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Name: Download Refuge #02
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SR.noobi>inactive
Version: 07-Aug-2017
TMX id: 6972541
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,773
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:34.87   MoonShadow+ 0:00.478,971
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Author Comments

Again a fullspeed map with intermediate settings. This one is more tricky and so i guess more dependend on luck. But whatever, for me it was fun, so maybe it is good enough for someone else. The sequence before the wallride is the crucial part to get a good time.

User Comments
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  elaus43 08-Aug-2017
i still struggle at that tight section before the TO
  meNtality 08-Aug-2017
i got the map called Refuge (was shortened from Refuge from the wreckage) ^^
  SR.noobi>inactive 08-Aug-2017
I remember that map By the way, it is my favorite of yours
Sorry about that tight turn, but it felt pretty easy for me after a short time, so i didnt thought that it might be hard for the first tries.
Still thanks that you all tried
  MoonShadow 09-Aug-2017
@ SR.noobi

You're constantly complaining of being blind on my tracks, but what have I to say here.
I drive with cam3 and I don't see anything clearly(drops, jumps).
My problem is not only here, but with all multi transitional tracks(specially the fast ones).
When I begun playing this game(9 years ago), there were no transitional tracks, only racing tracks, so it was natural for me to use cam3 for driving( I still don't understand, how you guys can drive with cams 1/2 - 2-3 meters behind the car).
So, try to do the last jump with cam3 and see what it's like....
BUT, to solve the problem somehow, I use an old, traditional proven trick for driving and that is 'remembering' the track.
Yes, it takes more time to learn all the nuances any track offers, but that's my karma...he he
  SR.noobi>inactive 10-Aug-2017
you are seriously driving with the internal cam? This is pretty impressive, I could never finish one of your maps with cam3. A drop downwards or a long diagonal jump cannot always be perfect visible, there is always some kind of blindness in such transitions. I think the difference between your maps and mine are the following. I try to build everything around my tricky spots as straight or intuitive as possible, so that it is hopefully easy to see how to drive in the tricky transition. On the exit I try to make a straight line, so if you got perfect into the transition you can keep driving straight, without a need for a very fast reaction, so you can get a minimal overview on the following part of the map and be prepared for the next. I try to keep the line as intuitive as possible. Sometimes it works, but on some spots its just like you say (the right turn after the wallride). You have to try and remember, but I want to keep this as low as possible.
You often make a tricky and mostly very tight spot that is immediatly followed up by a part that is as hard as the one before, without this little zone for adjusting. And on some maps you have even more than two extra hard section immediatly after the other one. This is what i mean when I say that you have a blind spot in your map.
  MoonShadow 10-Aug-2017
Yes, you are right, but I like to test my reactions and if I, as a very old(64)man can do it, I was thinking that, it would be a peace of cake for youngsters. You cam imagine the nightmare I have, when I attempt to drive a transitional/multi transitional tracks. I can't see anything, I drive by intuition and what I remember about the track, but if I like it, I'll spent more time to be better.
Yes, reactions and precision - that's what I like.
If you have time(and nerves to spend), try my latest map and tell me what you think.
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User Awards
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User Award   One. 08-Aug-2017
Nice one.. Really fun to hunt it! The only bad thing is that tight turn before turnover that you have to be precise to do it.. Rest is fine!
User Award   elaus43 08-Aug-2017
vn drop before the wallride
good work
User Award   xeqzion 08-Aug-2017
pretty nice map with the right amount of tricky
User Award   MoonShadow 09-Aug-2017
'The only bad thing is', that is the best part of the track for me...and yes, that drop before the wall.
I don't like the final jump - hard for me to hit the right angle.
User Award   Alaric378 10-Aug-2017
I like the transitions especially road to platform and platform to road. Dat turn though..tight as fuk but doable.I only finished once
It aint the same old stuff so I like it
User Award   iAppLe 10-Aug-2017
man, them starts. you love to make them annoying to hunt ^^

rest is really nice
User Award   apX.Magik :3 23-Aug-2017
probably the more creative one but more annoying one to drive at the same time xd

better than the 3rd tbh

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