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Name: Download FStunt.exe
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JFF - Drpzor FST
Version: 04-May-2017
Released: 04-May-2017
TMX id: 6900878
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Sunset
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Author Comments

"Have you ever wondered what would it look like if Simo, Nop, Flyps and Chadox built a map together?"

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, here I finally go releasing this hell. It's a tribute to Simo, Nop, Flyps and Chadox, and overall to the whole subgenre of FStunt. I fell in love with this genre and was seeking for harder and harder challenges, so I eventually decided to put this together. Since it's a tribute, most of the stunts are either theirs in particular, or inspired by them. I'll link the maps below.

The point was to create an extremely hard FStunt that would look like a PF and was long enough to be nearly impossible not to fail. I firstly needed to nerf it, as the finish was really inconsistent + wasn't certainly FS, and now I didn't even manage to finish it yet, but I wanted it done already, so I had it hex-verified (thx Arkes for helping me out ^u^). Also, there are 2 turbos missing in the map now, they still are going to be in the GPS replay. It doesn't change anything, it's actually even more consistent, as the overspeed there usually took the speed away somewhere else and is the same, but was harder. It is possible to finish, I speedchecked every single part multiple times, everything will work if you do it correctly, all you need is skill. Shitloads of skill. And patience.

By this map I also wanted to say goodbye to the TM community, as I will stop playing a lot once the GPS is released and will only play occasionally. I'm sorry. So before I leave, I just wanted to leave a mark after my 8 year career.

Some info:

Name: JFF - FStunt.exe
Genre: Extreme Lunatic FStunt
Scenery: 18144 (I tried to make it look good, but still be kinda weak, so that people can still drive it)
Blocks: 3850
Stunts: 17 with nerf + 2 normal (original map had 19 + 2, as seen in GPS soon on Youtube)
Transitions/jumps: 7
SDs/S4Ds: yep, but not recommended
Estimated length: 1:4x.xx - 1:5x.xx
Difficulty: Explaining mom you're smoking at the age of 13

Verified: not yet, but definitely possible
Respawnable: ofc not :-P
Blockmixing: yes
Unlimiter needed: no
Intro: yes
GPS: yes, link below
Cameras: no, rip, as if it already weren't hard enough, right?

THE FIRST PERSON to finish this map under the "Author" hex time, which was carefully chosen that you can beat it for a few seconds if you finish, wins 10.000 coppers, so that I can for example make you a tag and pay you the rest, or pay you the full prize or whatever. Meh, what am I even trying, nobody's gonna even try to finish this sh*t anyways, right.
So, once again, the conditions you need to fulfil:
- beat "author" time
- fullspeed way only (Sorry simo, I won't let you take all the money with the RPG way which you definitely are going to find soon xD)

First finisher: not yet

THERE IS AN EASTER EGG as well, and from the map's intro it's pretty obvious where it is. THE FIRST ONE to find the way and PM me the password here that pops out on you if you get there, wins 1.000 coppers + gets the opportunity to unlock both this map and the unnerfed original track with almost no scenery that I will upload into the Beta area soon. If you manage build the map and verify it, it's yours to upload Everybody who gets there gets the password of course, but only the first one gets the coppers.

Easter egg found: congratz to Unnamed ^^

Bombi's channel:

I'd also like to thank MCYC who took his time trying to make an intro in TM1, but sadly it crashed and therefore I had to make the intro myself, so it sucks xD
MCYC's channel:

Post me some more nice FStunts so I can put them here ^^

If I remember something, I'll add it afterwards xD But for now, GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN, YOU'LL NEED IT!

User Comments
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  .Wiinty 07-May-2017
No constraints, blublu.
Most of us haven't even dl'ed the track (tho I always purposely hit the dl button before awarding just to exit the thing aftwerwards before anything launches). -.- *whowannabecaughtnow,srsly*
You can award the track.
  Zipperke 11-May-2017
Defacer awarded your map
that's like 16 awards
  JFF - Drpzor FST 11-May-2017
What the fvck, legends actually started to come back to TM or what? :DD Heya Defacer, certainly didn't expect you here, thank you so much ^^
  »severus 11-May-2017
40+ awards, duck my life
  Kakashi 01-Dec-2017
i dont understand people giving an award to a track they can't finish ?? doesnt make sense to me.
Video looks nice tho
  JFF - Drpzor FST 06-Dec-2017
As if somebody was able to finish this in the first place... I maybe would, but I'd need a pretty strong PC and a load of time If I had that during the building process, the map also would likely be smoother as well.
  WaskerSK 23-Aug-2018
Finished XD
  JFF - Drpzor FST 24-Aug-2018
Congratz, Unnamed sent a photo to me xd

500 downloads, noice ._.
Lolwut, 50 awards? ._.
  Dule 03-Jan-2019
gratz on breaking the big5
  JFF - Drpzor FST 15-Jan-2019

e/ thanks hylis
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User Awards
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User Award   NoBody :D 11-May-2017
User Award   sulazdk 14-May-2017
crazy shit
User Award   5huffle 15-May-2017
Haven't finished it yet, but this is for you pal ^-^
User Award   Lapelero 29-May-2017
Masterpiece, best stunt track I've ever seen !
Looks damn hard tho !
User Award   WungkongSlider! 20-Nov-2017
Really FullSpeedStunt Hard But Great Track Drpzor
User Award   »Demon.vrg 11-May-2018
User Award   elaus43 08-Oct-2018
Not human
User Award   diplo|mp 09-Oct-2018
User Award   Marlon 29-Dec-2018
User Award   Loe 03-Jan-2019
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