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Name: Download CCP#11 - Santa's Dirty Fantasies
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Crashtestdummy
Version: 11-Dec-2017
Released: 11-Dec-2017
TMX id: 7066237
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,484
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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1:32.69   racehans+ 0:00.0026,484
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1:33.59   MR+ 0:00.9024,941
1:34.13   »Paulmar|35|+ 0:01.4424,015
1:34.30   sulazdk+ 0:01.6123,724
1:35.75   WungkongSlider!+ 0:03.0621,238
1:36.13   JaniX+ 0:03.4420,586
1:36.34   bert19+ 0:03.6520,226
1:38.71   awful maps+ 0:06.0216,163
3:09.26   GSA|Cheet+ 1:36.570
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Author Comments

ho ho ho

I stopped playing TM some time ago and actually thought this time it would be final...
Well, seems like I forgot how damn addictive this game is
So here I am 1nce again and really proud to present you today's CCP map!

The awkward name as well as the missing winter athmosphere will hopefully make some sense after the intro.
The map itself is a pretty long and chaotic almost-fullspeed-offroad-transition-whatever track with 2 respawns in the main route
(Yeah respawns suck but have you ever tried to build a long transitional dirtmap? )
Even tho some parts may look kinda random and buggy in the GPS I can assure you everything works out pretty well and reliable, atleast for this kind of track. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say it's easy, but atleast it should be based on skill rather than luck

There are a lot of respawnways, in fact every cp should be respawnable (as long as I didn't forget one).
I have to warn you tho, some of them are harder than the actual part, so I'd consider them to be more like "alternative routes"...
Since they are pretty hard to find, I made a little GPS for them aswell.

Huge thanks to   .Ornaiim for the awesome screenshot and the whole organisation!
He doesn't want any reward but well, this map is just too damn epic to not be showcased:

Malbik Endar by   .Ornaiim

Here you can find my last map (which told me it would be incredibly thankful for a little screenshot ):
»mtc. Heavy Mental by   Crashtestdummy

So now have fun with this gem and merry christmas to everybody!

PS: I'll try to be more active again, but I can't promise anything. I recently moved to a new town and started studying, so I'm pretty busy. However, some more maps are definately planned...


User Comments
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  Crashtestdummy 11-Dec-2017
  ThunderClap448 11-Dec-2017
So, if you actually do pop into skype, and see my last few messages (and here's a direct quote: “AAAAAAAAAA"), I think you'll find that I am slightly happy that you're back, even for a short time.

Wb crashy <3
  Archiejr 11-Dec-2017
gj page break tc xd
  WungkongSlider! 11-Dec-2017
@ThunderClap448 I'm Not Murder I wll Innocent You
  JaniX 11-Dec-2017
thought it would be a lot harder after seeing shortz video
  WungkongSlider! 11-Dec-2017
Something Time Any 1:34.xx Good Luck
  »Paulmar|35| 11-Dec-2017
Thanks xD, much better poss tho
I lost about .5 on the last dirt part, I completly forget the end of the map and lose a lot of speed
  Crashtestdummy 11-Dec-2017
I'd really love to dori but unfortunately I don't have my old skype account anymore...
thus I need your contact info again

btw thanks for all the postive feedback guys <3
  OneCam. 11-Dec-2017
@ArmNawaphatTH: Yup JaniX I Do You Onfire
  WungkongSlider! 11-Dec-2017
wtf Take Out My Fake OneCam
  »Paulmar|35| 11-Dec-2017
Huh nice cut idea MR, doesn't destroy the map so that okay ^^
e/ rip -.78 fail
  MR 11-Dec-2017
I saw the cut on my first run
  »Paulmar|35| 11-Dec-2017
Sick time!
  MR 11-Dec-2017
Had some (for me) perfect parts, but especially at the last section ive lost some time
  »Paulmar|35| 13-Dec-2017
Amazing run racehans!
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User Awards
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User Award   apX.Magik :3 11-Dec-2017
awesome one ctd, some lovely transitions here along with the dirt paths, shame that you didn't add as much scenery as you maybe could though...
User Award   grobec 11-Dec-2017
Nice track Great ideas I just disliked the part after the first respawn (not the transitional part ) but I like the rest so doesn't matter
User Award   wormi 11-Dec-2017
Now this is original map! Despite not being the most fun one to drive it has very fresh transitions and totally original style I haven't seen before. Really nice work dude!

User Award   Konde 12-Dec-2017
so wonky, absolutely love this.
User Award   awful maps 12-Dec-2017
Very Creative
User Award   SapphiroN 12-Dec-2017
User Award   !k7 12-Dec-2017
Wonderful track despite the fact I'm not a fan of respawn cause they break the pace.
Unusual transitions working perfectly. That's a sensational track .
User Award   Flyps 13-Dec-2017
maybe the 1st dirt-map i award (if i'm not wrong). impressive use of dirt parts or dirt and other blocks
User Award   DustBird 13-Dec-2017
perfect fun/driveability ratio IMO
User Award   Askej 13-Dec-2017
User Award   Switch 14-Dec-2017
Brilliant stuff. Man I love that style
User Award   'Twister 17-Dec-2017
User Award   bert19 17-Dec-2017
Wow, never had so much fun with a dirttrack! Take my replay
User Award   GSA|Cheet 17-Dec-2017
Wow, very cool transitions in here
User Award   sef.Paras! 21-Dec-2017
You what?
User Award   Sparco 01-Jan-2018
Nice transitions here despite a quite bad scenery
User Award   ZoggeR 27-Oct-2018
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