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Name: Download CCP#01 - Grinch stole TrackMania
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Dule
Version: 01-Dec-2016
Released: 01-Dec-2016
TMX id: 6766253
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 6,700
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Sunrise
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1:52.78   JakeRay+ 0:00.006,700
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1:53.60   Dule+ 0:00.826,407
1:57.63   Snellejasper+ 0:04.854,971
1:58.29   unholy79+ 0:05.514,736
21:40.13   legigantesquee...+ 19:47.350
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Author Comments

It's that time of the year again!
But beware, this Christmas is starting differently!

How the Grinch stole TrackMania!
^too long for title

Greetings community!
It's really really been a while since I wrote a proper author comment and I feel like I've been getting rusty lately. Sit down and make yourself comfortable, grab some cookies and hot chocolate and read on. First of all, I would like to excuse myself for being quite absent from uploading "quality" maps, which is kinda ironic because I have about 7-8 maps in the making and none of them are finished and they just sit in my folders, abandoned. It's sad really. A fall of a creator, in a sense that he loses inspiration to build or just the absence of free time, is always not pretty to witness. I've been stuck in that "period" for a while now. I've made some maps that I thought were pretty nice but after building more and playing them more I started to hate them. After all of these years playing the game, I felt fulfilled and nothing was surprising me anymore. Recently I've been just roaming on the and downloading maps left and right, trying to find inspiration. As some of you probably know, I get really competitive when it gets to getting a spot on the CCP or some other "big" building projects, and this year's Christmas Calendar Project was no different. I knew, by average, when the CCP announcement was approximately gonna be, so I just camped in hopes that I could take a spot.This will be my 6th CCP entry! And viola! It happened. I was really happy to finally have a "goal" to make a map worthy of CCP. I still don't know if I fulfilled that goal because there are no beta-testers in such project and I like that. It tests in the way that your map is only as good as you can drive it. Sometimes this can be hit or miss but I like that feeling of challenging yourself. I've played many different map style by many different authors and recently I've been hanging out on some speed-tech servers, playing some very well built maps and I really like   shortz.esu's style of speed-tech maps. I'm no expert and I didn't want to copy him but I also feel like I've failed to capture the awesome flow only he knows how to make. My map is more technical in some spots but it also has a lot of long speedy parts. I think it's more of a speed-tech/fun speed mixture hybrid which is a weird mix but hey, that's what makes Trackmania mapping unique! While I'm on the map topic, I might as well give you some facts and the story behind the name.

- Part 2 in the comments because it exceeded 4000 characters -

- links -
Mod download
(The mod should auto-download but if it doesn't, place the mod .zip file into: My Documents/TrackMania/Skins/Stadium/Mod)
Video by Shortz
Big screen

Until we meet next time,

User Comments
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  Dule 01-Dec-2016
The problem is the replay length because there are like 6~ replays in total used, but each one is 1:55~ long and plus the map is big so yea, rip
  Razo.'R |R4a 01-Dec-2016
going for the longset ccp track this year, eh?
  Switch 01-Dec-2016
HYPE! That looks epic Dule
  Dule 01-Dec-2016
I wasn't going for longest but I was going for a different than usual since it's already my 6th CCP and I don't want them all to be FS maps

E: Best of the week baby!!
Thanks for all the love! <3
  elaus43 04-Dec-2016
Respect dule
Sorry that i cannot leave a time - it's simply too hard for me and my pc is lagging a lot
great vid shortz
  Dule 07-Dec-2016
Jesus, 31 awards!!
The last map I released was a year ago and it was the previous CCP... I guess I need to start building again! Much love!

>mfw best of month
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User Awards
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User Award   Sparco (links in bio) 02-Dec-2016

Let's go for it, again!

The length make it not very huntable but fun to drive on casual level. I liked the different approach of sceneries before reading the author comment, I see this more like an adaptation to each style and imo it's better in this way. Some transitions are very fresh but I think sometimes you made the way harder than it needs, anyway good job Dude

Dafuk, 6 maps on 8 editions

User Award   JakeRay 02-Dec-2016

I can't believe I spent so much time on this...

Wait actually, I can. Despite its numerous clunky transitions and unusual length, it's kind of fun to play. I might not be the most active user on TMX anymore, but in my book, this track is extraordinarily original. It was fun learning the track bit by bit. Had it been a standard map of this length, I don't think I would've enjoyed it as much.

Great job man, I love it.
If you ever create something like it again, hit me with a PM, and I'll hunt it fo' sure!

User Award   "Dawe. 03-Dec-2016
User Award   zr mat 03-Dec-2016
User Award   wormi 03-Dec-2016
The map quality imo drops a bit during second minute, but anyway. Who you think you are? simo_900?
User Award   Hitchy 03-Dec-2016
User Award   ax.unity 04-Dec-2016
User Award   elaus43 04-Dec-2016
User Award   iAppLe 05-Dec-2016
User Award   Ili (Sam) 06-Dec-2016
Nota map I ll hunt but definitly deserve an award, really good work
User Award   »Flo.F® 06-Dec-2016
User Award   gianco 07-Dec-2016
User Award   AR »Trex 07-Dec-2016
awesome work, even if I'm no Tech driver
User Award   grobec 07-Dec-2016
Great !
User Award   fab'm PT <3 14-Dec-2016
really an unique tech with fancy transitions, a little hard but a cool track netherless
User Award   awful maps 26-Dec-2016
Way too much for a humble dirt/ fun speed driver like me...
This is not a track Dule it is a work of art.
User Award   Switch 26-Dec-2016
And that was epic indeed, it's obviously a pain to hunt (especially that finish, the white blocks are just soooo buggy and when that happens after two minutes of driving it's quite painful) but it's such a great track, and I do think the length plays an important role in that, it makes the whole track feel massive and complex, and it's just great to drive because it's not repetitive - again, due to the length.

Great work Dule, kind of a shame you only do that once a year
User Award   Marlon 26-Feb-2019
Great track
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