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Name: Download Milky Way
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »severus
Version: 07-Dec-2016
Released: 07-Dec-2016
TMX id: 6771455
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 11,351
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:45.14   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.0011,351
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0:45.37   zr mat+ 0:00.2311,003
0:45.49   apX. agent+ 0:00.3510,822
0:46.45   Ili (Sam)+ 0:01.319,374
0:47.89   elaus43+ 0:02.757,201
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Author Comments

~ Hey guys, I'm back with a fullspeed track, again ~

This time, I'll try to make a constructive authour comment because this is a kinda special release.

Why ? Well, because this map is nothing less than a tribute to my friend and mate   apX. agent. And it is highly deserved for me, he is a fantastic player, friendly driver, and of course a great mapper. So I've no idea if this one will make you any justice but guess that's the attention that matters

Anyway, about the track itself. It's night mood, it's quite fast with some slides and, you know, usual fs stuff like walls, tubes etc. The scenery is kinda heavy, about 6500 cc and, here aswell, quite ugly as usual. So, I'm sorry about that but I still have progress to make here. I just hope you guys will enjoy playing the track, and if so, leave a replay, comment, award ?

And, last but not least, huge thanks goes to   Ili (Sam) for this fantastic painting Here is your showcase mate.

MTC - Axyzoid by   Ili (Sam)

User Comments
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  »severus 07-Dec-2016
  AR »Trian 07-Dec-2016
the transition before the 2nd uphill gets really bumpy when trying to drive the hill entrance as diagonally as possible for minimum air time :/
e/ after some more driving I think it's manageable
  zr mat 07-Dec-2016
yeah the transition before 2nd hill made me slide like mad on the hill but rest is
  »severus 07-Dec-2016
yes indeed, the line I suggested by placing those ramps is not quite the best but I hope it won't kill the hunt pb is .13 btw
  Jay^.ps 08-Dec-2016
time for now
  »severus 08-Dec-2016
Hey agent, thx for your award if you read this Well there are some spots indeed that you wouldn't have built yourself so I'll take these as a fail And I don't think a sd on first hill is possible. I'm glad you like it otherwise and yes, night mood See ya in 2017 mate !

nt Jay
  apX. agent 09-Dec-2016
I think the point of a tribute is not necessarily to build the map in the style of the one to whom it is dedicated to. You obvisouly can do that but if you'd really achieved that I think I wouldn't even enjoy the map that much^^
What you did is great, not flawless but decent. I'd never call it a fail
  elaus43 10-Dec-2016
atleast i could make a finish run before my frames get below the 25 mark
not best but yeah i made it
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User Awards
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User Award   zr mat 07-Dec-2016
User Award   meNtality.wp 07-Dec-2016
pretty nice, tbh dont like some empty spots in scenery
User Award   AR »Trian 07-Dec-2016
...super addictive track otherwise
User Award   Türkish Mami 07-Dec-2016
User Award   Ili (Sam) 08-Dec-2016
Not so easy when you discover the map, it's not really intuitive.. but when you start to know it it become really fun.
Lot of good combination and cool idea!! good job
User Award   apX. agent 08-Dec-2016

Hey sev
This indeed is a huge surprise I actually wouldn't have seen your message on skype if I hadnt just recently downloaded skype for my mobile phone^^. At first I didnt really realize what this message was about because you said something like "you'll only see it in February". It took me a while till I understood that I'm inactive until February, thus wont be able to play it
But, getting a tribute is something super special and an honour you dont receive that often, so I had to play it.
People who have read my award on dule's map might know that I've deleted tm for the time being but well..I didn't But I stored the laptop in my cupboard to not get tempted to play from time to time For special occasions, like this one here, I'm surely gonna play tho.

Now..coming to the main point of this award.
I could tell you now what I think about each and every part of the map but I think it would be a rather boring award to read (not saying that this isnt boring until here^^) So I will make this rather short. The map has many great spots, also some I have problems with. But thats normal - there aint anything perfect. As an example here..the first hill. I'm still not sure how to drive it. I was sure a sd is possible there but I'm still not able to do it. That kinda frustrates me xD The 2nd hill can also be dangerous but is actually quite easy to handle. When I watched the gps I though this would be a hell of a task to handle for hunting but I drifted only once in all my tries.
Those two points are actually all that bothered me, the rest flows super well and is nice to drive. The very best part is the sd towards the turnover. I first thought it will be a tight spot but I've never failed it and it is so perfectly calculated - love it!
The scenery is also great and I think with night mood you chose my favourime mood. It used to be the one I hated the most but lately I came to love it

I couldn't play it that long though because of laggs(6.5k is hard to handle for my laptop^^) and I think you might have uploaded it at the wrong time. With the CCP runing atm people won't give this map the attention it deserves, which is quite sad

So, for the last..thank you very much Sev - it really was unexpected and thus even better. I'm happy that I can call you a friend of mine . Looking forward to hunt some records with you in the next year

User Award   sef.tension 08-Dec-2016
very nice tribute =)
User Award   elaus43 10-Dec-2016
nice track severus
so many nice things combined
cool placement of the low plattform ramps
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