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Name: Download Herák's Doom [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   jurajojo
Version: 04-Dec-2016
TMX id: 6768621
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 4,673
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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7:49.93   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.004,673
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8:49.56   jurajojo+ 0:59.631,115
8:59.73   Xerox.+ 1:09.80508
12:33.16   >Dawe+ 4:43.230
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Author Comments

Hello. This is a map I have built for Mario cup, that was delayed and later completely changed to Continuous RPG Contest. More information about the cup here:

The track is a slightly speedy map, with some cool tricks and some pathfinding areas.
The track uses DarkArt mod.
There should be a regular interval between cps of around 15 seconds.
Author Time is 9:56.05 but 7:xx.xx is definitely possible.

There was a pair of people riding a train from Slovakia to Czech Republic. The train had many services that the customers could use. One of the customers and one of the pair was named Herák. He was coming to see Dawe. So who exactly is Herák? Well, Herák is my dear friend and also Dawe's neighbour. Yet mine friend and Dawe's neighbour are two different human beings, or at least bodies. Yes, Herák posseses two human bodies that are not interconnected in any way, bar the mind.
Now Dawe wanted to see my friend but he did not yet know what horror that would bring upon our arrival. Neither did I. The thing is, when the two human bodies of Herák get close to each other, he can not only read people's minds, but also manipulate them on his own accord. If he wanted, he could make you listen to SOGVEVO all day long and yet not even turn a radio on! Or any other device capable of playing music for that matter. He could just send you songs themselves into your mind. A truly amazing ability.
If he had such power, why were the two bodies separated, you ask? There are some downsides to his ability. First of all, while they are close, he reads the minds of other people no matter whether he wants to. As if that was not enough, if this ability is activated for more than half an hour (and it will unless the bodies get separated), then he starts manipulating other people's minds unintentionally and the actions the manipulated ones take are completely random.
As you have certainly corrrectly guessed, dawe has become a victim of this uncontrollable, yet magnificent and spectacular power. So what actions has Dawe taken while under control of this intriguing human being? Well, many people value their mobile phones, partly because they are not a cheap toy that you can replace whenever you want and Herák has gotten Dawe to keep his mobile phone in an open pocket of his jacket for some time. The consequence was that as we stepped down the stairs of a shopping centre on the roof where a café was, his mobile phone was dropped and the landing was critical not in damage, but in landing position as it fell through a relatively small in the ground into a normally unaccessible area where the support for the café area was.
End of Story, I'll let you guess what happened next and how it relates to the track. After all, stories are about your own imagination.
Also, the characters do not represent anyone in real-life, any coincidences to real-life as in events or names is purely coincidental.
Congratulations. You have read a story. Now, you are prepared to read a book. Did you know that you were manipulated by Herák to read this story? I was when writing it. Quasi.

There is 4900 squares on a 24x24 chessboard, and I stress that I'm talking about squares of varied size. Amazing, isn't it?

Well, anyway, Go play the track, Good Luck!
Special Thanks: Mario and Thom for betatesting! And Agna for some reason. And You too, reader.
Geez, what have I done?

User Comments
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  Pi malun 30-Jan-2017
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   nunni 06-Jan-2017

didnt read lol
User Award   thom 06-Jan-2017
Nice map, thanks for submitting it to the CRC
User Award   Wirtual #mot 06-Jan-2017
User Award   sogard7 06-Jan-2017
User Award   luckypech 06-Jan-2017
I have to award this for some reason
User Award   >Dawe 06-Jan-2017

Beyond belief material
User Award   Xerox. 06-Jan-2017
Very good map, with some creative tricks and ways
User Award   wojoradi 06-Jan-2017
nice creation
User Award   xxlr8 07-Jan-2017
interesting race the hardest RPG I've ever finished

but i think this track is too hard and unhuntable for contest like this

User Award   deus.esu 07-Jan-2017
???? ?IC? ?A?
User Award   fleshback 08-Jan-2017
nice map
love several tricks, like the start
well done
User Award   pLexT 08-Jan-2017
Wow! Great tricks... some CPs were annoying , and others were amazing ... overall was really fun to drive.
Um... this mod is horrible though
User Award   Loe 22-Jan-2017
love it
User Award   kangawallapuss 16-May-2018
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