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Name: Download Hunting With friends #02
Pack: Download Hunting With Friends
By:   apX.Magik :3
Version: 21-Mar-2017
Released: 21-Mar-2017
TMX id: 6863088
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,783
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:43.50   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.0013,783
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0:43.54   apX. Phoenix+ 0:00.0413,707
0:43.65   Vince.TM+ 0:00.1513,497
0:43.79   apX.Magik :3+ 0:00.2913,231
0:43.82   zr mat+ 0:00.3213,174
0:44.07   iAppLe+ 0:00.5712,699
0:44.25   canje+ 0:00.7512,357
0:44.50   FluX.+ 0:01.0011,881
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Author Comments

Been a while since i've made something, and while i was browsing through all the maps i've made in the past, i realised i started an unfinished series... So today, in about 2 weeks of building time, i present to you my newest creation, the second map to the series of Hunting With Friends. Let's get some sick times and maybe rise the LB rating once again?

Thanks a lot to   apX. Phoenix for the screenshot!

And of course to my two beloved beta testers:

»  apX.Dragster
»  apX. Phoenix

The previous map in the series

Hunting With friends #01 by   apX.Magik :3

Phoenix's under rated map!

I N F I N I t Y ! by   apX. Phoenix

That's it for me,
Peace, Magik

User Comments
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  apX.Magik :3 21-Mar-2017
  Vønix!« 21-Mar-2017
  iAppLe 21-Mar-2017
names it hunting with friends.....has no friends ^^
  apX.Magik :3 21-Mar-2017

@mat, the pole is perfectly avoidable and if you take the right line the end is fine aswell Xd

@severus "you should have put a block from 8-6-1 section wich end a little bit sooner if you connect them correctly with poles or stuff it should work perfectly." connecting the front bit makes the block the same length as normal platform blocks, and well, i did this so that hunting potentional was better because you have to reduce air time ._.

the little ramp i kind of agree, but if you take this wide line, youll be adjusting yourself in the tube which will slow you down, but i guess i can update this. i thought i had left enough space for the tube but maybe thats not the case...

The bit after what you said there i dont have a clue what you ment, youd have to show me pics Xd but cheers for the feedback, i didnt have testers on the last 15 or so seconds so yeah
  iHq/fredair.esu 22-Mar-2017
some scenery tips: hide & cover the ugly platform side with the black wall blocks
no yes

and this: no no no no no
  apX.Magik :3 22-Mar-2017
@fredair but i like the bottom no's Xd

and i guess i was too lazy or forgot to cover the parts with black borders using tmunlimiter^^ if you look at the downhill part and well, the upper half of the map, youll see i actually did that

any other tips maybe?
  »severus 22-Mar-2017
@Magik, well i dont think that the actual way adds to hunting potential and i actually think it does just the opposite. Well dont connect the end Think i was clear enough that you had to just connect the bottom of the block to the booster and sides if u want. And well sometimes entering tubes with a wide line can benefit, haven't tried so I can't tell here because i can't And well about the last part:

this is the type of wallride you currently have
this is the type of wallride that i would recommend at this speed with a large turn placed before like there is.
  elaus43 22-Mar-2017
Hi magik
Looks fast will try the next days
  apX.Magik :3 22-Mar-2017
@severus, What i see on imgur
  meNtality.wp 22-Mar-2017
@magik same
  »severus 22-Mar-2017
ok it's fucked up. too lazy to do it again
  apX.Magik :3 22-Mar-2017
Guess i'll never know

Well done jay baby
  elaus43 23-Mar-2017
the start feels a bit special here - don't know if it's good or not
  apX.Magik :3 23-Mar-2017
That's probably good, i wanted to make it unique, something not like other maps, a bit like in the last one, thought thats debatable^^
  elaus43 24-Mar-2017
still underrated !
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User Awards
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User Award   Vønix!« 21-Mar-2017
User Award   iAppLe 21-Mar-2017
scenery is on point here
User Award   meNtality.wp 21-Mar-2017
dope shit
User Award   zr mat 21-Mar-2017
that pole at the end is aids rest is very nice
User Award   »severus 21-Mar-2017
nice one, like the speed and the atmosphere. Some things aren't perfect imo. First drop feels weird, i think that instead of the last basic plateform block you should have put a block from 8-6-1 section wich end a little bit sooner if you connect them correctly with poles or stuff it should work perfectly. Then there is this slide to first tube. You placed an annoying little ramp on right side wich prevents entering tube with a wide line. And it's a matter of taste but maybe you could have added a 1 block high wallride on the low entry side because it's pretty uncomfortable to have both sizes of the wall entry with a "open" edge. I see that you couldn't add another quarterpipes on high entry of tube cause of start drop. Apart from that, great job :!
User Award   apX. Phoenix 22-Mar-2017
You know my feelings about this one
User Award   elaus43 23-Mar-2017
The scenery is on point
The Speed and Sding's are perfectly (if i can say^^) done.
One of your best
User Award   AR »Trex 19-May-2017
Man a shame that I wasn't online to notice this piece of a map, it's really lovely. I love the whole map including the beginning because it's not that difficult and you can get it quite solid though. What I love most about this map are those fixed walls you can nearly always get perfectly timed (they tilt your car also into the perfect direction) and the slide from the middle of the hill down to the wall. Usually you're used to start a conventional sd at the transition between hill and platform (where the platform becomes at grade), but here it makes so much more fun because you can get a really nice sd from the middle of the hill down to the wall, that makes me happy. Also the slides are awesome (especially the one after the first wall) and the wall/tube-combination at the end is so damn well calculated that you hit the corners of the wall perfectly

Really awesome map, well done
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 21-Apr-2018
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