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Name: Download t00b
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SynCro.
Version: 21-Dec-2008
Released: 21-Dec-2008
TMX id: 709243
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 49,033
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:46.82   dow|.Dave.+ 0:00.0648,655
0:47.02   t00bstAr+ 0:00.2647,397
0:47.13   » Ptitnono.F®+ 0:00.3746,705
0:47.16   Showtime+ 0:00.4046,516
0:47.30   Hitchy+ 0:00.5445,635
0:47.38   Eliphas`+ 0:00.6245,132
0:47.87   GSA|Cheet+ 0:01.1142,049
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Author Comments

Hey I'd like to present you with my last track
I was going to save it a while, because it's a B-day track
But since i'm leaving I decided I would release it.
Anway it's a track for t00b's b-day.
I have worked on for quite some I hope you enjoy
It's a natural full speeder.
With a nice scenary, good flow, and smooth landings

Track Details:

Coppers: 52xx
Style: Full Speed
Boosters: none
Jumps: some small one's
Drops: also a few small one's
Loops: 2
Wallrides: 2
AT: 47.27....can be done in 46.xx

Now I'd like to make a Thank You list to those people who have givin' me advice and support in my track macking

- Dow|.Dave.
- Aiden
- GSA|Cheet
- Gman `w4
- HD
- t00b
- Danish
- Homer
- Mr. Mono
- Nameless
- Hitch
- CraxX
- Champ
- Densu
- Blubber
- Timebreaker
- Sebi
- Metal_Snake
- D4v1d
- Maelstrom
- Triple_Shoot
- Firwarre
- Ptitnono

Well Good Luck and most of all HAVE FUN ! ! ! ! !

User Comments
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  SynCro. 21-Dec-2008

I can't thank all of you enough for the experience i'v had here
and it was a great pleasure to have gained so many great people's respect.


- this will be my last post
  _Mono » 21-Dec-2008
last track ? why ?
  aiden.KraL' 21-Dec-2008
please not
  Insane.~ 21-Dec-2008
Well for me it's totally understandable..
- look at Danish's recently uploadet track.. it has 10 awards, this one contains 3.. Danish's tracks (No offence) contains all the used and easy transitions and maybe took around 30 minutes to build. Look at Syncro's.. theres no harder thing to make then such a naturel fullspeed tracks.. and still noone takes their abillities to download and award it. Such a pity.

Hope to see you someday soon Syncro, from my point of view you're an incredible artist!
  PN`D4v1d 21-Dec-2008
Last track? How come, I hope it isn't because of the reason insane said?
  t00bstAr 21-Dec-2008
Wooooh my good
Im going to test right away
  GSA|Cheet 21-Dec-2008
sry for my bad replay, but again no wallcams >.<
  SynCro. 21-Dec-2008
to be completely honest i h8 wall cams
I cant race with wall cams
thats why i barley ever put them in

@Mr mono
i'm just done

yes that is mostly the reason i am leaving

was fun for a little while guys
and it was nice to meet all of you
it was a real experience....even tho this isn't "your own real life"
It is part of all our lives.
And it is real
Good luck to you all
  Danish 22-Dec-2008
@Insane - Ur correct about that syncro deffinetly used more time to build his tracks than me, and he deffinetly deserves more than 9 award's for this track also. But to defend myself and me recently mini tracks:" They are made for hunting, wich is was most users here on tmx really like. They are simple combined with standard drifts and transitions, wich means everbody have a good chance to have fun and finish the track.
And they are also perfect for online. Thats pretty much the reason why i get more than he do for this track.

