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Name: Download [PF] Rebellion
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ThunderClap448
Version: 09-Oct-2017
TMX id: 7017887
LB Rating: Uncompetitive Track (uncompetitive)
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
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4:48.58   Nawk+ 0:00.00-
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9:59.87   Wirtual #mot+ 5:11.29-
9:59.91   XX EDGE XX+ 5:11.33-
9:59.97   Silver°+ 5:11.39-
9:59.97   rad+ 5:11.39-
10:00.00   Quat+ 5:11.42-
10:00.00   xXx The Rain M...+ 5:11.42-
10:00.00   elaus43+ 5:11.42-
10:00.00   Joopie+ 5:11.42-
10:00.00   Ziro_der_hutt+ 5:11.42-
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Author Comments

Boy oh boy.
It's been a long time since I finished a... real project and now I'm back to make everyone think I'm a crazy bastard. And you wouldn't be wrong.

Anyways, I'm not going to bother writing the same essay I did on Hyperion's Wrath. There really isn't much to say. Other than the fact that it was a few "friends" of mine (*coughsimocough*) that said no one's stupid enough to do this.

Instead of writing contemplative bs here, I'll instead tell you how much I appreciate all the support I've had over the years. From both TMX and TMDudes. The building was, as you might expect, a massive pain in the rear. Funnily it only became a pain after 7 minutes, exactly when it became a pain to build on Hyperion's Wrath (or HW for short). But nevertheless, I pressed on, under the conviction, and some "mental support" from Zenit, who kept saying something like "10 minutes or bust". So I did it. 10 minutes. 10:00.00 - and it feels glorious. To be done with a project on this scale is truly a mix of feelings, ranging from joy to that feel you get after finishing an awesome game, and wanting to do it again due to the rollercoaster it was. So, my most humble thanks to everyone who supported this.

Now, this entire thing wouldn't have been possible without help of a few awesome peeps. But the guy who made this release possible was the one and only,   ChadoX. He made the amazing screen, the scenery AND helped me with the intro color correction, as I have terrible design choices. Thanks mate, your help is most appreciated.

The intro file is a tad too big for TMX, and therefore you'll have to download it separately if you want to watch it in TM.

Building time: 15 months methinks
Mood: day
Coppers: 'bout 32k, shadows apparently weigh something
Size: 32³
Length: 10:00.00

Video by me!

Video by L4bomb4!

Video by TM AllBest!

Large version of the screen!

Again, big thanks to Chadox for his help.

[PF] Phase Finale by   ChadoX

And as final words, I'd like to say that, this is possibly my last big PF. I'm all grown up and adult now and shit and I have to worry about other things than gaming (lul).

If you want, I can upload a light version of the track.

User Comments
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  awful maps 12-Oct-2017
@fredair.esuI I have carte blanche, express permission because I am an 'Expert'


  JFF - Drpzor 12-Oct-2017
Admit it, Phantom fake has so many awards because of the palm trees flythrough xd
  awful maps 13-Oct-2017
I've got a lot more awards than most people. The problem is, my track page doesn't display 'Zero's
  Vonix.- 13-Oct-2017
Sure wirtual...
  XX EDGE XX 13-Oct-2017
Well, I'm one of the people who usually defend PF maps when they're receiving hate, but this time I have kinda mixed feelings.
There is really nothing special in this one except for the length. In all other categories it's not anyhow different from dozens of other PF tracks I've seen. During these whole 10 minutes maybe like 3-4 times I was like "wow, that stunt is quite unique", rest of the map was just like watching a segment from any good PF map looped. I have a feeling like this PF theme has been brutally exhausted to the very end.

This surely must have taken a lot of time to build, but it doesn't really bring anything new, it might be impressive stats-wise but in terms of gameplay it is quite a useless creation.

Hopefully there will be some more interesting trends in "Px world", otherwise the genre is dead.

Feels quite useless to write this, but hopefully it will be considered as more "constructive criticism" and I won't be labeled as a troll, lol
  SF - Dule 13-Oct-2017
Originally posted by Drp ...
Admit it, Phantom fake has so many awards because of the palm trees flythrough xd

It's true and everyone knows it!!

