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Name: Download CCP#02 Snowflake to Avalanche
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   krocix29
Version: 02-Dec-2018
TMX id: 7277199
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,242
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:42.77   apX. agent+ 0:00.0038,242
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0:43.06   Vixen.«+ 0:00.2936,686
0:43.32   Dule+ 0:00.5535,291
0:43.44   MoonShadow+ 0:00.6734,647
0:43.45   krocix29+ 0:00.6834,594
0:43.49   legigantesquee...+ 0:00.7234,379
0:43.55   HEAT shell+ 0:00.7834,057
0:43.57   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:00.8033,950
0:43.68   grobec+ 0:00.9133,360
0:43.69   vgr+ 0:00.9233,306
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Author Comments


Firstly i want to say i'm happy to be able to attend this year's CCP event and thanks to   apX.Magik :3 for offered this opportunity.

For cold winter days tried to make a fullspeed map hot and burning.I think it would be more accurate to say a level that doesn't require a high level of acting.Actually speedslide for professionals or classic fullspeed for regular players Let me write some details about the map then

I used winter wonderland mod by sol666.Why?I've tried many mods, I think this is the mod that best suits the atmosphere.(RR mania adv everywhere )
MT: I wasn't aware that it would take so much time because of my novice but I realized how delightful it is as you fiduciate.After that I want to spend more time

Known other track details :

Mood: Sunrise
Lenght : 42-43 sec Full speed
Coppers:+8.5 k
Mod : Yes
Intro : Yes
Outro: No
Wallride and Turnover :Yes
Re-used area : Yes
Friendly Reminder :Those who have an old pc like me should be a little more patient to open the map

Re-used area is breaking point of map.I guess this place will be the most decisive place for normal or pro players.

I hope you will like it.Thank everyone who tried

And Happy New Years to All
ops... i forgot... Today is my birthday

User Comments
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  shortz.esu 02-Dec-2018
happy birthday
  Pecorenzo 02-Dec-2018
happy birthday
  krocix29 02-Dec-2018
thanks to everybody who celebrate my 3ir7hday (include secret message )
  Joost»LT 02-Dec-2018
Happy Birthday!
Will try the track asap
  Sky.esu 02-Dec-2018
  ArmNawaphatTH 02-Dec-2018
happy birthday
  MoonShadow 02-Dec-2018
I think this is your best track so far....and H.B. also
  meNtality 02-Dec-2018
happy birthay
wish i could build something for my bday too (which is tomorrow )
  Switch 02-Dec-2018
Happy birthday!
Unfortunately this track is a fairly accurate representation of the standard modern fullspeed style everyone builds, and honestly it's quite boring. It isn't badly built though
  krocix29 02-Dec-2018
You are right I wanted to take this opportunity to try to present something good (thx again magik )already I'm not a professional mapper like you.I know that
  Switch 02-Dec-2018
No I meant the opposite. I meant to say this track shows you're a good builder, and it's certainly not a bad track. I just happen to not enjoy it, that's just how it is
  krocix29 02-Dec-2018
I guess the source of this is to love solid maps and not get out of standard ideas( I used 6 different scenarios after wallride, but somehow I chose this ).and I think this gives a feeling of monotony after playing the map a few times.
  links in bio 02-Dec-2018
  elaus43 02-Dec-2018
good job kroc
seems you already had a nice day
  krocix29 02-Dec-2018
yis.I've never seen so many professional drivers together -/= =
  Amaterasu! 02-Dec-2018
happy birthday
  HEAT shell 03-Dec-2018
Late Happy Birthday ^^! Finally December has arrived and the community, including me, can finally enjoy the freshy CCP maps. About the track, it looks like the all-time boring FS style maps but a bit worse as the only places to sd are at the end of the map. It would've been way better if you would have put an sd place at the middle section of the map too. Also, for me at least, the mod is not shown when I restart the map. But what I love about the track is the reused platform part which, as you said, can be decisive for any type of players.
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User Awards
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User Award   grobec 05-Dec-2018
Late happy birthday Nice map, I don't like the last turn that much but I have still enjoyed the map
User Award   apX.Thunder 06-Dec-2018
Some parts are a bit miscalculated (the hill and the last sds) but I like the start and the ideas of the track
User Award   vgr 06-Dec-2018
User Award   zulu 07-Dec-2018
Not big fun of fs but nice work you have done
User Award   GSA|Cheet 08-Dec-2018
Nice track.
User Award   Tekky 09-Dec-2018
Not a fan of fullspeed, but looks pretty nice
User Award   Mastermind 28-Dec-2018
nice natural fullspeeder
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