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Name: Download Final Enigma [Trial] 🧩
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 27-Feb-2020
Released: 13-Mar-2017
TMX id: 6855523
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day
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Author Comments



The final challenge awaits. Not one person could get past the first sections of the previous two hardest trials, leaving a shouting void in the list of the most challenging trials and making the release of this track a huge necessity. Prepare to fly and spin around the track blindly as the loops and boosters of this track set you up for insane wall or pipe landings. Or to be completely honest with you, don't. You won't make it that far.


Mod: The mod is a heavy edit of puzzle made by stromek a decade ago. The main focus of the edit are the black and white textures with red as the only actual color. It makes the track look like a medieval castle or something within those lines, and I'm personally quite happy with the result. download
Length: 8 checkpoints, 26 minutes. Bit more than that in human time.
Difficulty: If Black Cyalume is 9.5/10, this is 9.9/10.


HUGE thanks to   supertaro1 (aka Kitty) and   Nixion for teaming up with me to drive the replays for the videos. Kitty actually drove most of the hardest parts of the tracks, which was just super helpful.

Also thanks to   L4Bomb4 for making a video and the teaser on his channel as well.


Have fun

Plastorex CP1

Update 29.12.17
Blocked all known cuts. Made cp6 harder by removing the turtle recover way.

User Comments
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  simo_900 13-Mar-2017
Yes, I validated the track using cheats. Yes, it's allowed to be upload on tmx.
Originally posted by pascow ...
We've been talking a bit about this case and came to the conclusion that tracks need to be finishable theoretically in future. As eie says, we have to draw a line & if there's no clear proof that it's possible to finish a track, it will be hidden or deleted.
The video works as a proof for it being finishable.

Btw, the night between sunday and monday is the best time for a release, isn't it? The video took way longer to make than expected...
  blublu 13-Mar-2017
+1 Konde
  FireBiker 13-Mar-2017
is this an easteregg or part of the chillout area?
  simo_900 13-Mar-2017
just part of the chill area
  elaus43 13-Mar-2017
This will go classic
  Pi malun 13-Mar-2017
The map is kinda ok
  Chacal-fgtm 13-Mar-2017
  HardDance 13-Mar-2017
Quote ...
This will go classic

Yes! My guess is within a week or two, especially with that LB
  simo_900 13-Mar-2017
  Vønix!« 15-Mar-2017
not even 50 awards
  Lovva 15-Mar-2017
u know what i think about maps which have hacked time but w/e, looks pretty tricky.
havent got first cp yet
  meNtality.wp 15-Mar-2017
pfff what an eazy map, didnt even bother completing it XDD

soo will this beat the "[PL][1.1] Rotation curse by   Fwo Niro" with 61 awards?
i dont even know what is more epic :0
  simo_900 15-Mar-2017
lovva award on a hacked map is the best achievement of my tm career
  Zipperke 16-Mar-2017
holy f#ck simo, you just reached epic levels of awesomeness now
  Lovva 26-Mar-2017
im stuck in grass slide, i never get good bounce to pipe
  Fwo Niro 26-Apr-2017
Well, so far it got mine. (Had 62 when i wrote this comment) ^^
  jo la taupe 15-Sep-2017
Both 63 awards on sept 2017
  elaus43 10-Oct-2017
didn't expect such an amount off replays
  simo_900 29-Dec-2017
should have made the roof cut block out of dirthightoroad, looks awful now
  Nawk 26-Jun-2019
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   vince78 19-Mar-2017
Mindblowing work
Stay speechless with this 360 720 waterbounce trick
User Award   Lapelero 12-Apr-2017
This trial is a masterpiece.
Everything is good in this track. Build such a track with such ideas like grass slide, those sculptures, all those tricks... just awesome. I think limits of the difficulty of a trial track are reached in this track. I saw simo's video, and I see all what a masterpiece is.

Big award to you !
User Award   Gravitr 27-Jun-2017
Someone make WR... I mean someone finish it.
User Award   Endriago-1988 10-Oct-2017
User Award   DDR.Buddha 29-Dec-2017
u wot
User Award   RaµL 02-Jan-2018
congratulations you won, i'm actually amazed with the full control of car/bugs this requires ^^

keep pushing the limits
User Award   Lewis° 04-Jan-2018
It looks so sick that huge jump with waterbounce is a masterpiece!
User Award   Mikha' 23-Jan-2018
User Award   juanv149 23-Sep-2019
User Award   Nawk 02-May-2020
User Award   rogurgo 11-Sep-2020
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