Originally posted by EDGY BOY ABOVE ...
Admit it, Phantom fake has so many awards because of the palm trees flythrough xd

Sapphiron summed it up perfectly in his award...
  ThunderClap448 13-Oct-2017
Ofc not, because there's a difference between a troll and constructive criticism. You have point and validated it. They just want to pull people's nerves. Besides, the PF itself isn't built to really be unique or amazing or anything. It's good, but it's nothing new. I made it to see how far I can go in the game. That's it really.
  Nawk 14-Oct-2017
bad run that I am not willing to improve unless it gets beaten (which is fairly easy tbh, 1 minute room for improvement)
  ThunderClap448 14-Oct-2017
o cuda

jk, gj man. funny how my name is thunderclap *448*, and you got 4:48.
  Nawk 14-Oct-2017
lol thanks it was bound to happen
  elaus43 16-Oct-2017
Nawk your replay deserves atleast a titan award too
Unbelievable how people like you watch those possibilities
I mean this is maze³
  ben3847 16-Oct-2017
you could spend your time going outside and making real friends who actually care about you, instead of spending your time in this cancer "community"
  kimbro 17-Oct-2017
Like edge said, this theme is a bit over exhausted. So where are the unlimiter 1.2 PF's? You can surely do some crazy things with that.
  Silver° 17-Oct-2017
And again not enough cp's ...
  ThunderClap448 17-Oct-2017
Yeah I'm kinda senile so I forget to put CPs. It would be even less if Chadox didn't make the scenery, he put a few really nice CPs around.
  kimbro 17-Oct-2017
Are you working on a 1.2 PF Thunder?
  ThunderClap448 17-Oct-2017
naw lul

  kimbro 18-Oct-2017
y not brah that shit dope
  ThunderClap448 19-Oct-2017
hard to use man
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User Awards
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User Award   link` 13-Oct-2017
User Award   loe 13-Oct-2017
holy shit dude
User Award   Konix 13-Oct-2017
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 14-Oct-2017
Awesome work, plus you didn't use tmunlimiter to extend the stadium, it should have been a hard challenge too. And that perfect lenght : 10 mins... wow.
User Award   Nawk 14-Oct-2017
Quote ...
4 - Little to no chance of cutting
User Award   Frx ben75 14-Oct-2017
Nice work!
User Award   .Wiinty 14-Oct-2017
I'd kneel in front of you man. This thing is so damn beautiful, in the f'ing seven gods name.
User Award   »RtA«wally 15-Oct-2017
User Award   kimbro 15-Oct-2017
Brilliant. Now make an unlimiter 1.2 PF please.
User Award   brainhead 15-Oct-2017
i like the part where the car flips.

User Award   rad 16-Oct-2017
Woah, incredible PF map here It's the length + great PF quality (high speed, smoothness) that deserve highest credit For me personally though, most impressive is the fact that you've managed to put that exact 10 minutes of great speed and smoothness in standard stadium size and moreover, you barely even used mixing, it's hardly visible. Now, the next thing - the amount of time spent to build 10min. PF map. I won't even ask how many hours daily/weekly it took during those 15 months of building.
Fantastic work
User Award   rachovolker 16-Oct-2017
Absolutely blown away
Keeping the flow and speed going for 10 minutes and THEN managing to exactly finish at 10:00.00 is just insane

User Award   Erizel (brutal) 17-Oct-2017
User Award   ! Shockerul ! 17-Oct-2017
It's been quite a while since I've opened this website

But after I've seen this one, I really had to award it.

Why though ? It's not really about the length... it could be longer, it could be shorter, doesn't really matter to me. Plus I can't bring an argument about length anyways, since I've always been too lazy to build over ~2:30 minutes on any of my tracks, ever.

It's about the stunts. In my opinion, this is the first track that does not over-abuse the "barrel-rolls" in quite a while.

In my opinion (and I don't want to convince or argue with anyone about this, as I will just say it for the sake of explaining my point about the stunts), for a while :

First of all, I will define "solid" any PF track that has a length of more than 3 minutes.

Every single "solid" PF track was basically the same, with each having a different route, with the same boring rolls repeating over and over.

Every single "solid" PF track was really predictable. It had never nothing new, except VomAdminEditiert's Katharsis, which was already posted a long time ago.

I've seen a lot of tracks that just do barrel-roll-like stunts with different blocks. It's basically the same stunt, packed differently. Nothing new, nothing entertaining, nothing amazing.

PF builders focus way too much on speed and smoothness, and totally ignore stunts (in my opinion), giving the tracks a feeling of lackluster.

This track however is something different. It gets boring only on really few short parts, which is quite normal considering the length of this, while keeping the speed and smoothness to a good level.

This is yours : !

You deserve it.
User Award   gadoweldosd 20-Oct-2017
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