@Syncro - Im really sad that ur leving tmx, cause I really started to like ur tracks even more than to begin with, u have evolved ur building skills with more than 100% - U have proved u can build FS in high class ( this track ) and speedtech also ( the tribute for me, wich I love to play so much .
Its a shame people dont dowload ur tracks and gives it the awards they deserve. because when u dont get what u was hoping for u always get a bit dissapointed, and that is ofc a reason to start thiking if u should stop making tracks. but pls reconsider, there is always hope to get back on track, back in old tmx I was really more unnoticed than u are now, people didnt know a thing about me at all, I was to be honest "nothing".
Im 100% sure if u just keep the faith in trackbuilding and keep making a track sometimes, it surely will come back to you. TMX need's trackbuilders like u. U've become so much a better trackbuilder, and I dont want u to leave, im pretty sure many here on tmx dont want u to.

Pls reconsider m8ey !

No matter what u decide to do, or have decided, just want ya to know that I had a great time with u here trying ur tracks, u trying mine, giving eachother great feedback everytime, and so on . .
But if it is totally over with tmx, then I just have to find you online ofc :')

Peace Out Brother
  t00bstAr 22-Dec-2008
Continued award...

I wanted the Review to be short, but i guess i couldn't keep it down
The track is just perfect.. And i love every part in it..
But still, I definitly need some more practice to get 46.xx,
because im not that good a Fullspeed driver but my god! I simply couldn't be more happy..
I actually think this is the best track you have ever made, which makes me even more honoured..
I simply can't believe that you have put so much time and effort into a tribute for me
I'm so proud, and i can't describe the feeling i got, when i first leaned back and enjoyed it
You have succeded in every aspect in this track,.. Usually i haven't been so happy about your
scenery, but this has also been improved a lot.. The scenery in this one isn't enoying or bad..
It's actually quite good, which also makes me think that you must have spend a lot time there also
This is one of my favourite Fullspeeders

The Mediatracker:
Well.. The MT is just perfect.. In my opinion..
The intro isn't to long, and it shows parts of the track..
Together with some nice text effects..
I loved it, and i won't go into a big detailed story there
It's beautiful

The Goodbye:
This is the text i have choosen to place last, because it was the one..
that i least wanted to write.. This can't be goodbye m8!
You have to promiss that it will only be a break, because TMX wouldn't
be the samthing without you.. You have always been there in Beta..
You have also giving such great feedback, and you skills have improved so much..
You started out with a tribute to the almighty DeFacer..
and back then you were, nothing here at TMX..
Now i can at least name 100 Authors who for sure knows your name..
and evenmore maybe.. You are always creative in your building..
And also when i have talked to you just for fun and etc..
You are such a nice guy, and im very glad that i got to know you in TM
I sure as hell hope this is only a Cya later Guys and not a Goodbye..
Thx a lot for this fantastic track, and i can't wait to see you back m8..
I'll be waiting by my mailbox to recieve the PM, when you do come back
Thx a lot for everything.. The track.. your tracks.. The testing.. The everything..
and not to forget.. Thanks for a great TM-Friendship Have a good one m8..
And hopefully, cya soon

Your friend..
~ t00b ~

and i almost forgot.. ^^
Here is your gigantic, award

o*""*-..-*""*-..-*""*~ AWARD ~*""*-..-*""*-..-*""*o

Now that is a big award Thx a lot m8
Greatest tribute ever
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User Awards
Showing 26 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Showtime 29-Dec-2008
NIce track
User Award   homer 10-Jan-2009
amazing, as always
Hope you'll be back soon
User Award   Blubber|tbr 14-Jan-2009
Fantastic track
Really love it and I am really sad that youre gone
User Award   PagH .xT 15-Jan-2009
super FS mate . . sad you left us

User Award   vladish.F® 11-Mar-2009
awesome ideas
brillant work >>
User Award   Eliphas` 16-May-2009
Just saw this masterpiece now

It is a wonderful fullspeeder with natural speed
The smoothnes isn´t to describe for me, but when I must, I would say: incredible
The flow is great all in all
But my favourite part is the start so smooth and nice made
Why is this masterpiece so underrated

You didn´t put camchanges into the walls I found it bothersome

All in all 9,5/10

.~+*'' ''*+~.

greetz Eliphas
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