna be here. Yes this can be weird, but if it doesn't look okay in my eyes I will delete it.
3.Trying to make every part of map special. This is about a bit special scenery and the originality of what track consists of. For example don't use abosolutely the same walls or loops.

All those facts make some limits in my maps. I focus more on atmosphere and the track itself turns out to be really simple! Yes, most of guys have more epic ideas, but I don't even try it as it isn't my cup of tea. I build track route usually fast. And then the hardest thing comes, the scenery! I had maybe 10 versions of scenery in some places. When it isn't okay, I feel something wrong and my heart says: "no". I can spend some weeks on one place, have you seen someone more weird as me? Haha...

And after that time I already get used to track and it doesn't seem hard for me + the fact I'm focused on atmosphere make some guys like elaus to write that the track is bad. I usually read and think: "Ehmm, ye, people love the track itself not the atmosphere, again I forgot about it" and then smile.

4. I don't like overspeed fullspeeders. There are some reasons for it. I like tricky speeddrifts with not huge speed. Speedslide paradise are usually boring for me... + I'm noob in them
5.Oldschool atmosphere. Just question of taste. Somehow I enjoy some maps with new "chaos" scenery. For example Elusive by Mastermind, really stylish one.

So yes that's it. My maps will always be weird for most of you. And you will see my latest map later and then I'm out of building, maybe not forever, who knows

You said:
This lets me think on what you once wrote in one of your ACs: "If you're not completely convinced of a track and unsure, it's going to be a fine map".
I hope you understood what I meant and did a mistake in your words, because I said:

"Nothing is better than something you're not sure 100% in".(c) Ravenwest

Words of wise man...
And yes I usually use this principle not only in building, but also in my life.

Sapphiron thank you man. I respect your maps, really glad you liked it.
  AR »Trex 21-Nov-2016
Originally posted by Ravenwest ...
I can spend some weeks on one place, have you seen someone more weird as me?

Could be my life story ...
Well, I also tend to check the scenery very often at all critical spots and change and change it again, but after many modifications and improvements I leave it as it is and say to myself: "Hey, you could change it another 5 times and it wouldn't look different, so keep it, it's alright."
And this thought leads me to an end, otherwise I would never finish. Some maps needed over 2 weeks to get my scenery done, but it doesn't look real better after so many changes imo because it stays your own style. For me a scenery hasn't to be perfect and the atmosphere may have some lacks, but that's what makes it to your special style
  Ravenwest 21-Nov-2016
Haha yes, better to finish it like it is otherwise we will never finish it
  AR »Trian 23-Nov-2016
I can't make heavy sceneries cause I run out of different combinations

I really like the idea of making every part special while keeping the track simple, that's what I kind of tried to do with my MTC entry. Here's how I see this principle on this track:
- the tilted road curve + jump combination: nothing groundbreaking but still not something you see in every map (or at least it feels so maybe because of the scenery and atmosphere )
- the use of those "grid roads" after the loop instead of just making a conventional straight road or road chicane type of thing
- of course the uphill-to-flat platform transition, I love it (even if the curve could perhaps come a bit later so that you wouldn't start drifting so easily when trying to get a good tight line)
- the transition from last wall end to the curved platform blocks
  Ravenwest 23-Nov-2016
Trian great to see you noticed those things And me is absolutely the same about heavy scenery.

Ngtt thanks man and wtf where's your wr on it?

DisGo thanks a lot duude

Maax Thanks for cool award! I remember the time I was in moscow, we met each other and there u had something like drugs or something in your bag and then weird woman came to us and said:"chebaksa?". Well, I think there we also holded our balls and concentrated
  Switch 26-Nov-2016
Quote ...
I usually make route using the fact that it should be a bit close to real life.

I've never read anything like that before, now that's something special But if you build good tracks with that in mind (and imo you do, like, really) then have it your way^^ I just think that's weird in trackmania
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User Awards
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User Award   zr mat 20-Nov-2016
User Award   ZoggeR 20-Nov-2016
I love how you are always able to incorporate the atmosphere and certain aspects of Nlpwf's tracks
Nice work here, the first ~10 secs are bit annoyingly tight, but all in all it's super flowy

Zogger aka Zogger
User Award   meNtality 20-Nov-2016
very nice one - so flowy and built as always in classic style
good job mate
intro is super cool btw
User Award   AR »Trian 20-Nov-2016
User Award   SapphiroN 20-Nov-2016
Great nostalgic track. I do think the rough platform bump before the wall is not very good like elaus said.
User Award   unholy79 20-Nov-2016
User Award   AR »Trex 20-Nov-2016
Fantastic track with perfectly calculated slides in the beginning. What I love most about your style is that you tend to build very uncomplicated and don't mess with unnecessary many thoughts (as me ). Additionally, most parts of your map are very unforced, free built and make the driver discover his individual route to handle the spot. An example: The turn of before the last wall of your map (behind the edge) would usually be too tight to sd completely from begin on, so you don't pretend a line given there at all. It makes the driver think about when he should start the slide best. Also this method of constructing is much more easy and less annoying for drivers because everyone has to find his own personal line and you don't have to calculate the turn badass perfectly. And personally I love this in your maps.

This lets me think on what you once wrote in one of your ACs: If you're not completely convinced of a track and unsure, it's going to be a fine map.
User Award   grobec 20-Nov-2016
I don't often say that about fullspeed map, but awesome track
User Award   Sky.esu 20-Nov-2016
User Award   GodofWar 20-Nov-2016
User Award   5teasy.esu 20-Nov-2016
Great one alex
User Award   vneck 20-Nov-2016
User Award   xeqzion 20-Nov-2016
real nice track
User Award   AR »NGTT <3 23-Nov-2016
Wtf mate, your maps are always great...
User Award   DisGo.esu 24-Nov-2016
gotta love maps like this! epic nostalgia on this one, love the atmosphere and everything is perfectly calculated!
User Award   X3Max 25-Nov-2016
The flow is intense and impetous, transitions are clean, everything (except that fokkin jump, argh when will i drive it correctly...) is perfectly calculated from beginning to the end. The last turn to the wall feels very tight and extreme, when you learn how to pass it. For me as keyboard driver it was a good challenge
My favourite parts are section from the end of the loop to the beginning of first wall, and the turn to last wall with the wall itself. First one has a very smooth and tight feeling, reminds me of the similar part in Snatch, while the second is like "hold your balls and concentrate, dude"
The scenery is so calculated and measured that it feels like the every block of it was thought about and redone once and again and it's very original, including even some extraordinal constructions, looking harmonic somehow.

Noo, chet tip togo,


PS. no, no, nooo... AAAHHHH!!!... that jump.....
User Award   apX. agent 16-Sep-2018
awsum map
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